Thursday, August 05, 2004


You say it’s magic
The healing of the future
Surrendering offspring
For personal welfare
Is nothing new
Vampires have always existed
You want to suck
The essence of a little life
Little by little
Step by step
Time after time
So you can continue
With your endless harvest
Do you want
To drink the life of the defenseless
So you can live forever?


Lo ví
Dentro de una las casetas
Que están construyendo
En la carretera escénica
De Playas a Rosarito
A pesar de la oscuridad
Las luces de la camioneta
Su ropa con colores
De mal gusto
Por eso se dice
Que los demonios
Marcan la pauta a seguir
En cuanto a las modas
De la región
Quizá los demonios italianos
Vistan con más estilo.


Your beautiful
Brown zeal
Has been quenched
By Wal-Mart
And the biggest SUV’s
On the highways of America
You have traded
Your brown berets
For trendy haircuts
And sitcoms
But deep
Inside your heart
A splinter
Of truth remains
Listen to it
Before it disappears


The futility of life
Is death
I thought this
As I waited for the airplane
To take off
To my right
My wife looks at me
And she smiles.


As she tastes
The food sample
Her unknown face contorts
In an emotional way
As if she wanted to cry
Overwhelmed by happiness
I look at her
And I feel good.


It’s hard to
Partake of
Food and drink
With tormented souls
The nourishment
Becomes like a bad dream.