Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I called my friend’s name
Once or twice
He came out the front door
Opened the metal gate and said:
Come in

I walked in and sat at the table
We talked about
Cars and trucks and
Better times

He offered me coffee
And I accepted
He put his son
In charge of the coffee maker

His son is good kid
I wanted to teach him
How to play guitar
But he suffers from arthritis
On his fingers

We talk some more
About the 90’s
How things are not the same
They are never the same

I remembered the time
When the strange truck parked outside
My friend walked to his room
And came back with a revolver on his hand
Sat at table and continued the conversation
Keeping a focused eye on the window

We talked about radios
And he made
And international call
On his cell phone

The voice at the other end
Sounded sleepy
You woke him up
I said
No I did not
He said
That’s the way he talks
He added

You should do it!
The voice on the phone said
This is a good opportunity

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


For D.A.

I let the ambulance go first
Then I followed

Near the ocean I saw my friend
Holding hands with a guy
She looked in love

I kept driving
We were listening to norteño music
And once in awhile
We would sing together
And laugh a little

Stopped at the tire shop
And the poor lad
Wanted to sell me everything
As if we were still living in the 90’s
I said no thanks
And drove away

I thought to myself:
Even if it was like before
I would have walked away anyway

It was more important
To have lunch

My son ordered a hot dog
I ordered a slice of pizza

We shared a soda
I let him pick the soft drink
And he chose a coke

I ate my cheese and pepperoni
With mushrooms and black olives

He ate his mustard and ketchup
With relish and white bread

He managed to get
The condiments
On his clothes

I handed him some napkins
And as he wiped the mustard
Off his clothes
Someone that looks like you
Walked by us

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Trucha con el cable homie
The voice said in the dark
The stench of burnt plastic
Traveling through
His rotten teeth

Trucha con el cable homie
The voice lingering
In the night
Incense of theft

Trucha con el cable homie
And to think he better
Get trucha with his ass
Before it get full of lead
Or something else

Trucha con el cable homie
Because the dogs will bark
When the horses arrive
And all of them
Will end up tied up

Trucha con el cable homie
Sunday morning is a special time
Sunday morning is my favorite time
Sunday morning near the ocean
Because is better than last night
Listening to the speaking fish
Repeating the words:
Trucha con el cable homie

Saturday, December 26, 2009


A remote control of life
A dusty control with
The sound of music
With the appearance modernity
Malnutrition of circumstance

A control to walk slowly
A control to walk faster
Control of the future
Control of the past

A remote dream
Remotely surviving
Remotely controlling desires
A remote appeal from across the oceans
Walking on water like God

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


It was so cold that I decided not to make coffee
And went back to bed after urinating on the toilet

First listening
Then watching
The ripples on the water
Feeling like Basho
In the morning:

Watching the toilet
Urine lands inside of it
The sound of the morning cold

Running back to bed
Diving under the covers
Ah the covers!

Good covers are essential
Good cover are good
Good covers are medicinal
Good covers are psychological
Good covers are wonderful

Writing love poems
Inside the sleeping bag
Making my own tepee
Imagining you are with me
Your nose rubbing against my nose
Your body rubbing against my body
Making this winter a better place

And then sleeping till I can not breathe
Waking up and stretching
And thinking:

Is this how my baby does yoga?

I hear my bones crack
My sinuses are cleared up
I can breathe again
So I sleep some more

And just before falling asleep
I remember the chiropractor
Who was scared shitless
As he tried to scared me
With a fake gun
And I wondered if he knew
I had a loaded 45

And he cracked my bones
But he broke a sweat
And he told me:
When your bones are aligned
You’ll breathe better

Fast-forward many years into future
And I am here
On my bed
And since it is cold
And it is almost Christmas Eve
I sleep some more

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


To Penélope Cruz.

Friendship is knowing what to do
Like when you are dreaming
With Penelope Cruz
And she’s asking you for money
At a liquor store
Because you guys were partying
And went across the street
To buy more drinks

And you know
You don’t have any money
And you say to her

“Penelope, I was going to ask you the same thing!”

But she just looks at you strangely
And pretends not to notice
What you have just said
And goes on as if nothing has happened
And that’s exactly what happened: nothing

That’s why
She buys a pack of cigarettes
And you guys continue partying

First at the house
That looks something like the
House you used to live in

Then you walk
Bar hopping
Together in the city
Through the night
And even though this is not your favorite thing to do
Because you rather be at home reading or writing
And perhaps not even her favorite thing to do
Since she probably rather be making movies
Or sleeping 11 hours a day

You continue together
Smiling at strange people
And walking into strange places
And both of you know
That this sort of thing
Is better done like this
Than alone

The problem with dreams is
How to resolve complicated situations
Without ruining the dream
For example the dream with Penelope Cruz
Went fairly good
It was to an extent
Very smooth
But when you dream

That you are arriving at your friends pad
And you are sleeping on his couch
But you found Robin Williams
Sitting where you sleep
You have a dilemma

How to continue with your mission
Which is to sleep
Without disturbing your friend’s guest
Without ruining your dream

So you go out with your friend
And his friends (Robin Williams) of who you are a fan
And you go with them
To have dinner at your host’s restaurant
And there’s a fight
But this time there’s no bullets
Flying across the tables
But food
Food all over the place
On the patrons faces
On the floor
On the chairs
On the windows
On the patron’s clothing

And you walk away from
That wasteful place
And you noticed that this
Was also a successful dream
Because you friend is not upset with you
Robin Williams thinks your pleasant fellow to be around
And you know you are going back
To waiting and comfortable sofa

Saturday, December 19, 2009


History gone astray
Fury over continuation of situations

The Taramhauras keep dragging their feet
Confounding the local intellectuals
And casting their spells on the French

They make them
Lose their way
With nature
On nature

That is the cost of the natural
The fee of organics
The high payment
For services rendered

The economy of wastefulness
Accumulation of power through dissipation

The Chiefs burning cows
Throwing gold away
Losing items
And gaining prestige

World class American Chiefs
With their arrows
And their portions of reason

The continuations of situations
Are born at random
And not at random
It produces
Esthetical effects
And political sensations

International situations
A labyrinth were access
Is denied to the automobile

They have taken down
The traffic signs
So those that follow
Will get lost
Where the streets have no name

The failure of obsolete cities
The cities of sleep
The cities of dreams

But we live on islands of experience
With remote controls of love
Because the organization of passion
Is power

Friday, December 18, 2009


The scenario
Is a garden in the valley
That’s what
The Muslims call it

English gardens
Are preserved like
Nature intended them to be

But they are kept
Clean and trim

The grammar of noise
In the garden

The whisper of the world
Appears just before
Falling asleep

Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am not like that
Said the security guard
Like what? I thought to myself
The guard continued

I always have behaved myself
You can’t work that hard
Just to waste it all away
He looked at me
Speaking and trying to make sure
I would understand his reasons
Hoping that I would say something
I could tell he wanted me to say something
And I did not know what to say
But when it sounded like he was choking
I said: I understand
He relaxed a little and continued with his monologue

And I thought to myself
How much I wanted to be out of there
How much I wanted to tell him: enough!
Don’t give me explanations
I am not asking you to do this
You don’t have to do anything
You don’t want to do

But then I thought on how
I was there and did not wanted
To be there but it was the best
For the moment

I asked if he had
A list of phone numbers
For the different departments?

He looked at me and said
I am usually not assigned here
Then he grabbed a piece of paper
And scrolled down on it
Using his index finger

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have found something that I was not looking for
It was in the middle of the road
It was time broken in half

It was my present
And my past and everything else
That does exist
That is not what it is

It’s just that sometimes
I get thirsty or hungry
When I’m driving the world
When I’m looking ahead
Way into the things
That don’t quite exist yet

Like flowers that scare police officers
Like the words of Methodist ministers
Advising me to keep my eyes open
When dealing with frightened folks
And when practicing the art of prayer

Open your eyes
Because God is everywhere!

That’s what I thought
As he spoke to me
Clad in his black suit
He looked so cool
Like the men in black do

This man
With the perfect wife
And his intelligent son
Speaking to me
About his trade

It seemed to me
That he knew what he
Was talking about
Perhaps he knew
His words would save my life
On the highway

Monday, December 14, 2009


I could hear you last night
I could hear you today
You are back

Last time you scared the neighbors
They thought you were
The spirit of their dead child
You are back

Hooting in the night
Who who who!
In the dark rain

You are back
Who who who!
At midday

Scaring different people this time
Eating their chicks
Making their varmint disappear

Who who who!

Welcome back my friend
Make you creepy sounds
As I write my creepy odes

Who who who!

