Friday, January 12, 2007


The lady with the
Red white and blue badge
Used the bagged chickens
As cannonballs

Consumer rage
The allegation
False advertisement

She cursed the building
Launching from her shopping cart
Retail grenades
In the 4 directions of greed

Even the butcher
Was frightened

It was here she met insanity
This place is
A mind criminal

Mr. Cohn likes to see smiles
But that poor lady
Was not smiling

The little boy
Who got hurt
In your marketplace
Was not smiling
He was crying

His tears watered
The seeds of dignity
The tree of freedom
The cries of the poor
The suffering of the exploited

The police officers
Standing next to the case
Are not smiling either
They see inside your store
With moon eyes

You said you like to see me smile
This I can tell you
It’s a water smile
A rain smile

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


“It looks great but you should put some ice in the case”
Ron Cohn giving instructions to the head butcher.

All the cases in the world
Are melting the icebergs
On the poles of the planet

It’s because of polluters
Trying to bring back to life
(Dead fish)
Something that is already rotten

The left hand guitar player said:
“Is okay to eat fish because
They don’t have any feelings”

House wives
Ask for antibacterial soap
Their hands bloodied
From handling the product
(Dead Meat)
That might transfer the madness
From a cow
To a human being

The vegetarians say
“Meat is murder”

The experts say that
The warming of the planet
Will increase
Even the Jewish mystics
Have prophesied
That the world will end
With fire

Monday, January 08, 2007


A new year of work
Pushing Ron Cohn’s
Cadavers on dirty carts

Is blood as usual
My joint does not hurt
Yet it feels tight
In a bizarre way

I am blissful to see
The foundations
Being built with
Straight lines

It was cold in the freezer
Death is cold
Morgues are cold
I work amongst the dead

Dead fish
Dead meat
Dead buyers
Dead sellers

Hope never died
That beautiful girl
Survived because

The fire in the pupils
Of the sun—eyed people
Is better than
And electric blanket