Friday, December 03, 2004



We waited on the tarmac
Inside one of many aircrafts
And the storm raged outside
The winds were like indignant angels
Trying to keep
The airplanes off their domain
I looked at my wife
And she was serene smiling at life
And I wished I could have that calmness
I thought to myself:
Life is the futility of death
And she looked at me happy
And told me she loved me
The passengers on that flight
Were friendly strangers
More like a family where there is a mysterious
Closeness blended with rivalry
They are just there trying to be the best strangers they can be
I forgot about the limitations
Of the human being for an instant
And looked at the stormy skies
Believing this might be the end of so much
And the beginning of the unknown
Even the stories of Hollywood
Failed to break my ponderings
And I remembered death
Is as real as falling asleep.


The airplane glided on the heavens
And I saw the forest of human greed below
Trees disappeared like an act of selfish magic
When the green ended and the desert begun
I knew we were above California
With her many nightmares
I didn’t want to wake anyone because of their addiction to bad dreams
Like drug addicts that can’t cope without a narcotic existence
And we continued flying on the clouds
With the destination to a city
That is named after the brother of God
First we passed the metropolis
That has no angels
Except for the ones that were trying to hurl this plane to the ground
But being on the air is an act of confidence
On things we believe but can not see
Then we landed with our hearts
Still pumping blood
Inside our ever—aging bodies.


It is amusing
To watch people quarrel
For things that don’t matter
Wasted energy in a dying planet
Time burning away
From the kiss of plenitude


The most important things
Are dressed in frugality
Have nothing to do
With the intoxicating
Aftertaste of success
So simple and spooky
Even if poverty bites the ego
The pain is healing medicine


La ambición
Es un río de incertidumbre
La certeza está
En la muerte de los espejismos
Al fenecer emanan vida