Friday, October 20, 2006


It’s challenging
To write
After an operation
Analgesic dreams
Seem to
Hinder the
Creative act
A matter
Of embarrassment
Or a vision joy

The nurse said
I was not going
To remember anything
I still remember
Her face and
The lovely way
She gave me
A can of apple juice
And I drank
From it

In a scale of
Where is
Your pain?

An 8
I said
And she said
This will
Make you
Feel better

And I felt tingling
On my
Upper body

In a scale of
Where is
You pain?

A 7
I said
And she
Injected 1 more
On my IV

And I felt
As if spices
Were swimming
All over
My head

I don’t remember
If she asked me
A 3rd time
About the famous
Pain scale

I do remember
Telling her something
About the number 6

But I don’t know
If she did anything
About it