Saturday, November 25, 2006

Daniel Charles Thomas, Juan José Martínez, Brandon Cessmat.


I was going to be the best
I could be
But then she came along
And sat at next to me

Or was it I
That sat next to her?

We both were
Drinking microbrews
This was before
It was so very trendy

And she would rub
My leg with her leg
Under the table

So I thought
What the hell
I will kiss her
And I did

She was blonde
And had big breasts

We got out
Of the bar
And inside
Her French car

We drove towards
The hills
The her apartment

We undressed
And laid on her bed
And I worked
And worked
Then she pulled
A maneuver
A professional move

I was stuck there
Like a dog
And I couldn’t
Get out
It was till every
Drop of juice
Was extracted
That I was let loose

I look at the rubber
And noticed
It had ripped

Something that
Only happened
With my first wife

And as I was dressing
She looked at
My shoes
On the floor
Next to her bed
And she said
My dad has
A pair like those

Friday, November 24, 2006


Your beauty heals
The broken bones
Of the city
By the ocean

Your presence
Has the power
Of wonder
Of miracles
In the flesh

You are
The definition
Of exquisiteness

Your touch
Opens the universes
Your skin
Is the antidote
That turns ugliness
Into delightfulness

Are you real
Or are you
A vision
Of dying man
In the search
Of love

You have the power
Of grace
You charm
The 7 seas

You existence
Is an exotic remedy

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


You got a haircut
Don’t look like
Jose Feliciano no more

No doubt
You’re a percussionist

You bang that
Metal computer table
And make it sound
Like a cowbell

You still wear
The dark shades
And that’s okay
Because I know
You could make
Folks dance

You never say
A word to me
That’s fine
Your drumming
Speaks very well

I play guitar
Want to play
In a band?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I stepped outside
To smoke a cigarette
And a shooting star
Fell on
The toll road

It made me remember
That silver bullet pen
The 1 you can
Use to write
Upside down

The 1 used
To write instructions

The medicine man wrote
On my eyes:

When you ready
To go back
Work on a desk

Just what
The doctor ordered….

Monday, November 20, 2006


The headline reads:

Business men
And narcos
Flee from Tijuana
To San Diego

I am browsing
The newspaper
Wondering if
This exodus
Includes the folks that
Like to wear masks
And carry long arms

The ones that
Like to
Frighten reporters

I just had bought
A pack of Delicados
And I kept browsing
The newspaper

The one
That claims
It moves
Like the wind

Then the old woman
The one that never
Has any change
Said I could buy it
At the cash—register

I told her
I had not
Decided yet

She said
I was taking
A long time

I told her
I was a regular
A faithful customer
That if she felt that way
I would leave
To never return

And the she said
Something like:

But Sir….

And I said
It is over
And I waved goodbye
And gave her the
Best smile I could

And the lady
In the phone booth
Held the device
Close to her ear
And she looked
She listened
She whispered

Sunday, November 19, 2006


On 2 consecutive
Days of the sun

We did not drive
On the road next
To the crowns
Floating on the water

Those cosmetic details
On the Pacific Ocean

1 time it was
Because it was raining

The 2nd time it was
Because of
The common cold

But I know that soon
Fire will be
Served in a spoon
And the children
The precious family
Will be happier
And healthier

Strong enough
To kill infections