Friday, October 23, 2009


tu adn
quedó en mis cicatrices
como vitamina e

en mis manos
en mi corazón
en mi conciencia
como remedio del alma

como cuando
el amor despierta
de una siesta

como la recuperación
de un significado perdido
que se transporta
en un portafolios de piel

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The ocean was the examining table
The mountains
The chairs were patients sat

Being on the air is tempting
When asked for advice
Tell them what can make them
Better human beings

Don’t’ tell them that
Which can hurt them

Not keeping your feet on the ground
Comes at a price
It might be a bargain for reality
Or the comfort or togetherness & love
It may be offspring growing like trees

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The boom
Was felt by the sand
By the little fish
In the sea

By the sharks
By the joggers
And the walkers

It made the algae vibrate
And the dog’s ears perked up

It made me tingle inside
It made me smile

It was a big boom!
And the autumn weather
Felt like summer

Monday, October 19, 2009


The bicycle wheels
Hit the pavement
Like bats hitting intelligent-baseballs
That ricochet towards the best places in the world

The children delivered
Like they always do
That’s why God wants them around

The bicycle wheels
Turn benefits into headlines
Spin sadness away

Rotate despondency
Like a bozo with bad makeup
Make wishes fit into tight places
Move intentions forward

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Apply fire
To the sentences
Bite each word
Till it bleeds a little
Till you can taste
The saltiness of
Their medium-rare symbolism

Feel the meaning
But most importantly
That which is being translated
Must feel the transformation

The beautiful & painful transmutation
The breaking on
The body of the message
Where organic wings
Will grow like a teenager in love

Do it repeatedly
Till it becomes better
Than the original product

Till it becomes so beautiful
That the readers are blinded
By its brilliance
Because it burns the eye
Like the sun
Like a flame of blue propane
Like the infernos
That give meaning to firefighters

And when it is done
Do it again

Till it shines like gold
Till it screams
Beautiful poems at you
Till you are exhausted
Till it is exhausted
Till you have tears of pride
Running down your cheekbones
Till it has tears of appreciation
Building reservoirs in its soul
And when this is done
Do it again