Friday, October 31, 2008


Learning to fall in love
On the side of
A public telephone

A la superman
But without
The stains
Of suicide

I could hear her
With her most
Beautiful sighs

By resonance
I could tell
Her lovely dimensions

A dog uses
The sense of smell
To process data

A guitarist listens
For the truth of music
For any evidence
For all the indications
For a melody
For a bed on fire

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The children run
In the school yard
They are so happy
So full of
Energy & love

They play with
The morning sun
The soft warm wind
Curls around them

And suddenly
As I wrote this
A beautiful girl
2nd grader asked:
“What are you doing Sir?”
And she looked at my notebook
And said
“What beautiful hand writing you have”
I pondered on her words
Only children say those things
Adults never do

The girl ran away towards
Her classmates
And then a voice came
From my right side
It was a 2nd grade boy
“Sir, is it true you are a spy?”
“Son, it’s just that the boys and I
Like to play that way”
He ran away & continued
Playing with his classmates


All elderly people have blue veins?

Not all of them
But a lot of them do

What is the color
Of our veins?

Look at my hand
( I made a fist)
My veins began
To emerge on my skin

You veins are green

Your veins are also green

When we are elderly
Are we going to have
Blue veins?

Maybe not
The important thing
To remember right now
Is that we have them green


I love you
So much
I want you
To become
An extension
Of me