Friday, October 16, 2009


The guitar scales expressed it better
I say it is only seafood
With lime and salsa
Onions and cilantro
Tortillas and spices
The table is set

And the rearview mirror
Serves a different dessert
A small taste of madness

The green lights
Guide the way like runways
Like studio audiences
Graciously laughing
They all travel towards you


A sea of algae
An ocean
Producing for
The markets of suspicion

Water is in a glass
Water in your body
Water in my heart

Water dancing
In the clearness
Of the crystal

Water with salt
Closing the openings
Gapes breathing
Gapes expiring

Thursday, October 15, 2009


High tide in the morning
Sand & water
Like newlyweds

A pacific seal
Decorates the event
With ornamental punctures
On it body

The dog
Lays in the boardwalk

Her owner
Pleading with it
Begging it to get up
To continue the march

We the walkers
Watch the spectacle

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yesterday as I walked
The earth shook

The dust under my feet
Vibrated in love
With the comets
That were falling

Entering the caves
Of the planet

Signaling the path
Of my journey

Preparing the landing
Of messages
That were floating outside
The international Space Station

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My fingertips manipulated the messages
That would eventually show you the light
That would reflect in your eyes
That would make you aware

My steps lifted the dust for your path
Away from your direction
Away from your discretion
I made it clear
That you don’t need telescopes to see

The metallic sound was just protection
Insulation from lighting bolts
A sense of security
An illusion of defense

The police cruiser on the corner
Glittered with curious apprehension
I stepped on the gas pedal
As if my huarache sandal
Was pressing on your face

The rearview mirror
Speaks of the past as triumph
As miles per hour
In your escape
As the metric fall
Of your garrulity

I met my advisor on the road
While thinking of green oil
I bought him a drink
And stated my case for love

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The road at night
Is like an unforgettable photograph
Moving with the reflection of lights

The music in the car
Makes for perfect discoveries
The creation of new memories
And the newness of your labyrinth

I could be behind the wheel
On this motorized desire
And be happy in darkness

With the movement of your legs
With the free intentions of survival
With the remembrance of your taste
With the side effects of your embrace