Saturday, November 04, 2006


God bless you
You looked like
Jose Feliciano
With your dark glasses

You were singing
And banging against
The metal
That holds your
Computer monitor

You seemed in
In good spirits
And when I
Saw you and
Heard you
I became
More optimistic

I can’t forget
That image man
So today
I grabbed
My guitar
And sang
The song

You know
That famous tune
The 1 named
Feliz Navidad

Friday, November 03, 2006


La cofradía ya no es secreta
Porque el afecto es como
Un avión que se queda
Sin combustible en nubes hinchadas
De acido y azufre

Y los mensajes son falsos
Como la pared
Con el orificio por donde
Atravesaron los últimos
Impulsos de tus besos

Las sonrisas rotas
Son signos de
Un acercamiento inevitable
Encuentro catastrófico
Copulación de
Corazones muertos

El más feroz animal
Consume a sus dueños
Porque los frenos
Nunca funcionaron
Nunca los activaron
Y ocurre como
El tigre o león
O elefante
Que mata a su amo
En el circo

Lamentable sufrimiento
Dolor de necios
Brindis de insensatos

Que angustias prueban
Mis amigos
Por las noches
En sus cobijas encuentran
Amarguras de madrugada

Thursday, November 02, 2006


The little dog
Helps the dead
Cross the river

We took a ride
To our
Local cemetery

We saw lots
Of doggies

And lots
Of dead persons

Always give
The dog
Money for
His assistance

We enjoyed
The live music

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I activated
The control
In my brain
That makes
My face move
With peculiar efforts

And it did work
Because her eyes
Became dreamy
Like if she
Had many a shot
Of tequila

And there
Was a smile
On her face

I stopped
Looking into
Her blue eyes
Because the experiment
Left a cold—hot
Anointing on
My dark skin

Monday, October 30, 2006


As we arrived at the writer’s home
There was a blackout
The neighborhood went dark
And we walked towards the open gate
Walked through the hallway
And entered the unlock front door
It was a metal door and the light bulbs
Were turning on & off

And the author was on the 2nd floor
And we were on the 1st floor
And he said he was going to
Come down shortly
He was encouraging his daughter
Against the dark and since the
Electric power was coming
In & out
I helped him unplugged his
Electronic appliances
First went the stereo
And then the refrigerator

And then I lit some candles
That were next to an icon of
The Theotokos
As my children played with toys
That were left on the sofa

Then he came down
With his son & daughter and a flashlight
And a DVD for me to borrow
And he said that it would be better
If all of us be together since
It was dark and we all agreed

I said it was just like in the movies
And I thought I saw him smile
And I smiled too trying to not to laugh

And we all sat at his table
And we were about to start playing Uno
When we heard noises coming
From the basement
Clicking noises as if someone
Was typing on a computer keyboard
That’s what the writer’s daughter said
And we all heard the clicking sound
But he could not hear it

And I thought it may be the breaker box
Flipping on & off
And the writer walked down to the basement
And the rest of us were
Waiting with playful anticipation
And when he returned he said
The scanner was on
And he shut it off

Then he opened the
Refrigerator and handed me
A 2X and he got and O’doul’s
For himself

And we began to play Uno
And my children liked the game
And I remembered how
To play because it had been
Many years since I last
Saw 1 of those card sets

We continue playing
And the lights
Kept turning off and on
And the children started
To fall asleep 1 at the time
And when we had 2 kids
Out of the game
We decided stop playing
And the lights were back on
We thank him
And said goodbye
We went home