Saturday, March 01, 2003

Like other leaders around the world, President Vicente Fox has a citizenry overwhelming opposed to war — between 70 and 83 percent, polls show. Anti-American attitudes have surfaced in political and intellectual circles, and he desperately needs public support for midterm elections, three months away.

The New York Times

I guess most mexicans don't want war.

On a completely different subject. . . . Did any of you catch the marvelous Rolling Stones live concert from Madison Square Garden on HBO Saturday night? They were in great condition and the show was technically impeccable. All the Stones together must weigh less than the average single visitor to Walt Disney World.
Keith Richards summed things up beautifully speaking into the microphone to the audience halfway through the show when he said, "It's great to be here; it's great to be anywhere."

Jim Kunstler.

Aparentemente los patrocinadores de Disney World sufren sobrepeso.

Estimado Mr. Missus:

El Doctor empieza a pronunciar mejor las palabras. El hermano de Dios es muy simpático. Después les mando fotos de estas personalidades.

La amistad desafía más de mil millas. ¿Verdad que sí Mr. Missus?

If I want to be brave I need to learn humility. There, I can breath better now. Y los valientes lo arrebatan.

I discovered Mr. Rogers in my adulthood. I am sad to see him fly away.

Friday, February 28, 2003

Mil disculpas para mis enemigos.

Las cucarachas.

Quiero volar hacia el sur con la alas en el pavimento.

En español también se es valiente pero se muere más despacito

Writing is like a dead dog. So brave.

The weekend is on the birth canal.