Saturday, October 10, 2009


A warrior
Studying the next plan of attack

Kissing on a natural bed

I have
Been both of them
Plenty of times

Both realities
Are the same

What is best
Is the definition of happiness:

Children kicking
The red ball
On a green field

Friday, October 09, 2009


I saw the moon today
At the warehouse
Walking towards me and trying
So desperately trying
To pull on a shopping cart

I saw the moon today
On it last efforts
With a bloated face
With the makeup of distress
I tried to smile
Or say hello
But that would only
Make things worse

I saw the moon today
And I remembered
Happier times
When we would argue
About WWII rifles

I saw the moon today
On a commercial intersection
Ready to t-bone me
So I looked at it
And it looked away
It blended away
It went away
It disappeared
In the aisles of merchandise


The lady on the black car
Slowed down next to me
And asked:
Are you going to Rosarito?

I told her I was walking but
I think she didn’t hear me

The wind was beginning to pick up

It looked like someone
Had messed with her neck
She wore a neck brace

She said:
Climb on in
I’ll take you down

I am walking I said
She looked at me and insisted:
Are you sure?

I need to do my exercise

She said okay
And drove away
In her nice black car

Thursday, October 08, 2009


The airplane
Circles my sky
It goes round and round
Like smoke rings

It appears in my dreams
And in my travels
Always present everyday

Everywhere the music plays
Everywhere the days are fast
And the nights glow red

The airplane sprays questions
On the heavens
Messages & requests
On the footstool of the Lord

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


The music stays
Faithful through the night

If only the translation of time
Was as beautiful as you

Each step gets me closer to you
Each glance and smile
Is a signal of you

The sun and the clouds
Dance the ritual of the fall

The beat of autumn
The rhythm of you eyes
The metric of your face
The melodies of your body
The accent of your teeth

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


This is a strange situation
A ghostly appreciation of the day
Even the horses look like specters
Friendship to a whole new degree
The tracks of life are on the world
The ocean wants to come out of his corral
The night whispers like nights do
Making inflections with the letter “S”
Loneliness is a spiritual State
Governed by the pursuit of reality
I want you to want me
To become batteries together
I want you to want me
To be with you forever

Monday, October 05, 2009


I slept
Like there was no time in the world
And when I woke up
Your eyes were next to mine
And I thought
Of kissing you
Of touching your lips
Of tasting your tongue
Of pressing myself into you
We locked into each other
And threw away the key
And when you bit me
I woke up with you in my arms
With your love on my mouth

Sunday, October 04, 2009


The Japannesse girl
Sitting next to me
Was falling asleep

She tended
To rest her head
On my shoulder

Then she would
Suddenly wake up
And straightened herself
On the airplane’s middle seat

Next to her
Sat my buddy
I think it was him

Because he asked questions
Like he did
And smiled like he did

And I always envisioned him
With a Japanese wife

It must be him
I said to myself
Because we are in heaven

I got up from my seat
And walked down the isle
Towards the restrooms

I noticed a man
Sending me nutritional advice
With a US Daily

I passed him
When I was inside the bathrooms
I saw the ship
With attached keys

I counted the keys
And then I urinated
While in the air

When I was back on my seat
There was the voice
Of a flight attendant
On the intercom saying:
Is there a doctor on board?