Friday, February 08, 2008


The old migra said:
“We’re going start charging you rent”
But that’s okay because
Sometimes tenants say crazy things.

Some of them are quite nice
Like the lady this morning
She was polite, wholesome, friendly.
I bet she likes to laugh.

She said:
“I don’t understand, the other day your name
Didn’t come up in the computer,
And today it does”

Life is better if we
Leave the mysteries alone
And I like treacherous hotels
Because they’re intriguing

“Do you have money?”
“Why, do you need a loan?”
“Do you have money to declare?”
“Do you get sent here everyday?”
“Does it bother you?”

He kept his silence and I felt bad
Because there was a Tigres del Norte
Song on the radio that I wanted to listen to
But I don’t think la migra likes them
So I turned off the radio
And I let him do his work

Making love has always been a metaphor
When writing poems
1 often uses metaphors
I wonder is she was upset
I really wanted to get closer to her
There’s something attractive about her
Perhaps I like the way she does
The lotus position

I kiss her once
And she kissed me back
It was a formal kiss
My heart jolted
Her pupils radiated

The pretty american poet
Gave me a poem
About her pubic hair
And then she gave me kiss
I looked towards my left
And her girlfriend looked
Extremely jealous

When el migra
Was finishing
His revision
A janitor walked by
And she looked
Like my first

Monday, February 04, 2008


Love can be induced
Love can move
The ionosphere

Love is
A burning blue flame
Love is you

Radiated smile

Love can be produced

Love and sentimentalism
Are difficult to differentiate
Clichés and love
Camouflage heavily
With each other

Love can be a conspiracy
The forgetfulness of love
Is the deadliest weapon

Love undercover(s)
Can be sinister

I think love
Can be known
Love can be understood
I believe you can taste love
But only for brief ethereal moments
It takes a lot of effort
To get there
Because love is energy

Love is the power
Of persuasion
Missile of goodness

Love is treacherous
Like a French school of thought

Love & disease
Like war & peace
What a combination!