Friday, April 15, 2005


Cars cross
The US border
And it smells
Like carne asada
Human barbecue
Welcome to
The land of cancer
The scans
Detect what you had
For breakfast
They see
Your skeleton
Technological rape
Homicide in slow motion
Why do you do this
To the citizens
Of the world
And your own
Sons & daughters?
Do you like
To watch humans disintegrate?
Then you sell
More pharmaceuticals
At the cost
Of a second mortgage
Listen to me
Take down
Those diabolical machines
Replace them
With healing flowers
Until you do this
I will cross myself
Before entering
My own country.


I remember
It was
Last night
The moon
Had only
One eye
She had
Lost weight

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


The children
Play with adobe
The son
Of Toro
And Rosa
They scream
At each other
With their
Playful tones
Adobe follows them
On his 4 legs
A beautiful moment


He tells me
He will be in
High school
Very soon
He cleans
My car
Better than anyone
I think
He will be able
To clean the minds
Of the lost
The hearts
Of the greedy
The eyes
Of blind

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Have you ever
Shot a coyote?
He asked
Glancing upwards
I tried to see
What he was
Looking at
And I said
I used to hunt
For them
They’re very difficult
To find
You can mostly
Hear them yelping
But you don’t
See anything
Just that peculiar sound
The day I bagged
My first buck
I saw 2
Trotting nonchalantly
On the prairie
They were
Within shooting distance
I had my 30’06
Ready to fire
And too much blood
On my hands
So I let them go.

Sunday, April 10, 2005


My girl and I
Fooled around
In the car
Just before the reading
And we walked
To Cinema 21
A block away
And got in line
I had purchase
The tickets
In advance
Then Allen Ginsberg
Walked by us
Stop and looked at me
He said nothing
I kept my silence
He was sporting
A dark suit
He wore rim glasses
He looked like a scholar
And not like a dissenter
That’s him
I whispered to Angie
Then he entered
The theater.