Scare the shit out of them
Who who who!
I will tell you who
Because I like you better than the crow

Who who who!
But I shot the crow
Who who who!
And it felt alright

Who who who!
Eat them rats
Who who who!
Please hang around
Who who who!
You know who
As well as I do

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Water comes down off and on
Hitting the roofs
Of your mind

Drops introduce themselves
Through the cracks
Dripping inside
The memories of your sight

Millions of drops land
On the fields
Of the world

Touching ground
Like inspired paratroopers
Like the wind knocking out borders
Like broken fences in the heart

Friday, December 11, 2009


Taste the bitterness of your deceit
Drink water
Avoid sugar

It will give you a stomach ache
But that’s what happens
When you don’t know how to spit
How to vomit the poison
That your insides are producing

The acid
You store in your organs
Is destroying your teeth

You haven’t received
The first blow
And you are broken already

Drink milk chocolate
Laughed & smile
Like children do
It will make you
Live longer
Live better
Live stronger

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Water is my teleprompt
The sound of many days
Passing by

The sound of many dogs
Approaching to bite me

The wait lines
Inside government buildings

The sound of the stapler
The sound of the gun
The moon & the stars

The distance between us
My aching joints
My aching soul

A dance that took place 20 years ago
The visions
Of my last dance

Listening to an orator
A speaker of the house
The vendors
The buyers of lies

The song on the radio
Yes… that song
About love & hate
War & peace

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The fence was folded
By the wind

It warped
It twisted

Like a used trampoline

It broke
It failed

Tomorrow will happen again
Because 8 is today
That’s what the TV is saying

This is something I do
When I feel sleepy
It sounds like music
Like singing in tune
It sounds like a soothing song

I did not say you should write it
I just made the sound
And then
You asked the questions

Oh father!

I never said I would do anything
What are you talking about dad?

Please stop writing everything I say
No way
I don’t like it dad

Sleep always conquers
Sleep always wins
Sleep never fails
Sleep always returns when you’re experienced

Monday, December 07, 2009


Open a business account
We can change everything
If you use your ATM card
Once a month,
We will reverse the fees.
Do you want to open an account?

Well, since you put it that way,
It would be hard to say no.

Wha kind of work do you do Juan?

I am writer.

She gently, but rapidly typed on her keyboard,
Her fingertips were softly touching the plastic squares.

For a moment, I thought that if she wanted to see some proof
Of my vocation, I could show her my pen.

So, what kind of writing do you do?
Do you write, like books, and that sort of thing?

I saw myself, sitting in front of this banker, doing this
Business transaction, and I thought you had to be a bestseller
To be sitting here, a best seller with a lot money, or someone
Like Stephen King, or someone like a millionaire.

I sat there thinking I am not Stephen King
That I am not a millionaire
But I do think Mr. King and I
Have a common denominator
Stephen writes horror stories
And I write horrific poems.

I am freelance writer… I write whatever sells…

She looked at me and smiled
I was not smiling
I was looking at my reflection
On the window
Thinking if this was
An occasion to smile.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


Life gathers in the eyes
Of those without choice
When eyes are bloated
There’s fullness of life

Human eyes
Grow larger
With happiness
With pain
With love
And hate

Eyes ponder on
The impact
Of an awkward ending
Of an awkward life

Saturday, December 05, 2009


The storm began
Without a single drop of rain
Without a single cloud
On a sunny day

The storm worked
Its effects
On the clearest sky
On the dusty ground

The storm was
Sounds clashing
With sounds
Water beating loose stones

But everything was completely dry
And there were
No incisions caused by erosion

Because victory came running
Riding a triumph
When he began
Praying into his cell phone

Thursday, December 03, 2009


The train slept
The rails of journey
Grew wings
And lifted up

Like a plane
Like a flock of birds

The passengers
Grew tired
Got sleepy

This account
Enters my ears
In a different language
In the language of music
In the mother tongue

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Let me help you
Because God has the resource
The means are only kindness

You can not denied the waiting obligation
The accidental corpse doesn’t want
To be lifted up

It is the show
Of the secrets of life

A personal interest of revelations
The rhythm of conscience
Hitting the upholstery of history

We all want to dance
We all can grove to that tune

After all
We are the people

The heart beats
And the beats are the best percussion
The best reclusion
The best resolution

Everything is like a contra of silence
I’ll make you whisper on the net
The wall falling down
The woman calling rosters
The Spanish girl having visions of time

I’ll make you whisper
I’ll make you say
I love you

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Crush your food before eating it
Crush it with your hand
Crush it with your fangs

Crush your nourishment before adding fire
Crush it with the help of water
Crush it and then lubricate it

Crush it and it will make oil
Crush it with the energy of your heart

Crush it in the supermarket with your eyes
Crush it as you sample the glance

Crush it before digesting it
Crush it before loving it
Crush it before disposing of it

Crush don’t waste it
Crush it and give it to the wild

Crush it inside a bag of hope
Crush it and make it well
Crush it very well
Crush it for the love of the world

Crush it not before blessing it
Crush it but do it with love
Crush my sight in your arms

Crush and go
Crush and burn
Crush tomorrow
Crush the snow

Monday, November 30, 2009


Sleep till it hurts
And then have breakfast
Coffee first

Look at the clear sky
The ocean
The islands
As your molars grind
What needs to be broken

Conversations begin
And stop as soon as they started
And you realized how good it is
To sleep & eat at this place

Coffee in the morning
And wine at night
The mystic told us on the 7th day:

You have everything you need

To drive an old car
Can be amusing
If the highway is cleared of traffic
If the music on the radio reminds you
Of were you need to
Keep your eyes
Keep your hands
And how to gamble
With your soul


On my way back
Through the countryside
And not by the ocean
I was stopped
At a military check point

The soldier in cammo garments
Was eating sunflower seeds
I noticed the bag in its hand
He noticed me noticing
And he didn’t care
Neither did I

He continued eating the seeds
I continued listening to the corridos
On the transceiver
Watching how the couple in front me
Got their yellow mustang searched

Waiting for my turn to be searched
Waiting for my turn to drive
A couple of meters forward
Waiting for my turn to wait some more

Can we searched your car? he asked
Of course I said
What do you do? he asked
I am writer I said
Do you have any weapons? he asked
I said no
What do you have in in the trunk?
Clothes I said
And he said: you can go

I drove home
And then I passed home
Thinking in the importance
Of taking a siesta

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I passed cars & trucks
Soldiers & their guns

I passed dreams & fears
I passed stares and glares

Numbers & letters
I passed them fast

A past life
Inside my old car

I passed free love
I passed business deals
That extended into tomorrow

I passed whatever I wanted to pass
Thinking it would get me
Closer to you

Sunday, November 22, 2009

dogs & goats

as we stood outside
thinking poetry
and watching how
the wind picked up
the dust from the ground

the dogs attacked a goat
a goat who strayed from the pack
a goat that entered
through the open gate

they're going to kill it
I told my friend
and she looked concerned
and walk towards them
she went out the gate
and I heard screams

Saturday, November 21, 2009


The melodies
Are soothing my ears

The voice element
Echoes in the chambers
Of my soul

We like standing here
In timeless pondering

The messages
Filled with centuries
March towards
The encounter of love

Eyes wide open
With the morning’s surprise

The exposure of teeth
Conveys ferocious friendship

How I miss
Tasting your blood

Friday, November 20, 2009


The large Tahoe
Was blocking my driveway

Such a gas guzzler
Impeding the exit
Of us

I walked outside
And considered that machine
That automobile

I even asked
The young couple
A pair students
If they knew who
The owner is

The guy said
I don’t know
The girl said
You should used
Some pipes
And get it out there
We both smiled

I walk back inside
And open the faucet
Waiting for hot water
To come out
Looking at liquid soap
And used sponges

When the hot water steam
Began to fill the kitchen
The SUV drove away

Thursday, November 19, 2009


es una senda abrupta
una explosión en la vereda
un camino accidentado

cuando la anciana cayó
el piso se hizo rompecabezas
estalló en mil pedazos

hasta allí
puso dios el límite
donde se parte la arena
donde brinca el agua

donde el tiempo
tiene brazos y pies
y los espejos respiran
aman y sienten

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Seafood is good for the soul
I heard the voice say

Then another voice:
La vida es una apuesta pendiente

She put her hand on her neck
As if she was strangling herself

Or maybe just
Covering a wound

Looking up & down
Towards the sky
Ands towards the ground

And I did the same
But did not noticed
Anything out of the ordinary

The British mothers
Push their babies strollers
A giant walks by

With her two daughters
She’s pleasant to the eye
But she’s giant


I grabbed the movie and walk out the door
I thought it was late
And I drove in the night

And it was dangerous because the windows
Where wet with water that refused to disappeared

And I drove slow
Like when you want to make a good impression

I drove slow
Like when you feel tender & romantic
And it’s something more than sex

I drove slow
Because it was simply better to remain alive

I drove slow
Because sometimes you can’t trust your eyes

I drove slow
Like when you want to love the world
And save up some gasoline

I drove slow
Thinking it was not that slow as I took the corner

I drove slow
Remembering the time I wrecked on ice

I drove slow
And parked inside a stripped mall

I walked away form the car noticing the moisture
That must be corroding the lungs of America
And inside I gave money to the clerk
I gave him a green bill
And he gave me 2 blue bills and some coins back

