Saturday, February 13, 2010


The recuperation
Is advancing slowly
Each mount of sand
Every meter of soil
All the groups of grass

Leaves dried up
By the will of men
The will of children
Disguised as adults
Camouflage of circumstance

It is hello and goodbye
At the same time
It is a birth and a funeral
Another setting of the sun

Friday, February 12, 2010


Coming down a big bird
From a red stained sky
Can tell you how much is the cost

Of health
Of your diminishing seconds
Of the number of drops that rundown your forehead
Of foolishness turned commodity

Offerings of a dying world
Touching the pavement
Road rash in your retina
Showers in the corners of your wealth

Imprisonment of your desire
Machinegun smile working the
Freedom of the little planet
Freddy is no longer a showman

Use dental floss on your brains
Or they will end up
At your local taco shop
Always with plenty of salt & salsa

If you want to learn
A new language
It will happen when you get home
You don’t have to go to it
It will come to you
Never late
Always early

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I woke up
With my right arm
Out of service
I looked
In the mirror
To see if
The right side of my face
Was crooked
But everything seem
In its place
But my wrist
Felt like a dead ghost

Panic was averted
When I remembered
I can write
Or type
With my left fingers
Working with my left hand
Comes natural
I noticed I can love from the left
It is the same
It is just different
It is like shooting with
The other hand
The target is the same

But it looks and feel distinct
Aged and polished
Exotic and