Saturday, March 06, 2010


te amo en 2 lenguas
because you taste like the night
sabor a las estrellas que adornan la oscuridad
te amo con los movimientos de mis labios
they keep the beat from my heart baby
and my heart is tu corazón

i remember your bilingual taste
¡y me gusta!
me gusta mucho honey

te amo con dos lenguas
mejores que las de un dragón
your love is fuerte baby
mora powerful que una bomba
una lengua del sur y una del norte

que se chocan
que se amarran
que atan mi rostro
junto a tus piernas
and you have killer legs baby

te amo con 2 manos con 2 piernas
i love you with every breath
con cada lágrima cada diente
and you taste like the salt de la noche
my taste buds saben a ti
saben a sol de un sunny day
saben a la lluvia de tu amor

Friday, March 05, 2010


te amo
por el otro lado
de mi realidad

te quiero
cuando tienes sueño
cuando el enfado
cansa tus ojos

te deseo
cuando se detienen
los momentos

te poseo
en los cuentos agotados
en este incierto
semáforo de la vida

Thursday, March 04, 2010

love in california

i write a poem when i ride a bicycle
i see the world turning
on my front wheel

i pass the ice cream parlor
and think chocolate
bubble gum & rocky road

i have this memory
and i holdfast to it
it is mine

you can exercise in your sleep
and you can make of this image
whatever you want
like love in california
like sleeping in the afternoon

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


just 3 cars in the city
and the 3 are about to collide
so i enter the supermarket
and i see a nurse buying
fruits & vegetables

he could be a doctor
but if i had to guess
i say he's a nurse
in spite of his goatee

i walk to the bakery
and pick 4 pieces of bread
the clerk puts them in a paper bag
as he tells his coworker
a pretty mexican girl
he'll buy a car to gain her love

i walk back to my shopping cart
and find 2 identical carts side by side
with the same items in them
and i take the one that feels alright
no use thinking to much about it

i walk the supermarket aisles
and noticed the smiles being flashed at me
i respond in kind
better not fight it
it is good to be happy

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

fingers on the counter-top

the forms have the flavor
of a subtle memory of commerce

i'm trying not to walk too much on it
because the ice is breaking
and the water is growing
in age & in wisdom

water has seniority
over the land
over the world
over anything that moves

drips of water & blood
land on my tongue
i can speak
all the languages of the world now

Sunday, February 28, 2010


they fell down the stairs
like christmas ornaments

like ripe watermelons
hitting the floor at random

traveling units of muscle
flying like ufo's out of control
crashing on the mason's gray-matter

bursting open like mexican flower pots
on the children's playground
grounded forever

fertilizing desire
growing future
on the killing floor
on the 3rd world dancing floor