Thursday, March 18, 2010


The mailer
Walked out the Post Office

He looked happy & content
With the bright blue sky
And the shinny sun
That reflected on his eyes

Also in the sky
And airplane with gourmet food

Flying north
Flying Europe
Flying Latin-American

So far away from earth
Orbiting the moon
Finding satellites of gold

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The table is ready
The corpse had an apple on its mouth

The spectator with a heart attack
On the floor
And the guests ate

As they chewed
She told me not have the surgery
That it will hurt even more

I looked at her hands
Then at her face
Then at her hands again

I asked what should I do
She said to leave it alone

I said okay
And walked outside
As the people ate lunch

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

burning storm

words rain down like bullets
producing breathing gaps
holes of naiveté

this is a burning storm
gathering its metallic rattle
in soda cans

21 century maracas
convoluted dance of chance
random cries at midnight
amplified by the microphones of the soul

the truck’s flat tires
are spinning moons
throbbing wounds
being recovered by sea salt

Sunday, March 14, 2010


She lit up
Looking for that spiritual place
Looking at the city lights
From her smoking terrace

Her thoughts were also on fire
And the ambers oh her brainwaves
Traveled around the world

Intercontinental missiles of desire

Igniting faraway places
Burning laughter away
Bringing out cold water from the faucets
Of western suburbia

Ice compressions in plastic bags
Cortisone cream from the first aid kit
Appointments for face transplants

Improvised songs that chanted:
Everything is gonna be alright

Howling dogs and mad bitches
Overworked engines
And crying witches

The night burned away
At the same time that
Roosters crowed
Coffee brewed
And millions of breakfasts were made


The idea of you got me all worked up
Even though I cruised on my bicycle
I did not feel weary or tired
Because I was ready
To love you as soon as I could touch you

I remember one house
But not the other one
The one I entered was the one where you were standing
And I was all over you and you would say:

“Not here”

But it was the wall—you—and—me—
And we got all excited very rapidly

It was like tasting just a little bit of a very good thing
The sort of thing you want much more of as soon as possible

Then I was back on my bike all of the sudden
Thinking of your silhouette and your taste
As I pedaled towards the sunset
Wondering why these things
Always happen to me