Saturday, December 22, 2007


I love taking
Poppy seeds
Off my bagels

A habit
A picked up
From a cleaning job

Even if
I am not hungry

It is entertainment
Of the healthiest kind

Manual work
It keeps
The devil away

Cleaning bread….

Sometimes those seeds
Stick like crazy glue

A fork
Is not enough
Only the tip
Of a sharp knife
Can pop off
Those tiny dots

Of wheat

Of flavor

Friday, December 21, 2007


7 seas are not
Only good for
For excessive drink

It is also
Good medicine
For the common cold

500 feet
Of dragon rope
Shipped to
Devils Lake

But I know
Your lips
Are an elixir
Waiting for
The next
Border warming

Waiting for the
Next dimension

How I wish
To love you
Until the
The morning sun
Becomes a blue moon

To kiss you
Until we can’t
Distinguish stars
Form planets

From UFO´s

I am thinking of you
Princess of
The southern portals
Gatekeeper of passion
Keeper of
My soul

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Many times
I have thought
Going after you

After all
You are beautiful

But love is something
You can’t force

Love has energy
Of its own

And if it is your turn
For the
Emotional summer
You can’t help but
Let the season
Run through your veins

Let it
Jolt your spirit

No need
For narco-aid

God has
His own way
Of shaking your
Materialistic reality

So it is best to let
The stars
The moon
And the satellites

(Natural or
Created by
Human beings)

Do their work
With their influence
In the game
Of existence

Because the heart
Is also an antenna

A receptor
Of fire

Sometimes freak-hopping
Is unavoidable
Collateral damage
Of the mind
A security effect
Meant to protect children

A firewall
Like the one
Placed in the
Garden of Eden