Saturday, January 10, 2009


Libertad para las flores
En los campos
De concentración

Salvación para una niñez
Bombardeada con
La política del miedo

Cuidemos la fauna
De nuestra época
Restauremos los mensajes
Del Amor

Cualquier intención homicida
Cualquier obstáculo
Que atente contra
La belleza

Construyamos túneles
De esperanza
Océanos de vida
Cielos de medicina
Con aviones en
Lunas de miel
Equipados con
Mísiles procreativos
Y bombas en gestación

Que la metralla sea
Semillas de bondad
Para la multiplicación
De árboles

Hidratemos las especies
Las que gobiernan
Esta esquina de Latinoamérica
Las que están
En aquel patio
De Palestina
Estos muros fronterizos
Aquel llanto
De Medio Oriente
Este parque de la amistad
Aquel parque israelí

Estas energías humanas
Con una misma sangre
Una misma intención
La supervivencia
La defensa de la sonrisa
El derecho a respirar
Aire libre de pólvora
La delicia
De tomar el sol
Sin las sombras
De murallas
Donde los niños
Y los poetas del mundo
Puedan caminar
Sin obstrucciones
En el camino
De la felicidad

Friday, January 09, 2009


2 Israelis trying to connect
It seems they just woke up
From their Mexican sleep


The Federales pulled me over
So I got off my bicycle
And they asked me questions
About my work
About my radio
About my home

I noticed a similar pattern
To the boring migra questions
They repeat the same inquiry
More than once during their conversations
Hoping somehow you’ll give them
A different answer

“Are you nervous?”
“No just a little tired”
“Why do you want this radio?”
“I want it so I can operate it”
“This radio is used by the maña
“The what?”
“The maña
“The mafia?”
“The maña
“I think you should be on a bicycle too”
“Never mind”
“What do you do for a living?”
“I am writer”
“How many works have you published?”¨
“A few poems”
“Poems…like poetry”
“So then you are a poet?”
“There you go”
“Can we search your belongings?”

They looked in my backpack
They rang my bicycle bell
They played with my Leatherman
They looked at my passport

“Are you a Mexican National?”
“That is correct”
“Thank you Sir”
“You are welcome”

They drove away
Holding their AR15’s
Close to their bodies
They seemed like nice kids

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I grip the cycle
On the line
Between dawn & day


Yoko Ono
Walks with a child
In Mexican sidewalk


Moving car
Amplified police faces
Passed us by


I saw him again
He’s still alive
Morning mixed feelings

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The woman follows me
In the supermarket
She looks tired
And somewhat depress
I feel for her
Her husband looks sad

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Truenos de noche
Gimen las sirenas
Carabineros de prisa


La noche se quema
La noche clama

El día gana


I pass the soldier’s station
They’re not there
Sun & wind hold hands

Monday, January 05, 2009


A bunch of migras
Looking lost
In car exhaust

Sunday, January 04, 2009


It is the great sadness of the morning
The motion of my soul trying to escape
And being obstructed in my windpipe

This is my image of sorrow
Death by your side
By your beautiful side
Death next to you
Like it lingers around us
All the time

I still see you
Enchanting the road
With your mindful walk

The automobile destroyed
Your friend destroyed
Your hospital bed can be a sanctuary
And if you capture the flying imagery
You can survive because life
Does become beautiful

It is true that this is how you are
It is true that I see you in the future
At a better place
A place of fortitude & happiness
I believe you will survive in the
Glorious apparitions of your spirit

Luminous visions of medication
Holdfast to them because
These can change your life &
Make you see the sun
With different eyes


Handyman of the tongue
Generalist of gossip
Constructor of his
Winter penitence