I drove slow
Because I knew it was more dangerous than ever

I drove slow
Because I wanted to buy that soft drink

I drove slow
Because on the other side of the can soda
I found an Old No 7

I drove slow
For you
Because you got out of you car
And looked at me puzzled
In a business suit
And blue nylons
Your gray automobile
Parked next to mine

Monday, November 16, 2009


I see your photograph
And think of the poems

Those poems that lay
Sleeping in your notebook
In your mind

On in the invention
Of your secrets

I think of the challenge
Those words could ignite
In our fast-forward lives

I lay down
I lay low

Enough of steeping on stones

I go down and look
At your picture
One more time
Before starting
The dream machine

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Pants & skirts
Sometimes go together
Like when it is winter
Up north

Pants & skirts
Sometimes give birth
To comments
Like the remarks
From New York

Pants & skirts
Untwined the memory
Making it travel

20 years to the past
20 years to the future
20 melodies to the heart

Pants & skirts
Protection from the wind
And the stations
From the mind

Friday, November 13, 2009


The woman
In a brand new minivan
Stopped in front of my house
Got out her car
And began cleaning the hood
With a cloth

A man
With dark sun glasses
In a beat up sedan
Stopped a cross the street
And began
Checking her out

I looked at
Both of them
Through the blinds
In my window

The woman
Who looks like a housewife
Looked in my direction
Got in her car
Put her hair in a pony tail
And drove off

I walked away from my window
Towards my table
On wrote this poem


Also do exercise

The guy
With the cowboy hat
And the red jacket

Likes asking:
What time is it?

Perhaps he should meet
The akademic sprinter

The backhoe
Is getting rid of
The flagstone

And there’s more
Barefoot walkers

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Green car with a latter
On the roof
Made a tight turn
And makes it alright

And everybody
Feels just alright

I noticed
A black Mercedes
On the rearview mirror

I don’t like it
Since is not a sedan
But a SUV

I put the pedal to the metal
And the Mercedes kept up
Almost bumper to bumper

There were 2 pretty girls
Following us
And I said to my boy:

I don’t know if we
Should be concerned
Or flattered

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The woman’s hand
Becomes a claw
And the folks say


But the sand
Is firm
And the tide is low

And walking
Is better
Than ever before

Endless inspiration
Inside the lungs

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Certainty is as natural
As breathing

I didn’t see
A single ship
On the water

But there were
2 airplanes
On the sky

I encountered
My friend & his lovely wife
On the sand

We greeted each other
And talked about
Birthdays & exercise

As the Italian girl
Walked by
And said hello

Monday, November 09, 2009


The bird is dying
The woman is jogging
And the black lab
Has a tight rope on its neck
Being led by a man with a kind face

Eyes are crying
Life is passing
Girls are walking

Fishermen are fishing
And the algae snaps
As I step on it

The man with the pole
Is in a trance
Examines the weights

Saturday, November 07, 2009


The girl in black
Sprints on the sand
He hair like wings
Lifted by the ocean’s wind

She has an atomic smile
As she says:
Buenos días
I answered:
Buenos días
And I’m almost tempted
To tell her to raise her arms

A middle age woman
Runs in circles
Till exhaustion

She looks like a professor
Or some sort of scholar in distress

She stops running and places
Her right hand on her heart
Before finally collapsing
On the sand

The autochthonous woman
Swims in the waves
Clad in a black swimming suit

Despite the cold water
There’s no confusion
There is no cursing
It seems like she will do fine

The girl sitting
On the rock
Watching the spectacle
Reminds me of you

And the girl
Jogging in pink shorts
Has your profile

Friday, November 06, 2009


The man
In the red sweater
Is fading on the sand

The folder
On his hands
Weighs a terrible
Burden on him

He walks
Barely alive
Barely conscious

Ephemeral like an
Unsuspected visit
Disintegrating like
The dead birds on the sand

Thursday, November 05, 2009


How fragile is life
When foam comes out
With happiness

When foams comes out
Through the mouth
Of extradited secrets

Decorating the bridges
And tall buildings
Of the cities in your mind

A rope
Is only an instrument
Of distance

A knot
Is what happens
With careless breathing

A bridge can serve
As a roof
A bridge is
A pendulum


The skiff lingers
Making circles on the water
And the Portuguese lighthouse radiates

The boat retreats
As the 8x8 foreign man
Petting the 2 canines
Said to me:

Good morning!

A woman
Is confused
With the salt water
Her denim jeans
Have pockets full of sand
She’s on the shore
She’s at the mercy of the cold water

She’s wet
She screams
She curses
She cries
In English

I walk
I walk away
I walk northbound
To the line on the face
Of the earth

Tight lips
She tries to smile
But she can’t

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The water diving dog
The beach diving mutt
Returns with a smile on its face

Water dripping from the stick
Lodged on its fangs

As the man with the green jacket
Walked sternly with the money bag
On his right hand

The grandmother
Strolling on the boardwalk
Felt face first on the flagstone

When I approached her
And asked if she was okay
She raised her arms towards me

I reached for her forearms
And picked her up
And she looked at me and said thank you

This time
There was no need
For an ambulance

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I want go to Cabo San Lucas he said
I have family there
And work is good

I told him
The Americans & Europeans
Managed that point of the peninsula

I told him
That things there are
Different from the mainline

There’s a better infrastructure
But this is because the city
Is surrounded by salt water

I wished him good luck
And asked him to show me the exit
To the amusement park

He said:
Follow that tunnel
But don’t get distracted

Sunday, November 01, 2009


La señora camina sin botas por la arena…

I read your poem
And then I also
Read your poem
On a customer’s garment

We walked
Making comments
About the moon
All the while
I was thinking of you

The bakery
Was full
Of bread for
Those who sleep

I thought of you
I remembered you

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I was thinking
About the snake a killed

As the speaker
An older scholarly
Looking lady said:

We have to something
About the many children
Killing little animals

Earlier she had smiled at me
As I took a glass
Of red wine from the table

Now she stood with
A microphone in her hand
Pleading with her voice

Friday, October 30, 2009


La piedra
tiene 7 caras
7 formas de herir
Contemplaba esto
Mientras caminaba

And this time
A Chevy Truck
Sopped next to me
With 2 Mexican
Cowboys inside
The driver said:
I’ll take you there

Pero hice
la señal de adiós
Con la mano

And his face
Looked bewildered
And he drove away
Following the same route
Of the black car

Seguí mi camino
Pensando en
Cuál de las 7 caras
Duele más


It is a fact
He said
That is being made
In Obregon

But I ate toasted bagels
With sliced tomatoes
And virgin olive oil

I told him
That peanut better
And marmalade
Are good too

It was late at night
And coffee was brewing

Only one channel is working
He said as he looked
At the toaster

I told him he could add
More ingredients
If he wanted to

That only works
In the day he said

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There was a knock on my door
I recognized the peculiarity of the sound
It conveys the same effect
That I have used many times before

It asks:
Are you okay?

I did not wanted to multiply
The sense of preoccupation
So I incorporated from bed
And opened the door
But there was no one there

The day was cloudy
Overcast and heavy
A confirmation of my desire
To stay indoors and hibernate
From the changing stations
Of the world

I raised my voice and said:
I am okay

And a voice replied:
There’s breakfast
If you want something to eat

I said thank you
Closed my door
And went back to bed
Listened the radio
And considered it
A very good idea

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Thunder lingers outside
And the luxury of peace
Is in shortage

The carpenter hits the nail
The doctor makes an incision
The mechanic turns a screwdriver

They war with their vocations
Their tools & instruments
Their hopes & dreams
Their fears & tears

Movement is detected outside
And is either rest or death
A smile or a cry
Or both at the same time

Intention is spotted outside
A twist to the stomach
A taste of distress
With the pre-confusion of existence
Automatic efforts of survival


I entered through your lips
Injected images forbidden by many
I did this for you

I saw your eyes
Turn to combustion
Ferocious glance
And I liked it

I tasted your love
It was the most
Human of all love

I consulted the plant
And nature confirmed
How much I love you
Now I wait

Monday, October 26, 2009


The house has 6 rooms
He told her
It is a large house
And it is where
We are going to live

I kept walking
Trying to keep the sand
From getting inside
My shoes

It is nice
He continued
Telling his companion
A young attractive girl
About the place
We all are going to live there
He said

They were practically
Walking behind me
And the guy’s bragging
Was disturbing my walk
My peace
My intentions
My thinking up a poem

I slowed my pace
And let them pass me
And their chatter
Went away with them

I stopped
To look at a short dog
Running towards the waves
Coming in and out
Of swallow water
Diving against the waves

