Friday, May 02, 2008


How I
Admire thee
You get to work
With all those
Beautiful toys
And I…
I have
To drink
A lot
Of coffee
Just to make it
Through the night

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Mr. Migra Brown
You are a good man
And I understand
Your reluctance

Keep in mind that
Hesitation will
Not get you far

Consider what happened
With your subordinate
The stupid-skinny kid
With an idiot’s face

He’s not only
A mentiroso-maricon
But he could hurt himself
At the job
Or hurt others
Like you

There’s no need
To withhold his name
One of your partners
Told me his name anyways

I just thought that
Since you have a
Cool name
I think Brown is cool
And your always watchful
Silent and diligent

You know….
You have the virtues
A big brother has
Virtues that can be used
To correct
That fucking imbecile

Your country can use
Those precise talents
Those gifts
That you possess

Just think about this…
I am not telling you
To do anything

But if you see
Your partner
About to fall
In a whole
Wouldn’t you warn him?

You know
Like in a band of brothers

If your little friend
Is walking crooked
And he’s about to
Step on a mine
Wouldn’t you
Yell at him:

I would
And I have
A peaceful easy feeling
That you would too

I am a lover of humanity

And I know
You have gentle
Kind and wholesome
Feelings too

Oh my God!

And what’s
The deal with
The other migra guy
Walking-Horse or
Or whatever his name is

I afraid he might be deaf

No wonder cowboys
Use riatas
And espuelas
And capan a sus caballos

Oh and Migra PAGAN!

It might be a good idea
To tell him to relax
To convert
To become Catholic

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I saw migra snipers
On the border roof

They just stood there
Like sitting ducks

Their profiles
Their silhouettes
Made them
Perfect targets

How horrible!
How unsafe!

What an uncomfortable feeling
To be used as bait

Then it began to rain
And they walked away

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Think that
If you don’t
Do it
You’ll die

Odds are against
Sedentary folks

If you don’t care
About yourself
Then think
About your
Love ones
They need you
Healthy & alive

After awhile
It becomes
A good habit

Avoid gyms
Too many germs

Open air
Is much better

Bicycling is fun
But depending
On your country
It could be dangerous

WalKing is the best!

Walking is safe
Walking is lovely
Walking is life

Monday, April 28, 2008


Search your soul
As you look
In my car

Find yourself
As you rip
The upholstery

The more damage
You do
The more work
For you

So go ahead
Cut it open
So I can see
Your ribcage

Pry it open
So I can take
A peak at your
Cholesterol painted heart

You are
As replaceable
As any
Used automobile