Saturday, June 18, 2005


Vacation is staying
At home
All day long
Reading and resting
In bed
Eating and drinking
And sleeping
Waking up and
Falling a sleep again
And playing with children
Because play is medicine
And knowledge
And the best education
In the global village
Those who exploit
Destroy and ravage
The earth
Should ensure this reality
For all the poor people
Who built them
Freeways to affluence
These exclusive paths for
The very few
With plastic surgery
Because they could not stand
To look themselves
In the mirror
And think their ugliness
Is on their faces
When it is in their souls
And they can’t sleep at night
So they ask their wizards
To create powerful drugs
That knock them out
And make them forget
The pain they legislated
To the human race
And then they try
To push this same venom
To all the healthy children
In the playgrounds
Of the dying cities
In their empires of radiation
The heavens and the earth
Where created into paradise
And they are working hard
In killing that oasis
And their own offspring
And the gracious
And wild creatures
In the oceans and
The rivers
And the jungles
The icebergs
And the deserts
The mountains
And the valleys
And all those other
Places we can’t see
But we know they are there
But their not able
To kill it all
Because goodness
Is stronger than wickedness
And the vast majority
Of people are good
And only the very few
Are evil
So every time
We kiss someone
With all the strength
In our hearts
We are winning the battle
Against those very few
Who try to intimidate
With their wars
And their loans
And their universities
And their Satellites
And their V12 engines
And their special effects movies
And their stars
That need spotlights to shine
And their newscasters
And their manipulation
Of weather patterns
And their taxes
And their phony scribes
And all the other ambushes
That we can’t see
But we know they are there
Peace is better than war
And because of this
I tell you to stop
Your addiction to death
And come to us
And we will embrace you
As a long lost brother
Who has found his way back home
And I will never stop
Praying for you
So come to us
You are loosing anyway
Come to the winning side
Of affection
And get some rest

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How powerful
Are the severed
Handcuffs of greed
In the lives
Of small
Moneyless angels
Who invite
People like me
Into their households
And share
Food & drink

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When I feel
The ground move
I know you
Still exist

Friday, June 17, 2005

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If it makes you ponder
Then think of this
Goodness is not a product
It’s the cry of a baby
Saluting pharmaceutical pushers
Space infected
With the most
Complicated minds
Of the world
Our tears
Are like acid rain
Floating around earth
No sinking emotions
Because kindness
Is better than
A profitable sale
And it knows
How to fly
When darkness becomes
A family gathering
With warm winds
And the laughter of children
Reflected in the moonlight
Then I will believe
In this rage of yours
For the time being
We’ll wait for
Happy moments
Owed to the planet
By angry people.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

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In the
Toll houses
You need to pay
To go on through
On the road
You need
The money
From banks
In the houses
You need
The affection
From all
The people
You helped
While you were
Down there
Living foolishly
But with a lot
Of heart

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

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Fishing in Mexico
Is frugal
I am talking about
The locals
Who stand on
The beach
Not with expensive
Fishing poles
But with beer cans
For reels
For weights
And smiles
For bait

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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Sadness is
The symptom
Of a
Sophisticated world
Usury of the heart
Winter of emotion
Kidnapping of meaning
At the expense
Of the
Vast Oceans
Of dignity
Fear is
An erratic kiss
And you
Are the answer
To loneliness


My lovely wife
Brings me drinks
As I write
And she kisses me
And tells me
To write more.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Inside that
Smoky bar
With all
Those friends
The table
Tolerated our
Future insecurities
Inside empty
Bottles of liquor
And the affluent
Blue—eye girl
Was rubbing
My leg
Under that
Same table
And I smiled at everyone
And everyone
Smiled back
Because there was
Nothing better to do


I arrived in the city
Penniless and with
No place to stay
So I called Walter
His mother
Told me he was working
On a movie set downtown
I got there
And saw him on a corner
Sitting in the sidewalk
With his model girlfriend
Being cool
Looking hip
Eating & drinking
And he got up
And gave me a hug
She did the same
Don’t worry Juan
We’ll help you out
And they gave me cash
And something to drink
And we talked about
The poetry workshops
That seemed so long ago
He told me about the
Time he went
Motorcycle riding
With Mickey Rourke
And his long walks
In the desert
Chewing peyote
He was happy
She was happy
I was happy
And everything
Felt alright

Sunday, June 12, 2005


This morning
I woke up
With an earthquake
Without electricity
A glimpse of paradise
And the end
Of radiation
The fire department
Had to bring down
The corpses
Of the thieves
That tried to steal
The power lines.


Better you
Than me
I caught her
And her
Venom smelled
Like cinnamon