I continued with my walk
And noticed the chatter couple
With wet tennis shoes
And wet ankles
And he said to her
How aggressive is the sea

Friday, October 23, 2009


tu adn
quedó en mis cicatrices
como vitamina e

en mis manos
en mi corazón
en mi conciencia
como remedio del alma

como cuando
el amor despierta
de una siesta

como la recuperación
de un significado perdido
que se transporta
en un portafolios de piel

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The ocean was the examining table
The mountains
The chairs were patients sat

Being on the air is tempting
When asked for advice
Tell them what can make them
Better human beings

Don’t’ tell them that
Which can hurt them

Not keeping your feet on the ground
Comes at a price
It might be a bargain for reality
Or the comfort or togetherness & love
It may be offspring growing like trees

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The boom
Was felt by the sand
By the little fish
In the sea

By the sharks
By the joggers
And the walkers

It made the algae vibrate
And the dog’s ears perked up

It made me tingle inside
It made me smile

It was a big boom!
And the autumn weather
Felt like summer

Monday, October 19, 2009


The bicycle wheels
Hit the pavement
Like bats hitting intelligent-baseballs
That ricochet towards the best places in the world

The children delivered
Like they always do
That’s why God wants them around

The bicycle wheels
Turn benefits into headlines
Spin sadness away

Rotate despondency
Like a bozo with bad makeup
Make wishes fit into tight places
Move intentions forward

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Apply fire
To the sentences
Bite each word
Till it bleeds a little
Till you can taste
The saltiness of
Their medium-rare symbolism

Feel the meaning
But most importantly
That which is being translated
Must feel the transformation

The beautiful & painful transmutation
The breaking on
The body of the message
Where organic wings
Will grow like a teenager in love

Do it repeatedly
Till it becomes better
Than the original product

Till it becomes so beautiful
That the readers are blinded
By its brilliance
Because it burns the eye
Like the sun
Like a flame of blue propane
Like the infernos
That give meaning to firefighters

And when it is done
Do it again

Till it shines like gold
Till it screams
Beautiful poems at you
Till you are exhausted
Till it is exhausted
Till you have tears of pride
Running down your cheekbones
Till it has tears of appreciation
Building reservoirs in its soul
And when this is done
Do it again

Friday, October 16, 2009


The guitar scales expressed it better
I say it is only seafood
With lime and salsa
Onions and cilantro
Tortillas and spices
The table is set

And the rearview mirror
Serves a different dessert
A small taste of madness

The green lights
Guide the way like runways
Like studio audiences
Graciously laughing
They all travel towards you


A sea of algae
An ocean
Producing for
The markets of suspicion

Water is in a glass
Water in your body
Water in my heart

Water dancing
In the clearness
Of the crystal

Water with salt
Closing the openings
Gapes breathing
Gapes expiring

Thursday, October 15, 2009


High tide in the morning
Sand & water
Like newlyweds

A pacific seal
Decorates the event
With ornamental punctures
On it body

The dog
Lays in the boardwalk

Her owner
Pleading with it
Begging it to get up
To continue the march

We the walkers
Watch the spectacle

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yesterday as I walked
The earth shook

The dust under my feet
Vibrated in love
With the comets
That were falling

Entering the caves
Of the planet

Signaling the path
Of my journey

Preparing the landing
Of messages
That were floating outside
The international Space Station

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My fingertips manipulated the messages
That would eventually show you the light
That would reflect in your eyes
That would make you aware

My steps lifted the dust for your path
Away from your direction
Away from your discretion
I made it clear
That you don’t need telescopes to see

The metallic sound was just protection
Insulation from lighting bolts
A sense of security
An illusion of defense

The police cruiser on the corner
Glittered with curious apprehension
I stepped on the gas pedal
As if my huarache sandal
Was pressing on your face

The rearview mirror
Speaks of the past as triumph
As miles per hour
In your escape
As the metric fall
Of your garrulity

I met my advisor on the road
While thinking of green oil
I bought him a drink
And stated my case for love

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The road at night
Is like an unforgettable photograph
Moving with the reflection of lights

The music in the car
Makes for perfect discoveries
The creation of new memories
And the newness of your labyrinth

I could be behind the wheel
On this motorized desire
And be happy in darkness

With the movement of your legs
With the free intentions of survival
With the remembrance of your taste
With the side effects of your embrace

Saturday, October 10, 2009


A warrior
Studying the next plan of attack

Kissing on a natural bed

I have
Been both of them
Plenty of times

Both realities
Are the same

What is best
Is the definition of happiness:

Children kicking
The red ball
On a green field

Friday, October 09, 2009


I saw the moon today
At the warehouse
Walking towards me and trying
So desperately trying
To pull on a shopping cart

I saw the moon today
On it last efforts
With a bloated face
With the makeup of distress
I tried to smile
Or say hello
But that would only
Make things worse

I saw the moon today
And I remembered
Happier times
When we would argue
About WWII rifles

I saw the moon today
On a commercial intersection
Ready to t-bone me
So I looked at it
And it looked away
It blended away
It went away
It disappeared
In the aisles of merchandise


The lady on the black car
Slowed down next to me
And asked:
Are you going to Rosarito?

I told her I was walking but
I think she didn’t hear me

The wind was beginning to pick up

It looked like someone
Had messed with her neck
She wore a neck brace

She said:
Climb on in
I’ll take you down

I am walking I said
She looked at me and insisted:
Are you sure?

I need to do my exercise

She said okay
And drove away
In her nice black car

Thursday, October 08, 2009


The airplane
Circles my sky
It goes round and round
Like smoke rings

It appears in my dreams
And in my travels
Always present everyday

Everywhere the music plays
Everywhere the days are fast
And the nights glow red

The airplane sprays questions
On the heavens
Messages & requests
On the footstool of the Lord

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The music stays
Faithful through the night

If only the translation of time
Was as beautiful as you

Each step gets me closer to you
Each glance and smile
Is a signal of you

The sun and the clouds
Dance the ritual of the fall

The beat of autumn
The rhythm of you eyes
The metric of your face
The melodies of your body
The accent of your teeth

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


This is a strange situation
A ghostly appreciation of the day
Even the horses look like specters
Friendship to a whole new degree
The tracks of life are on the world
The ocean wants to come out of his corral
The night whispers like nights do
Making inflections with the letter “S”
Loneliness is a spiritual State
Governed by the pursuit of reality
I want you to want me
To become batteries together
I want you to want me
To be with you forever

Monday, October 05, 2009


I slept
Like there was no time in the world
And when I woke up
Your eyes were next to mine
And I thought
Of kissing you
Of touching your lips
Of tasting your tongue
Of pressing myself into you
We locked into each other
And threw away the key
And when you bit me
I woke up with you in my arms
With your love on my mouth

Sunday, October 04, 2009


The Japannesse girl
Sitting next to me
Was falling asleep

She tended
To rest her head
On my shoulder

Then she would
Suddenly wake up
And straightened herself
On the airplane’s middle seat

Next to her
Sat my buddy
I think it was him

Because he asked questions
Like he did
And smiled like he did

And I always envisioned him
With a Japanese wife

It must be him
I said to myself
Because we are in heaven

I got up from my seat
And walked down the isle
Towards the restrooms

I noticed a man
Sending me nutritional advice
With a US Daily

I passed him
When I was inside the bathrooms
I saw the ship
With attached keys

I counted the keys
And then I urinated
While in the air

When I was back on my seat
There was the voice
Of a flight attendant
On the intercom saying:
Is there a doctor on board?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


los relámpagos
de tu hermosura
me han dejado

destellos de belleza
coros del cielo
que anuncian tu destreza
movimientos celestes
fotos con el flash del mundo

cuando miras
el cielo
se ilumina con tu sonrisa
y la noche parpadea
como un ciervo sorprendido

los canes aúllan y yo
prefiero contestarles con silencio

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Could be a satellite but….


Your eyes
And your tits
Are better
Than all the planets
In the universe


Your laughter
Has rhythmic connotations
It makes my heart
Work overtime


The scars could be
Welded enough
Let us smile
As we are kilns


This is
And exercise of fire
Can you hold the torch
Of love with your hands
And win?


