Friday, September 19, 2008


Here comes the backhoe
She stops
And she’s fast
And she leaves
But she always
Comes back again

On the road
The samurai
Has its own trailer

Climbing up
The rocky road
The black bronco
Also has a trailer

The man of fatigue
Did a superb job
Because they come

The federal men
Selling juice
Subsidizing the
Electrification of vermin

They keep coming….

The decrepit oilmen
Selling trust
Selling hope
Selling whatever

The dump truck
Driving slowly
And looking
Towards the music

I also come
For no reason at all
Moving gravity
With an aftertaste
Of desire
Poking at cooked meat
With my fork
Opening the stomach
Of a quesadilla
And finding the truth
Has always been white

A melting certainty
Slippery like tequila

I exercise my taste buds
As I contemplate you

Your movements
The angles
Of your body
The continuity
Of your lips
The extension of your legs

Outside the heavy machinery
Keeps coming and going

Inside I
Rather be with you
Sitting next to you
As you try not to
Fall asleep

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Decoys are used
In hunting and
I wonder if the drill
On his hand is stolen
California construction
Is making a difference
And it comes
It arrives
I think they can’t
Resist the music
And they come closer
When they listen
To the melody
That comes forth
From the mouth
Of the toddler who
Rides a dirt bike

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


How can
I do battle
Against your love
If you feed me
You give me drink
And you are
So beautiful

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Breakfast is
Better with live music
Hypnotic tones
Mixed with
Coffee & sugar
Strawberry aftertaste
Broken plates are
Better than drums
Steam rises
From whole wheat
A guitar played
By innocent hands
Is healthier than protein