Saturday, September 16, 2006


Oh Ron Cohn
Employer in
Pursuit of
My life

David Arias
(Your boy wonder)
Has written me
A heartfelt memo

Nothing too artistic
Some sort of a
Marketable threat
With feelings
Dripping between
The lines

He has ambushed
Poor Aaron
Poor Pedro

Making them partakers
In the
Organic cloud
Of witnesses

And now even
Popeye the sailorman
Would think twice
Before eating
The spinach
You sell
Not because
He’s afraid of the
E. coli outbreak

But because
He understands
The seriousness of
The diseases
Of the soul

Your store smells
Like it has been
Fumigated with exploitation

That odor gives me headaches
And makes me sneeze out
The most sinister
Of your intentions

And I can still smell
That poison
On your shelves

The cries
Of the hurt children
Those who fell
On your floors
Are flammable
They will ignite

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


God did not
Turned you
Into a statue
Of salt

But He
Grabbed your arm
And did not
Let go

You said
It’s immaterial
I say
It’s mystical

You tell me
To take it easy
But I would like
To know
Why are you
So uptight?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Such a nice girl
If I wasn’t taken
I would ask her out

He surname
Is phonetically

She told me
I had a whale
In my plate
But all
I could see
Was the tail

Some kind of trophy
On the front
Of my truck?

I guess we could
Cut it
In little pieces
And fire a shot
At starvation

We could feed
The children
And the families
Of the working class