Saturday, March 15, 2008


Seafood on a romantic line
A line that ties 2 hearts

Nourishment for the spirit
Medicine of passion
Nutrition from the sea
For our bed of fire

You are the wine
That my soul craves
You are
My agent of beauty

Worker of splendor
I have never seen
Such intense grace

We were so close
And you were
Wonderfully calm

I like you
I like the way you walk
I like the way you work

I like you
I like the way you look
I like how you focus
I like how you talk

I like
To think of us
Chatting nonchalantly
Eating chocolate ice-cream

I like
How you gravitate
I like how
You pretended not care

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Velocity towards you
I can still touch
Those who wish you harm

“Have you been in trouble before?”
“Have you been sent to the motel before?”

The policeman
Was almost dead
Some believe
Dead policemen
(Or policewomen)
Are beneficial
For traffic

“I don’t care if you doubt my identity”
“I am just doing my job”
“Everybody is doing a job, you get paid to ask questions, and my job is to get to know you, like a Father knows his little children”

Altitude is hazardous
Because it is
The dwelling place of
Angels & devils
And they are always fighting

I have been
Quasi dead
Many times

The most important
Thing to remember
Is not say anything
To the horsemen
Don’t answer their questions
Not even if they are
Next to an ambulance
Or a beautiful nurse
Or paramedic

You don’t have
To open your eyes
If you listen
If you know how to listen
It will sound just like it does
When the horses walk on pavement

I see more horses
On city streets than
Out on the country

The horsemen
Are not like migras
Migras actually enjoy
Asking questions
It brings them pleasure
If you answer their questions
They might even like you

The horsemen on the other hand
Don’t suppose to ask questions
That’s not their job
I know this because
They don’t say much
(Sometimes they don’t say anything)
When they work

They only show up
When somebody fucks up
And there’s nobody else
To ask questions

So if you don’t say anything
They’ll get glad because
They can leave and do
What they really like doing
Like watering their horses but
If you become a blabbering fool
They’re not going to care for you

The policeman
Is almost dead
And the migra
Doesn’t even know it