Friday, September 25, 2009


gafa con gafa
labio con labio
lengua con lengua
vino en mi paladar
tu amor en mi alma
risa con risa
me como tu miedo
inhalo tu incertidumbre
ojo con ojo
mano con mano
hombre a mujer
mujer a hombre
lágrimas disfrazadas
de sonrisas dilatadas

Thursday, September 24, 2009


tu calma
tu más fuerte virtud
tus manos
esquinas de mi alma

tus ojos se enfocan
para discernir el futuro
porque la mitad
de tu sonrisa es americana

la energía de tus pensamientos
puede plantar ciudades
modificar nubes
mostrar los secretos del corazón
desatar los ayes del día
alas de palabras
que no dejas despegar


la lluvia llegó
lágrimas del creador
haciendo redobles
en los tejados
y en los pensamientos
de los habitantes

la lluvia
purificó lo que estaba sucio
como siempre lo hace

hidrató plantas
y sentimientos
sonrisas e intenciones
sincronizó los latidos
del corazón

la lluvia
y sus melodías vitales
sus ritmos existenciales

alimentó los ríos de felicidad
y limpió el cauce de subterfugios

la lluvia
limpió el rojo de tus ojos
y lo depositó
en mi paladar

bautizó tu semblante
con vida

la lluvia
inspiró la construcción
de una nueva arca

un salvavidas del mediterráneo
una nave de estruendos
fabrica de truenos

la lluvia
tocó tus labios
y resucitó tus besos

Monday, September 21, 2009


era el principio de los tiempos
y un edificio
desaparecía en tu espalda

en tus labios navegaba
el barco de los sueños
tu rostro concentrado
en el periódico
sobre la mesa
y operaciones matemáticas
como evidencia
de lo importante que
es en la vida
la numerología del amor

era el principio de los tiempos
descubría el arte de un nuevo

y comprendo que la belleza
está depositada en
el templo de tu alma
que tu frente y tu sonrisa
en sostener mi corazón

Sunday, September 20, 2009


eso significa que no
eso significa que no

¿qué haces?
un poema
¿con eso?

no sé...

y sus pies eran
más deliciosos que el azúcar
y su risa
más preciosa
que los manantiales
una galaxia de suspiros
en cada uno de sus ojos

¿todo lo vas acabar así?
¿así cómo?
no sé

iba subir agua
y se me olvidó

su tos
me persuade
a estar enfermo

¿me pasas un caramelito de menta por favor?
sí por amor

el desayuno
estaba delicioso
que rico
pero el desayuno
eran sus ojos aceitunados
y ella comía chocolate

y el café cortadito
comenzó a sangrar
pero no le dolía
porque emanaba cafeína

Saturday, September 19, 2009


abrí los ojos
y miré los tuyos
y el mundo se reflejaba en ellos

abrí mis labios
y me esperaban tus labios
ornamento de tu aliento

el día se hizo noche
y la noche día
sonó el eco de nuestras risas

el planeta giró
un poco más rápido
y las miradas invisibles
buscaron el mejor enfoque

afuera en la lejanía
los perros ladraban
y las avionetas daban vueltas

Thursday, September 17, 2009


The pilot with shaky hands
Has eyes out of control
He walks nervously amongst the passengers

Above the clouds
And below his fears
Almost at the 1000 miles per hour

The sneer he had in New York
Has vacated his face
Maybe he’s cold & that’s why
He put a blue sweater on
It makes him look combersum

Someone else is flying this aircraft
Since the Atlantic is
A hard-cold surface at night

Monday, September 14, 2009


When Sarah entered Egypt
She knew what she wanted
She wanted to get down to business
But she got a mortgage instead

When Sarah entered Egypt
Pharaoh gave in
Losing part of his stock
Losing part of his life

When Sarah left Egypt
She took with her
A time bomb
And her husband tripped it
And Ishmael was born

When Sarah was jealous
She was just Sarah
Longing after the onions of Egypt

Friday, September 11, 2009


This hole has a tissue that is disintegrating
As if being eaten by bacteria
It conveys a stunning dose of reality

It is a net with bigger holes
A huge hole
Filled with millions of smaller holes

What a work of art!

The cameras are witnesses
To this tragedy
A disastrous event that is celebrated
As a magnificent achievement

This is a symbol
Of laughter
And lamentations


A la nube
Le falta
Un seno
Se perdió
En una cena
A la nube
Le hace falta
Porque los senadores
Se lo comieron

Dos bautismos en un día es todo un desafío, lo bueno que se celebraban en la misma comunidad y no en diferentes ciudades y el carro estaba nuevo y era convertible, de ingeniería alemana. Yo viajaba en el asiento del pasajero, el único asiento de pasajero porque sólo tenía dos plazas. Mi hermano conducía en alta velocidad pero se sentía como si el auto fuera a 30 millas por hora. Para el retén de policía era una velocidad más alta. No señalaron para que nos detuviéramos.

— A ver… bájate colega.

Me dijo el policía cuando se acercó a mi ventana. Abrí la puerta y me bajé y miré a los demás policías que, de la misma forma, me miraban. El que me dijo colega tomó mi lugar en el carro y cerró la puerta. Permaneció unos momentos sin decir nada, sólo miraba el interior del auto, y guardaba su silencio.

— ¡Qué chingón huele! Dijo finalmente.
— Sí oficial, lo compré hace unos días. Dijo el conductor.
— Simón, es olor a carro nuevo. Dice el chota para después bajarse del carro en silencio y alejarse.

Me subí al carro y nos fuimos, me quedé pensando en el olor a carro nuevo, ese olor que causa cáncer y que le gustó tanto al uniformado. Y el agua corría por en medio de la ciudad como si fuese un río, o muchos ríos, como si las calles fueran de agua y de repente pensé: que buen lugar para celebrar bautismos. Agua por doquier. Cuando estábamos por llegar al final, donde están los peñascos a un lado del mar, el carro se llenó de polvo. Y me di cuenta que todo el mundo también se convierte en polvo.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Write about the hetairas she said
Write so they can wake up
Write so we might discover them

All along the conversation
I was trying to figure out
What a hetaira is
But I could definitely feel
More than I could understand

Now that their men
Have been taken down
The hetairas have taken over

They excel in
The art of politics
The art of desire
The art of the eye

The hetairas have been around us
For a very long time

This is
A state of mind

But above all else
It is the workings of
The world

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


I met you at diner
I told you I was falling in love with you
And you said you felt the same

For the next six months
I looked for you
In that Mexican diner
And I always found you

And we chatted
From sunup
To sundown

I spoke poetry to you
And you spoke poetry back to me
I told you were my muse
And you sat there
Biting your lips

We dreamt with our eyes open
And celebrated our secret rituals
At that Mexican diner

Then I took you with me to California
And then I invited you to my secret place
I laid on my bed
And you placed you face down on the table
And looked at me
As I tried not to fall asleep

One early morning
Or one late night
I don’t remember which
You asked if I would let you
Take care of me

And you looked so dangerously beautiful
And even though I answered your question
You told me I did not seem too convinced

You looked so beautiful then
As you do look beautiful now
And one day
It seemed like a day to me
But it might have been a night for you
You told me how you felt

And your feelings resonated in my heart
Like a close encounter of the third kind
I knew then you need it more of me
Like I need more of you

It did not happened every time
But when we concentrated
We could make the light
Shine in both hemispheres
At the same time

Monday, September 07, 2009


The sport kills
No need to impress friends
This game kills
Diversion only breeds desire

This risk will put you to sleep
This chance kills
Practice makes perfect
So unfortunately exact

I like being imperfect
These skills make you a dreamer
This craft kills

Friends don’t let friends drive proud

The road kills
The bed kills
The ring kills

The dance floor….

The detective said:
While she danced
She fell dead
In the arms of her partner

This life kills
Eventually everybody
Crosses the finish line

These feelings kill
You better not be too sentimental
For a decent heart rate

Sex kills
Food kills
Work kills
Leisure kills

And pretty soon
The kills start sounding
Like videogame credits

Your eye can kill you
And you hand too
You ear
Your tongue
Your breathing passages
Your everything’s
And your nothingness
All of these and so many more
Can efficiently put you to rest

Sunday, September 06, 2009


We ride our bicycles
And the girl in front
Starts playing with her lighter
She put the flint to work
And the sparks hit the darkness
Next to the ocean

We ride our bicycles
And we have to stop
To listen to the music
The lighter girl has unleashed a fire
And the music is fuel

We ride out bicycles
And stop to grab something to eat
We parked our bikes next to the restaurant’s
Delivery motorcycle
Our rides are better

We ride our bicycles
Through the park
On the boardwalk
Next to the sunset
Through musicians
Painters and poets

We ride our bicycles home
And play with the Indian summer
Happiness on two wheels
Love is exercise

Saturday, September 05, 2009


The guitars sounded great
In different stages
Sounded splendid
At the same time
And with different songs

The people danced
The children played
The night was warm

And the ocean always so near
Always working
Purifying what needs to be purified

The aftertaste of salt
The aroma of the sea
The sublime flavor of drink

Friday, September 04, 2009


The modern cowboys asked for my help
Help us round up the horses
They said

And they had a 4x4
And I had my bicycle

I told them you need horses
To round up horses

You are not from around here?
One of them asked
I lived up the hill I said

They said thank you
And drove away towards the horses

I walked up the hill
With my bicycle by my side

When I reached the road
I turned the strobe on
And rode on the country side

Thursday, September 03, 2009


The foliage turns colors
It becomes a bed and a pillow
For animals & human beings

