Sunday, December 09, 2007


I saw you today
You looked beautiful
As always

How time disappears
Like capricious moments

I never thought
I would see you again
What a pleasant surprise

I also thought
I saw you
On my computer monitor
She looked exactly
Like you

Or you
Looked exactly
Like her

I would have
Never thought that
You would end up
Making commercials
For American Express

But then again
I always liked
Your style

I have to admit
That once
You made me blush
When the tall
Cute blond girl
Gave me a too
Close for comfort demo

You spoke
Into the mike
Of your cell phone
Commenting the
Live development

You looked
So corporate
Back then

Of the many
Pretty girls
You are the
Only one
That remains

There’s so many
Attractive girls
But most
Come & go

Only you
Have endured
Through the years
I am impressed

I have to admit
That more than once
I almost
Didn’t make it

I like the way
You smile
When you drive
It makes
For good traffic