Saturday, August 30, 2008


When I asked you
If our brethren
Had started the war
You told me the truth

A pitch roof
Is bad for missiles

The speaker
Had the eyes
Of a dog
And you sat
Next to me
I felt so proud
And the lecturer
Scratched his beard

Again you were with me
And the federal judge
Ruled in favor
Of children
In favor of happiness
In favor of the future

How I admired you
That day when
Your gorgeous opponent
Tried to seduce you
To persuade you
To influence you
With her exquisite touch
But you did not released
Your harvest

And the city looked more beautiful
And I was struck with contemplation
Looking at the river
Through the window
In the skyscraper

You were always
So kind in church
And so fierce
At work

Father I came to understand
And to love
Your choice of diets
How happy I was
When our community
Ate together and
I saw you
Slicing pieces of ham

You made me
You thought me
You inspired me
And you terrified me
With things I did not understand
And you were so strong
How did you get so strong?

Friday, August 29, 2008


El perro─oveja
Es una oveja
Pero también
Un perro

Por eso
Le gustan las ovejitas
Y también las perritas

El perro─oveja
Es manso
Pero no menso

Sabe identificar
A otros híbridos
Sin asustar
A los niños

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Taxi drivers
And a middle age prostitute
With school supplies
In her hands

Assembled like
A heard of cattle
With mad cow disease

Gathering of champions
At God’s threshold
Luminaries of decay
Factories of poisoned visions

Waiting for time travel
Waiting for the truth
Waiting for the unknown
Waiting for anything but this

Their journey
Will not begin with
A secret government machine
Nor with the magic
Of shamans or witches
Or Pentecostal frenzies
Or mystical steps
Or Hollywood’s New Age

Their last card
Will be pulled from under the table
From under their sleeve
From the deep
From the dark
From the place
Where the sobbing starts
From the energy of a wolf
Leaking his own blood
On a sharp knife
From everywhere but here

The middle-class ones
Will pull the trigger
The rich ones
Will slid their wrists
In a bathtub
With boiling water

The poor will use a rope
But this will not workIt will break
It will give in
To the weight
Of their failings

They will hit the floor
The stronger ones
Will attain concussions
The weaker ones
Broken bones

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


How fast he learns
Music is intent

The guitar
Is the perfect companion

You can touch it softly
And create you own reality

His notes relay innocence
His music travels
Through drug addicted ghettos

His strumming
Guards the balance of happiness

His fingertips struggle
With chords of survival

Monday, August 25, 2008


You look like a star
My neurotic spy
Your sister is smaller than you
But I love you both
You 2 hang from the sky
Remarkable cosmetics
Of a superpower