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


The face of the woman
Is on the window
It is slightly tilted

The face of the woman
Grows with the window
Early in the morning

The face of this woman
Facing away from the ocean

The face of this woman
With dried eye sockets
Ready to be connected to the grid

This face mutating on the window
This face moving with regret

This face changing gender
This face changing species
This face trading dreams
This face of silent screams


dos barcos toman el sol
descansan sobre el agua
agua de lumbre al rededor de sus proas

la pequeña embarcación escapa
de las llamas líquidas
olas en llamas

el grande permanece
bajo los efectos del sol
que ahora se esconde
en la desintegración
de las nubes

el pequeño pescador
viaja hacia el sur
el de los tanques de piedad
se esconden junto a él

también detrás de la risa
detrás de las brisas
entre los cantos de agua
detrás de las sirenas expatriadas
detrás de la enfadada iluminación de las islas
detrás de la neblina

el rascacielos
es frágil
ante la puesta del sol

lanzo piedras a la mosca torpe
ante la puesta del sol
con el sudor de mi frente
ante la puesta del sol
un trago más
ante la puesta del sol

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


You said not to worry
That everything would be fine
And I believed you
But you tripped your own alarm

And you could not turned it off
And your father came down
And stumbled with me

He shut the alarm off
And I felt embarrassed
Even though I didn’t do anything
I was just a witness of circumstance

I looked at you
And you were
Pretty & nonchalant
Smoking cigarettes

I began speaking to your dad
And he was surprisingly cool
He said it might take
A year and half
To repair the damage done

But your mother
Would not speak to me

We walked outside and
He pointed to the sky and said
Look at number 11

He went back in
To get a telescope
You were still smoking
And I was watching
Planets eating planets


How beautiful you look in a white dress
In denim jeans & baseball hat
You look great too

Your long black hair
Is the extension of my nights

When you cross the street
You look sad but pretty still
You look pretty when you sing
And pretty when you sleep

You look pretty on the other side of the world
Pretty on the other side of my heart

Pretty on the sand
Sprayed painted blue
Pretty like the water that reaches your ankles

Sunday, August 30, 2009


The machinegun toting policeman
Signaled me to stop at the a checkpoint
He asked me for my drivers license
And I took it out of my wallet
And handed it to him

What do you for a living?
He asked
I am writer
I answered
Is this your car?
He pressed on
It is my car
I said

What can you tell me about your radio?
He continued
I can tell you it is a multi-band radio
Okay you can go he said

I drove myself home
But first to the store
To get something to drink

I was thinking
As I drove
I was comparing this episode
With the Feds incident

When I answered the Federales
The occupation question
One them asked
How many works have you published?
I suppose he was the intellectual agent

This time I was ready
And the last time I was ready too
I am always ready

To create a haiku on the spot
Or if I am feeling brave
I can spit out a sonnet in real time

But they always want to know
About the radios
I believe that when all
Is said and done
They’re just children
Like I am just a child
And both they and I
Have always liked walkie talkies


The traffic completely stopped
And when I was about the change lanes
The band began to play
It was definitely rock & roll because they were
Literally rocking and rolling on the roof of a bus
And the drummer was hitting them drums
And the bass guitar
Was making the streets vibrate
And the cars were shaking too
I began to feel comfortable
I knew it would be a good night

Like when the Hummer in front of me
Was being exhaustively searched by the army
And the soldiers looked happy doing their job
And I felt happy to be watching such a spectacle
Childhood heroes saving my day

I drove into the night
Amongst scared drivers
Broken cars & broken hearts
Broken streets & broken minds
I drove the best I could
I drove with tenacity
Holding a restless wheel
Holding my restless dreams

I stopped at a convenience store
and grabbed a six pack
Waited my turn in line as a stressed out
Cashier hurried the best she could
There was a drifter behind me with apple soda
And he said to me:
This will not cure me but I will refresh me
And he looked at my six pack and telepathically
He said: I’ll trade you
And telepathically I answered him: No

In front of me was a man
With his young daughter
He was holding a large & heavy water bottle
And he looked generally unhappy
But the concern for his daughter was
What kept him alive
When it was my turn I paid my sixty pesos
The cashier said thank you
I said you welcome
And walked outside towards my car
Being followed by a stream of suspicious glances

And at the house the words
It is so good to see you!
But it sounds better in Spanish
And it was good to see them too
Because it its good to see poets & writers
Specially if there’s enough seafood & wine

And as you were having your dream
She approached me and said
I like ice-cream

And I was going to answered her
Saying that I like ice-cream too
But I was called by the intellectual couple
In the corner of the room
Sat on the sofa next to them
And they asked me about current poetic trends
And I said something like:
It is a simple as speaking
Pretty similar to what we are doing right now

And the ice-cream girl was looking at me
From a distance and was raising her voice
As she spoke

So I walked to terrace and light up my cigar
Looked at the tallest hill in the city
On its top there were repeaters
Blinking in the night
On its bottom there were crazy taxi drivers
And a SUV’s gone insane
The smoke from my cigar
Made it all better

Thursday, August 27, 2009


The ocean’s breeze is a natural air conditioner
The psychologist advised
On Mexican radio
Saying that healthy people
Need more therapy than insane folks

And all I know is that is getting pretty hot
And it would be nice to drink
A very cold beer
Or maybe two or three

Watching the sunset
Taking pictures
And trying to figure out
If the American couple down the hill
Is playing with Rosa

Or one of Rosa’s offspring
Because they all look happy
Walking and running on the fields
Near the sea

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Mice are dying
It is the cost of being near jets
Of standing under them
And not in them

The force continues to be a force
On land or in the sky
As it pierces the whimsical clouds
Were angels & demons play
Dramatic games of chess

Their immune system is wakened
By their desire
To be so near
Oh so close to
The craftsmen of the air

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


This morning I woke up
With fast words coming out of the radio
About half the population being infected
On this fall

In the fall of fools
In the fall of the prideful
In the fall of this year

The fall is a harvest
The fall is gravity
The fall is only natural
The fall is conceptual

The fall of men
The fall of women
The fall in the garden of wantonness
The fall of the snake

The fall where dogs & cats laugh

I got up and looked at the water
I made coffee
And changed the radio station
I looked at the water again
And remembered the tourist impresario saying
Father ocean & mother earth

I walked to my car and noticed
It was dusty again
And I drove on the dirt roads
Looked at horses eating from garbage cans
Looked at pretty girls driving nice cars
Looking confused and out of place
Looked at things I should have not looked at
I looked at everything and realized
I had looked at nothing

I arrived at the house
Said hello to the landlord and his wife
Got the key from them
And walked towards my friends
They liked the house
I liked the house
They liked the plants
I liked the plants
They liked me & I liked them

They left & I went back to the landlords
I read them one of my poems
The husband fell asleep and
His wife said to me
It sounds like you are in love

Monday, August 24, 2009


They cleaned the car
As I rested my hands on the wheel
I listened to the radio
And they sang
I listened and they sang like this:


They could keep the tone
They could sing
They were never out of tune
As they took the
Dust off my car

They had an enlightened second nature
Under their dirty clothes
They carried their conscience in their eyes

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today I saw millions of you
All beautiful
All meaningful
All enhancing

I saw you
As a child
As a young woman
As a mother
As a grandmother
As a wife
As a lover

You all over
You everywhere
As a fighter
As a survivor

And some of you approached me
And helped me with my quest

And some of you smiled at me
And some of you did not noticed
And some of you descended on this place
In invisible parachutes

All of you beautiful
All of you
Married & single
All of you
Very much like you
Diligent and serious
Happy and relaxed
Occupied and industrious

You staring
You standing behind me
You making me nervous
Looking at me
With fire in your eyes

You waiting in you car
With a ring on your finger
Waiting for the girl
That looks like you
The one looking at my hands
Looking at my back
And oh those eyes
I can see them in the
Reflection of the window

You on the sand
You on the water that touches my lips
On the bread that caresses my tongue

On my mirror
On my bed
On my car
On my favorite pillow

Millions of you
On my soul

Marching on the street
You laughing with your friends
Who also look like you

The driver and
You the passenger

The beautiful detective
And you the exquisite nurse

Friday, August 21, 2009


I was looking at you
Like I always do
And then it happened

I saw your clone
Or your twin
Or whatever that apparition might be

Sitting there but at a different desk
With different clothes
With different colors
Sad and lonely and depressed

And that is how you are prettier than her
Because even though you look exactly the same
Your face was adorned
With the brilliance of happiness
And her face was immersed in horrible despondency

You pretty
Her pretty sad
You happy
Her unlucky
You beautiful
Her unattractive
You wonderful
Her wonderless

You a complete human being

Her an android
A rusty robot
A devaluated item
A photo shop
A flash player
An outdated program
A glitch
A strike
A mistake

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Potatoes are a great
Food to be eaten
Right at noon

Great companions of conversations
Because when potatoes cook in oil
The chef philosophizes &
The poet poeticizes

