Saturday, July 05, 2008


She looks like
A nurse from the state
Women of profound
Spiritual beauty
That know how
To inflict pain
And gain health

I remember my first nurse
I was 8 year old then
And I was in love with her
She would watch over me
She would sit next to my bed
And read a book

I would lay on
My hospital bed
And stare at the ceiling
Once in awhile
I would turn my head
To see her

She was a 70’s nurse
She used to wear her blouse
With the top 3
Buttons unbuttoned
And I could see
The profile of her breast
So close to me

But when she would
Follow doctor’s orders
I would discover
New dimensions of pain

This was necessary
So I could walk again

Poor Octavio
I know why
He was misunderstood

The taste of medicine
Makes you act suspicious
Makes those around you
Have suspicious minds

She took poetry
To another dimension
I also felt like
Being evasive

For a moment
I was seduced
With images & metaphors
Similar to the
Best words
I heard in my life

Thursday, July 03, 2008


My African princess!
When I see you
At my window
My heart revives

Be my
Queen of Sheba
Let me be your

Oh Mother Beauty!

Let me write
Love poems
On you

The green-fields
Of the world
Will become
Our love bed

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Fix the cerebellum
And the bright lights
Will increase

Glow in the dark…

6 exits
6 possible outcomes

The guitar player
Does not care if
A 6
Is a 9

The painter
Sees a nose
In number 7

And I like to
Agree with them

I pray
For success
To emanate
Form the doctors hands

Nothing’s for sure
And there’s
Always the
Risk factor

An optional operation
Via remote control
The medicine of the future?

If death is imminent
To proceed would be
Sensible like summer

When intentions are good
It’s better to
Sanitize the outcome

There’s still time
To turn around
Drop your guns
And walk the way
Of the hermit
The holy man
The American Ascetic

But if you think you must
We all have our reasons
You know?
So be it
Let you choice be known

All you have to do is
Think about it
Kind of like fiat
Like when the world
Was created

And men & angles
Will know

Girls & women
Will sense it

The dogs
That used to
Bark at you
Will shut up
The ones
That used to bite you
Will ran away howling

It is never what it seems

You will become
Your worst enemy
And you will either
Win against yourself
Or autodestruct

Do you believe in luck?

I understand your
Previous boss is a
Casino owner

Did he teach to
Beat the odds?

I’ll show you
A better way:

Sell everything you have
And give it to the poor


Something tells me
You will not

I wish it could be different
But your are a policía

And I am a….
How to explain it…

A green-poet
Under a green-patriarch

We are
Very different indeed

Sunday, June 29, 2008


The paths of commerce
Are the ways love

Sex plus tax
In an biodegradable where-house

The guilt of resale
With shopping carts

The conceit of wholesale
In semi trucks

Food is just another name
For the myriad of aberrations

Give me freedom
In a machine shop

Give me death
To resurrect the lives
Of the very old
And the very rich

Give me a Hummer
From the judges’ chambers

Give me an SUV
With a big throat

Give me
High definition murder
My color TV
Translated to all
The languages of the world

Give me
The lights of Wall Street
And my copy of the constitution

Give me
The gift of life
Kiss my lips
As you blow
Punch my heart
Till it turns
Black & blue
So he can walk proud
When it becomes purple

Give me back
My rights!

You can keep
My LEFTovers

You can keep
My cancer

You can keep
Your ezquizofrenia
Your radiation
Your idealization
You machinations
Your coca-cola
Your pepsi-cola

Takes your hoofs
Out of my
Drinking water


I see through your eyes
My wounds bleed
Like your wounds
And my blood
Like your blood
Is not yet infected

I feel like you feel
I feel love
Like you do
And hatred
Like you been hated

I get tired like you do
Hungry & thirsty
Like any human being

I have been sick
And been nursed
Back to health
I also know death
Like you do
It has robbed me
Of family & friends

They have tried
To dehumanized me
Like they tried
With you

But God
Was working undercover
(in secret because last time
They tried to kill Him)
Within the poor
And He gave me a hand
And when I held fast
To Him
It burned like hell
Because for a moment
I thought hew was the Enemy
But when I realized
He’s was the
The ‘Father of Lights’
I felt warmth
I felt security
I felt wholeness
I felt happiness
And my assailants
Began to drop
Like drunken flies
But they never
Got a hangover
And they never
Got up

And He gave me
New names
And told me
To stay with
The aliens
But before He left
He showed me
A few more
Tricks of the trade

You were
Also aided by Him
The proof of this
Is that you are alive
And were happy
A few moments ago

All you have to do
Is believe
I love you

Believe me
Stop messing with aliens
Because they will mess with you
If you try to track them
You are just tracking yourself
The same is true with
All the other
Verbs & adjectives

I think of you often
And perhaps soon
We could toast
To our happiness
And the happiness
Of the whole world
While we fly
Over the Pacific Ocean