Thursday, May 31, 2007


So many folk
Visit the trailer
Across the canyon
It is painted blue

But I suspect
It might be red

Even Pedro
El ratón
Likes to hang around
On its roof

People from
All walks of life
Show up at
That place

They wait
As if standing
In line
At a local charity

Hoping to be given
Frozen portions
At a high rate
Of belief

The dirt is ready
To serve as a bed

For those
Who might
Fall asleep

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The man dressed
As a woman
Arrived in a
White Jeep Cherokee
An entered the
De la Cueva’s trailer

It was more glamorous
When David Bowie
Dressed in such a way

Somehow the
United Kingdom
Makes it seem
More chic

Third World
Drag queens
Carry a
Dullness on
Their faces

Poverty is
Their mascara
Smeared in
The corner of
Their eyes

Monday, May 28, 2007


It is easy to
Create fires

It is complicated
To put them out

Sometimes battle
Fire with fire

It is true that
You end up
With ashes

But that’s
The nature
Of the work

The irony of
It all
Is when a boat
Is burning
Surrounded by
So much water

In the middle
Of the
The ocean

Sunday, May 27, 2007


O’s for breakfast
Are practical

It’s interesting how
Those who don’t
Eat Meat
Do drink milk

Ones kill the cow
And the others
Suck the life
From it

Is all the same
Because at the end
Everything looks
The same

It comes down to
The substance of
The greater good

Even with
Overcast skies
We can still hear
The airplanes
And we suspect
The landing strip
Is on top
Of the hill
That looks like
A table

El Cerro Del Coronel
Is more discreet
Because helicopters
Don’t need
Large flat runways
To do their work

It is fascinating
To find
Autochthonous warriors
With Greek names
And native accents
Driving around
The potholes