And the potatoes become soft
Their flavors multiplied
With the caresses of heat

Their aroma fights
For the children’s flight
These marvelous units of food
Can teach you right from wrong

When a potato lands on your taste buds
You attain global knowledge
Understanding moments of savor

Sympathy levitates
With the sizzling sounds
It flies by our million noses
And then out the window
To faraway worlds

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


los amigos llegaron
en diferentes colores
con nombres conocidos
con pedigrí inconfundible
en caminatas mediterráneas

me siguieron
me rebasaron
me acompañaron

estuvieron conmigo
como en el pasado
como el presente
como en el futuro
como cuando un desconocido me dijo:
tú tienes muchos amigos

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The lady is screaming outside
She hollers


And somehow I think
This might be connected
To today’s server
Her nametag said Alma
Nice name for a soul

And as I thought about it
I saw her eyes beaming
Like classic beacons
Warning a flotilla
That the world is near

Oh so near…

Land can be a strange place
When fire touches the grass
In the morning

As I was getting ready to go
I was asked by the lady
With the pleasing child

Where you able to get connected?
I told her I brought my own modem
We have connectivity here and
You can use it come anytime you want

I said thank you
And drove away
Looking for filtered water


A collection on the most unusual of places
A collection of furry intentions
Cartoon realizations
Cartoon lamentations

Surfing on those situations
On spray painted sand
On white sea foam
On dreams where you wake up
To walk outside your door
Into the fire
Look at the firemen
Look at the neighbors wife
Looking at the ash

Realizing you don’t have your glasses on
And you can see just fine
Like when St Peter walked on water

Like when the teenager
That young guitar player
Lifted a car with his bare hands
Because he saw a woman under it
On the lotus position
The rear tire resting on her neck
With tiny drops of blood
Falling from her forehead
Adding color to the cliff
Painting the soil
Making this part of world
An art scene

A collection of images
A movement of millions of eyes
In the sky
In your mind
In their lives

Focusing on French cars
The retinas move at will
With at the touch of her buttons

Intensive as a water-melon
A pilot of fruits & vegetables
A pilot of clouds
A pilot of smiles
A pilot of dreams
A pilot that can touch
The heart of the mother
And make her live again

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The couple sits on the sofa
Very close together
Very much in love

The old man with a walker enters
Looks at the young couple
And says to the tiny dog that approaches him


She smiles
The children smile
I smile
But the boyfriend
Doesn’t think
It’s funny

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I sat on my car
And moved the knobs on the radio
I wanted to transmit the best
I could put on the air

The truth signals to your heart
And even though we could be
In the same frequencies
We also have to be
On the same modality

To see what you see
To feel what I feel
To be who you are
To know how I am
To love like we do

Thursday, August 13, 2009


la vida es como los aviones
los dos tienen forma de cruz
los dos son un arte

la vida es una escuela
donde se aprende a esperar
donde se aprende a jugar

vivir es una carcajada
que sana el cáncer del mundo
una elevación sin paracaídas
una oración compuesta de caló

vivir es volar
sabiendo tener los pies sobre la tierra
respirar el polvo
con los labios partidos por el sol


My alarm clock is an helicopter
Above my sky
Above my bed
Purring like
A flying cat
Fighting to unite
The morning with the afternoon
Pulling both realities
Towards each other
Censing the air
With burnt fuel
Planning a collision
To make a new moon
To make believers on this day

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


las caricias de la voz no tienen nada que ver con la verdad
son sólo lo que ellos y ellas usan para poder sobrevivir un día más
no tienen nada que ver


anda que veremos muchas cosas

las mensajes cifrados no tienen nada que ver
con lo que estamos haciendo
aquí y allá nada que ver


la lista de la mañana
la lista e inteligente
la lista de tu vida
la lista de todo lo que ocurre
en tus oscuridades
en tus iluminaciones
las lista de todos
la lista de nadie
las lista para poder alistar

la bendita risa
la maldita risa
la medicinal sonrisa
es una conquista
es ser realista
es ser así

uno para todos
y todos para uno
los 3 mosqueteros
los 3 balleneros
los 3 metaleros
los 3 jilgueros
los 3 amigos
administrando la energía
del montón de asustados
una bola de baterías
llenas de agua

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The inspector smiled
Like people do
At birthday parties
Like old people do
At celebrations

You are going shopping he said
My son & I looked at him and smiled

Is he your son?
He asked
He is my son
I answered

The inspector seemed happy
My son seemed happy
I was happy for both of them

But something was not right
Because a Grand Cherokee
Was lifting dust
Was an accident
Was treacherous
Was everything that could go wrong

And my friend’s father
Was on the ground hand-cupped
With a gun to his hand
Being robbed

And a WWII survivor
Told us about world domination
Microchips & immunizations
Laughter & declarations

People all over the world
Are a mixture of smiles & tears
Heart attacks & conceptions
People all over the world
Spinning like DJ’s
Turning the
North & South Poles

Sunday, August 09, 2009


la buganvilia
es un ser humano porque tiene tu rostro
tiene los sentimientos colorados
como los míos
sufre como yo sufro
y ríe como yo río
esta planta tiene la gracia de Dios
y el destino de los seres humanos
sus colores son radiantes
como la juventud
sus ramas fuertes
como los deseos
es una fotografía
tatuada en la materia gris
una oración donde
el suplicante y el suplicado
se confunde entre si

Saturday, August 08, 2009


It happened again
The idea of you woke me up
The presence of you
Made me look your way
As you wrote
Even though you are
Thousands of miles away

And I heard the exertion
Of the plowman
Since he decided
To walk the path of the oxen

I sat here
I typing these words
I looked towards my bed
And realized the world is
What it has always been
And slowly and softly
I went back to bed

Friday, August 07, 2009


The California poet spoke about her poem:

This poem is true
But it never happened
She said

And she read it
And they were beautiful verses

I wish some of my poems did not happened
I wish some of my poems were not true

I wish to win & I wish to lose
Everything that makes me sink
In the saltiest of waters

I wish to hold my love
Underneath in summer
Under the blankets in winter

Under the stars
Under the sun
Under everything that can’t see us
Arriving steadily and confidently

Holding tightly & securely
Because being-still together
Increases the chances of survival

Hold still
Don’t move
Try no to move
Don’t let your body warmth
Dissipate back to where it came from


The guy with the dragon rings
Had the little girl
He was afraid
That’s why he held her tight
While her mother
Went to the restrooms
You could see the fear
In his eyes
The dread that hanged from
His mustache
And then
All of the sudden
He looked very human
Like he must of have
When something horrible
Happened to him
And the kid was restless
In his arms
She wanted to play freely
But he was afraid
To let go

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


la naranja está cerca del agua
resplandeciendo como una esfera de navidad
los pedales cerca del pavimento destruido
en un sube y baja de polvo
es una labor del atardecer
un ejercicio de crucigramas ecológicos
en búsqueda de ritmos
en los movimientos de la bicicleta
los pulmones se expanden
y la respiración cuesta trabajo
como si hubiera una crisis que hace sentir mejor
un retorno a la niñez
una ataque de emoción
que anticipa la noche

Monday, August 03, 2009


I saw you again today
Enriching the environment
With your beauty

I almost got up from my table
And ran after you
While my son ate his meal
I remembered I can’t run
So I waited and decided
To follow you gently
Inside the warehouse

But you came back before
We went after you
You were talking on your cell phone
Walking straight & tall & pretty

Sunday, August 02, 2009


la medicina mental
es de color rojo
y tiene sabor a hogar
siempre de temperaturas
que acarician al paladar
como el tiempo

tiene un resabio a infinito
deshace la incertidumbre
que bloquea los caminos
del entendimiento

restaura la visión
y el mundo invisible
se ve de lo más nítido
y desaparece el miedo

Saturday, August 01, 2009


A wrecking ball is to make things new
It is the first step in disintegration
It is the eve of restoration

A stressful incantation
A fearful acceleration
A breaking for redemption

The fractured essence is repaired
Broken spirits are healed

A wrecking ball is just
An architect’s instrument

An effort to rebuild the future
And clarify the confusion of pain
It is an orthopedic intention
It is a house breathing

Friday, July 31, 2009


ver con los sentimientos está bien
ver con el corazón es mejor
porque en cada latido se recuerda la vida
se discierne la dignidad detrás del sufrimiento
se conecta con la danza de lo cotidiano
con la rotación del planeta
con lo menos efímero del mundo
verte de esta forma me gusta
allí donde estás
allí donde estuviste
construyendo una rampa mística
para poder despegar tu alma
de las circunstancias más adhesivas
para poder interpretar las melodías del aire

