Thursday, April 05, 2007


To Commissioner O’Connor
Of the San Diego Superior Court

The instilment
Of patriotic efforts
Created a
Public servant mirage
I value law and order
Because nature is
Also ruled by
The domain
Of water
The fish
In the oceans
Are rule
By aquatic regulations
The 7 seas
Also have
Governing bodies
The cattle on the countryside
Are under the care
Of their ranchers
Even swine have
Conquered the hearts
Of pet owners
I appeal to your understanding
Of my circumstances
Which are forever
Under the elements
You see
I am a
Working class driver
A reality baptized
With farm colors
And affected by
Urban misunderstandings
And the indifference
They foster
With this explanation
I beg your
Your pardon

Monday, April 02, 2007


We got aboard the vessel
On the way to the waterfalls
There was an open bar
And the boat stopped
So people could
Jump in the sea

There were no sharks
But I saw little fishes
That looked like rainbows

Some were wet
With tequila

When we arrived
We got in an even smaller boat
That took us to the shore

It turned out
The host
Was a friend of a friend
And soon enough we
Were riding horses
In the Mexican jungle

He was faster
Than All State
On issuing payment

And we were not thirsty
Because we had drank enough
We rode the horses
We were smoking
The Europeans laughed