Saturday, December 23, 2006


I want to start 07
With a right kick
Very good said the doctor
And signed the forms

I took the slip
And drove south
Towards the
Organic Marketplace

I found a manager
Sitting at a desk
Stoically contemplating
A store sale add

I said to him
This slip is for you
And handed him the
Piece of paper
He said
Thank you sir

I asked how was
The Christmas party
And he answered: good

You knew about it right?
Yes you did
No I didn’t
I was told you knew about it
That’s not correct

Hopefully Mr. Cohn
Can make it up
To me

He changed subjects

I wonder why they
Are not letting you
Come back to the store?

Right now I am on
Physical Therapy
Concentrating on
Endurance & Strength

I carried on:

I am not using a cane anymore
I feel more confident now
You are looking at a
New and improved 1
When I come back
It will be
(Like the popular figure of speech)
With a vengeance

Friday, December 22, 2006

An Incubus Leaving Two Sleeping Women
Henry Fuseli


I worked on a trampoline
The objective was to regain
Strength and endurance
In my joint
The radio was close
To my work station
Music dancing out
From the speakers

I like this song…
Do you like incubus?

I just had to ask her:
Do you know what
An incubus is?


Do you want to know?


An incubus is a spirit that
Comes to women an night
And has intercourse with them


I know somebody that used
To be visited by 1 of those
It’s very interesting because
It never bothered her boyfriend
But it was different on their
Weeding night

What happened?

Her husband took off running
He never returned
Very unfortunate
Very horrible

She said she would
Look it up
Then she grabbed
A dictionary

I had to tell her
To be ware of
Paper dictionaries
Because by the time
They publish them
They are usually obsolete
To get the latest updates
Is best to go online

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I stopped at the store
The other OXXO
The one that
Usually has change

I asked for a pack
Of cigarettes
The usual

Delicados con filtro

I paid a dollar
In quarters and
Twenty something cents
In pennies

She said they don’t
Accept that many pennies
She added that
Customers don’t want them
Banks don’t want them
The only banks
That take them are on
The other side of the border

She gave me
The cigarettes
And retuned the 1 cent coins
She kept he quarters

That’s okay
I like Lincoln

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The Mexican government
Seized the house
With the tunnel
The one used for
Underground traffic

It ran below the
Tijuana border
Into a “duty free” store
In California

Not inside the store per se
But its parking lot

The tunnel is now closed
Now the house
Is an artist’s refuge

Someone thought
It would be a good place
(The balcony)
To read poetry

A few feet away
On the California parking spaces
The American poets
Read back to us
Using megaphones

The guy with the
CNN microphone
In his hand
Seemed uneasy
Perhaps it was
The burning sage
Or he was
Scared of heights

The wind was cold
And there was
An ugly dog
That I liked