Thursday, July 30, 2009


The fire you lit
Is marking my path towards you
Across the water

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


los diarios de los seres humanos deberán ser
de lo más honesto
para poder avanzar
con dignidad

porque sólo es un tema del mundo
con una versión personal

la prosperidad está en contra de la pobreza
y el músico afluente me parece
de lo más sospechoso
mercenario de los mejores noticieros
pero una roca cristiana
sirvió de espanto

la revista es un desmadre
a falta de la ternura maternal
pude ver esto en
la noche de san juan
esa noche mágica
cuando la fogata provocó
el brillo de la humanidad

en la ciudad de sal
se esconden los detectives
entonces me llevaré a mí mismo
intercambiaré mis consultas
por alimentos
caridad y vivienda

se escucha
como el nombre de una
cadena de supermercados
pero es un mal viaje
son los efectos secundarios
después del tiroteo
siempre es cuestión de tiempo

aún los más inteligentes son engañados
era admirador del gran místico oriental
pero se cayó de la montaña y falleció

espiritualidad cualquiera para empezar
las adivinanzas como entretenimiento
la adivinación como un truco
para no pagar deudas
a vender transparentes pues
como fuente de longevidad

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


cantamos juntos
acerca del miedo
del amor
del baile de la vida
de los ritmos
que están de moda
en la noche
de la noche
por la noche
la fogata
tendrá que esperar
y la siguiente mañana
nos preparamos para la tarde
para la lumbre del atardecer
para el fuego
porque amor es comer
y en lo que llegaba la noche
pensé en lavar ropa
y después puse la ropa en la lavadora
la mía
las de los niños
sin separar colores
porque Dios mezcló
todos los colores en el mundo
y llegó mi madre
se llevó los niños a la civilización
de repente no me sentía
como un Robin Hood
como un explorador
como un héroe clandestino
sólo como un poeta

Monday, July 27, 2009


As we ate & drank
A mystic looking fellow
Entered through the gates

Someone is looking for you
I told the owner of the house
And he walked towards him

They visitor asked for food
And as they prepared
A flower tortilla
With carne asada
And cactus

I saw the mysterious guest
In the prone position
Kissing the ground
First to the east
And then to the west
Were the barbecue
Was taking place

Sunday, July 26, 2009


la sábila en realidad es dulce
porque cura las enfermedades del mundo
la sábila es como un beso
porque brinda bienestar

es dulce para los que prefieren la vida
y amarga para los que prefieren la muerte

el agua que navega por la manguera
empapa la sábila

pobrecita estaba seca y sedienta
y tan valiente que es mi amor
ha sobrevivido todo este tiempo
con sus propias fuerzas

el agua viene de la cisterna azul
un mago se encarga de llenarla
un mago encuentra los pozos
en este desierto mexicano
un mago conduce un camión
lleno de agua

la sábila se ve feliz
y eso hace que yo sea feliz
sus colores verde y rojo
brillan mojados
ante el sol

el rojo empieza a desvanecerse
la sangre es como el agua
la sangre y el agua
son necesarias
para la supervivencia

Thursday, July 23, 2009


We drove into Mexico again
Like a million times before
And the bell rang
And the red light turned on
It was time for me to pull over
And opened the trunk

We stood there
The Mexican Custom official
And myself
Looking at the goods
Mostly groceries

He asked
“What’s in the box?”
Crap the box!
I thought to myself

I remembered picking it up
At the post office
And decided not to inspected it
Until later

Bad memory can be good
It can also be a curse

That box was sealed
“Books” I said
“I think there’s books in there”
“Can we opened it?”
“Yes of course”

We both took out our knives
At the same time
He looked at my leatherman
And put his blade back on his belt

I slit the scotch tape
And walk away form the vehicle
He approached the box
And looked through the contents

I forgot to tell him about the sandals
And about the power inverted
I remembered thinking

He closed the box and said “thank you”
I close the trunk and when I was ready
To get back in the car he said:

“You did very good”
I thank him
Got in the car & drove away

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Esto es como
un cielo de sangre,
aunque abajo del mediterráneo
viven los alienígenas en un lugar especial,
y fincan sus experimentos
en las costas más próximas.

Convierten sus monumentos
en la envidia de los arquitectos,
en el asombro de los niños,
y en el orgullo
de los indígenas.

Hermanos y hermanas,
cuanto gusto
me da apreciar
el fruto de sus trabajos;
sonrisas naturales
para encandilar
al diablo.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I killed a snake this morning
I didn’t want to but I had to
It is like killing spiders
I don’t like it
But it is something
That needs to be done

I don’t mind
Killing mosquitoes

I used a shovel
As a weapon

The snake did not flee
It curled around a crate
As if tying itself
Into a knot

I was hoping for the snake
To get scare and go away
But it was defiant

I also used the shovel
As a catapult
To hurl the detach head
Into the field

Food for the birds
Or the rabbits
Or the cats
Or the dogs
Or whatever gets there first

Monday, July 20, 2009


mucho calor
hacía mucho calor en la línea
hacía mucho calor en la espera
hacía mucho calor para entrar
al horno caliente

en el espejo retrovisor
vi a una chica que se parece a ti
al lado de su madre
la chica conducía
su madre ocupaba el asiento delantero
el del pasajero
la mamá se parece
a tu mamá

después otro vehículo
detrás de mi auto
con un chica que se parece a ti conduciendo
y alguien que se parecía a mí
en el asiento del pasajero

ella se bajó del auto mientras esperábamos
la aprecié en la pantalla
de mi espejo
me pregunté
si tu cuerpo
es similar al de ella
en realidad era atractiva
y su acompañante dormía

cuando llegamos a la garita
el oficial los amonestó
le dijo
¡no los sigan tan cerca!
retrocedan y no ocasionen
un accidente
les estaba gritando

cuando tomó nuestros pasaportes
nos dijo:
les llame la atención
pero él dijo
es la culpa de ella
yo no tuve nada que ver

el oficial sonrío
y nosotros nos reímos con él

Sunday, July 19, 2009


la luz entró por las ventanas y las partituras
nos recordó que estas
son las vacaciones de verano
y la transubstansiación no se llevaría acabo
el día de hoy
entonces subimos al auto y fuimos
en busca de un desayuno
en busca de esos seres acuáticos
que llenan la música de alegría
y las leyendas de encanto
nos dimos cuenta que las personas
siempre están cambiando
como las sombras al paso de las horas
y tratamos de ver todo esto
con los mejores ojos
con la mejor energía que nos da la vida
nos enteramos que hay cambios
que son para siempre
como lo es el vivir y el morir
la madre les entrego dos estrellas de mar
y los hijos las recibieron con gusto
tú eres un géminis me dijo
estoy segura que no tienes problemas
¿no lo dices en serio verdad? pregunté
me es divertido pensarlo así me contestó
cuando nos despedimos me dijo
que deseaba que fuera feliz
yo le dije: igualmente
ella se fue y nosotros fuimos al cine
a ver ladrones y policías
competir en colosales tiroteos
y a pesar de las adversas circunstancias
tuvieron tiempo para insertar
una escena de amor
a hollywood le gusta hacer esas cosas
cuando salimos vimos una ambulancia
de la cruz roja en el estacionamiento
al darle la propina al guardia
le pregunté acerca del incidente y me dijo
es una persona como yo
es un guardia
y se cayó

Saturday, July 18, 2009


He continues to steal cables
And they want to burn him down
They want to burn him out

He continues to steal fuel
And they want to
Burn him down
They want to burn him out

I listened on the corner and
I wondered how close
The flames will be
To the central stage
Burned at the stake
Like burning a stake


The spotlight burns the desert’s sky
And the night becomes day
We can see the smog elevating itself
From the fire in the night
And the other motorists are nonchalant
We are the only ones in awe
The truck drivers in the rest stop
Eat their hamburgers
We are the only ones that look up
At the fire in the sky
As soon as one light burns out
Another ignites and it burns bright
Together with the stars
Four screens become our eyes

Friday, July 17, 2009


es un poema como el anterior
pero más peligroso
porque no es la primera vez
que contemplo mi platillo
de esta forma

y mi estomago es el de un cavernícola
un suspiro del deja vú
una licencia para comer
un laboratorio de ácidos
que derriten fastidios
es una libertad adquirida por default
predeterminada por los papalotes
en el consultorio del dentista
un avance de tejidos
que tiemblan al ritmo de la informática
eso y mucho más y casi nada

siempre pon tu portátil sobre la bandeja
lo dijo de una forma casi amable
y tenía la misma cara
pero el uniforme era diferente
con este disfraz era más coqueta
que la primera vez
como suele suceder
en la primera ocasión
su gesto era el de un gigantesco desdén
pero hoy sus labios mostraban una semi sonrisa
al ver que me quitaba las botas y el saco
para poder subir al avión

los engranes están desangrándose
se les está oxidando el alma
fue una emboscada alimenticia
un embargo de lubricantes
oportunismo de los fabricantes de soda
se les está quebrando el alma
su corazón a punto de convertirse
en un cubo metálico

el rescate de las máquinas es el mantenimiento
la medicina de los humanos es el amor
la supervivencia de los animales el alimento
¡mira como el mundo cambia de color!