Friday, January 29, 2010


Early in the morning
As I urinated

I looked above
at the moon

And it was
Raining on the ocean

With its pearly
White flashing light

Adorning darkness
Making of the water a signal device

I walked through the dawn
And found my bed

I sat down
And played guitar

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The candle
Is under my hand

It feels good
On my skin

It soothes
My index finger

That pointing instrument
That extremity becomes
A dog

A pointer
That writes poems
With its tongue

A professional taster
A whimsical sampler

Floating up
Floating down
With the Pacific

The winter’s sun
Is as beautiful
As the blood
That it smears
On the clouds

Of a day’s work
Proof of my love
Piercing the sky

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The domino effect of your mind
Of your spirit
Of your soul

A wish of life
That effort
At an extra cost

Fortune & love
Seemed like the same thing to you

You poor fuck…

Sugarcane of the night
You are pierced
With diabetes

Taste your afternoon
Taste your sponge
With vinegar

Taste your water
With hormones
Taste the pharmacy
In the rim of your cup

See your face change

Sing “changes”
With David Bowie

You’ll get closer
Like you wanted to be
Like a nomad in the mirror