Friday, October 17, 2008


The rat
Has become
An intriguing chemist
I am amazed
At this resourceful varmint
For a moment
I thought about
Not killing it
I thought
About making it
My pet

Thursday, October 16, 2008


The beautiful
Human beings
Picked me up
On the side of
The dirt road

They a speak
The dialect
Of freedom

A rare language
I can not decipher
But I can feel

Those communiqués
Are full of hope
Bursting with progress
For the human race

I sat in the back
With the women & children
And their baby girls
Smiled at me

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For Eugene

Happiness will run you over
My friends always wish me the best
And in turn I can only offer them
More of the same

You are an angel in disguise
A heavenly bartender
And aficionado of life
An organic dispenser of advice
A machine of wisdom
For constant friendship

You use academic methods
To mitigate our daily struggle
Even in desperation you understand
That all things are better
With the proper seasoning
The different seasons that
Make everything blow up
Into different realities

Our friendship is a ship
A Noah’s Ark
A salvation from
The wars of the mind
From the eyes of the world
From synthetic intelligence

My eroded lips are evidence
That the wind has been kissing me
In the most secret place
An invisible location
A beautiful area where
The Times are not taken seriously
Where everybody’s real name
Is fully disclosed
And there’s no fighting
Because there’s energy for all

Once you enter through those gates
You see with the heart
And everyone is alright
Because there’s no more blindness
And the tanks of happiness
Shoot at you with their power missiles
That go through your body
And make you explode in laughter
Because of the tingling sensation
In all of your extremities

I was there
Where you can drink patience
In pretty bottles of wine
That have been saved
For this sacred purpose
And Joy can also be ridden
Like a rich man’s horse
And then 1 minute is
1 million years
And 1 million years
1 minute
Where a kiss eclipses
The sun & the moon
As you walk with the
Greatest of pleasures
And laugh with the
Innocence of a child
And care for each other
With the love of a Mother
Of many fortunes

Here you can listen
To the clouds speak
A language of their
Own making
With a symbol for tenderness
And red tomatoes feed
Both man & beast

This creation is what
Keeps you warm
Because happiness flies
Over you & under you
Through your legs
And through your fingers
And you can always discern
As beings & objects
Change forms

Monday, October 13, 2008


La tierra
Se comunica con
Las plantas de mis pies
El cholo del Cadillac
Es un piloto disfrazado