Saturday, July 15, 2006


He asked me
What kind
Of bugs
I had found
I did not
Want to scare him
After all
He’s still
The owner
I did not want
To tell him
That those are
The 1’s
That reproduce
That they
Can survive
A nuclear explosion
I did not have
The heart
To tell him
They were planted
That they arrived
Inside a can

Thursday, July 13, 2006


The man on
The presidential ship
Has ordered
1 case of
Russian dressing
He knows
There’s nothing
More slippery
Than a jar
On resurrection day
This church
Floats on
The waters
Of salvation

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Cherries in
A bag
Each of them
Is holy
Tainted red
They all look
Like beautiful
Santo Domingo
Every one of them
Is a sunny day

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Helps with
The inflammation
Of language
I am 50
She said
You look 30
I replied
Well thank you
I think
I’ll take
You home


Any of you
Speak English?
I looked up
And saw a lady
I wanted to
Get away from
My coworkers
So I said I do
She was wearing
A dress of summer
And she held
1 key with 2 fingers
She asked me
I would
Help her open
Her car
I stood up from the bench
And walked
Towards her
I can’t open the door
She said
I told her
I would be gad to help
She smiled and added
Maybe you have the magic touch
I took the key form her hand
And we both walked
Towards her automobile
Away form
The smoking area
Under the tree
Her car was
A midsize white sedan
I placed my cup of coffee
On the hot pavement
And inserted the key
Turned it both ways
As I pulled
On the door handle
And the door opened
Thank you
She said with a
Maternal smile
How did you do it?
You just need
To play with it
But be gentle
She said God bless you
And then she drove away