Thursday, September 04, 2008


I love your face
What if we were hunting together
And you were single
And we fell in love

What would happen
As we lay side by side
In the darkness
The burning flame of love
Would keep us awake
Watchful for the sharp twist to the heart

You have the presence of nature
You have an overwhelming semblance
Your beauty is strength

I tremble when I see you
Because I know what you are capable of

You are a ferocious river
A killing lioness
A hurricane
A tornado
A smile that disables

You are an alien
A dove
A fisherwoman
A favorite from God

I know why you are a conqueror
I know you
I love you
I wish you a long life
I see you
I dream you

My teeth are breaking apart
Like when
Saint Genevieve presence
Would pulverize
The pottery
The clay
The ceramics
All the brims where
Demons would hide
Awaiting the lips of children

Tonight you have won
The hearts of the world
The hope of the people
Deep grateful feelings
From those extraordinary creatures
The need you the most

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


That’s right
You wear your face
As it were heavy
As if the weight
Is going to break your neck

Most people could think
It’s your own fault
But I suspect you
Are being manipulated
Influenced by someone that spooked
The life out of you

I understand your position
And I think there’s hope for you
You are going to have to serve somebody
Remember that Bob Dylan tune?

I think someone spooked the life out of him too
And he started writing protestant songs

His premise
Is correct

You are in a world of pain
Might as well make that hurt
Work in your favor
And serve with
Fine & beautiful
Human beings

Monday, September 01, 2008


As you recover in your bed, I want you to know that I am with you, that you are more beautiful than ever, that soon everything will be wonderful…

When I was
On the operating table
I was told by one of the attendants:

“You are going to get very cold”

This operation was different from the rest
Never did I feel more alone

At first
As I entered the O.R.
I was afraid of the surgeon
I study his eyes
And he also
Looked afraid

And I felt a cruel coldness possessing my body
And I thought to myself:

This is it man
You are not going to make it this time
You are not coming out alive

And I clenched my teeth and my jaws
To enter the other side
To prepare for a possible
Encounter with God
Or the devil

And I felt a warm touch
On my right hand
And I looked to see
Who was touching me
And I could only see her eyes
She had the most beautiful eyes

The eyes of a Byzantine nun
The eyes of pious Muslim woman
The eyes of companionship
The eyes sympathy
The eyes of hope
The eyes of arson
The eyes of life
The eyes of true love

And I fell in to a comfortable sleep
With her touch

I thought of my first girlfriend
I thought of my first wife
I though of wine and
I thought of the Eucharist

And I reckoned all the other times
When I was in dire straits
There was always someone there

With me
For me

Like the time an American was in the hospital
In my room
Next to my bed
I did not understand
The English language back then
But she was trying to speak to me
To comfort me
To lift my spirits up
God only knows why she was altering her face
Perhaps she was tired and she was on her way out
And I was young and was on my way in
And my nurse
My beautiful nurse
Another one of those that emanates warmth
Oh how I loved her!
She told me my roommate’s codename was
La Belleza

I was 8 years old
But I felt like 18

In spite of feeling alone
You are never alone
There’s always someone
There’s always something
Near enough or from afar
Willing & able to touch
With you
For you