Saturday, September 13, 2008


Do you dig it?
Yes, I dig it
I also dig the tattoo
On your ankle
Do you?
Yes, I do
What else you dig?
I dig you
I dig you too
Where you digging
When you asked
If I am a poet?
Polka dots?
What else you dig?
I dig trenches
In times of stillness
But I dig you the most
Because of tender memories
I dig what you have created
I dig your mind
I dig your miniskirt

Friday, September 12, 2008


Cloning is
Obstinate stupidity
Insistence in modification

Not everything
Can be altered

Do you think I am German scientist?

You better look
For blues eyes
And pallid skin elsewhere

You too
Don’t look
Like Erick Estrada

You too
Have a genetic flaw

You like
A mortified Doberman
With an owner
That has neglected
Your mind

Each time you wag
Your tale
You tell a lie

Like this
Are most likely
To autodestruct

Longevity is
Not one of your strengths
I think you know this

And if I adopted you
Police uniform and all
I couldn’t guarantee anything

It be so painful
To teach you new tricks
That would be inhumane

I will not torture

But you
Are so dirty
I will give you bath

What do you expect me to do?

Coming around
Interfering with work

Do you expect me to
Give you a bone?

You can not change what you are

I can’t help
To see you
To look at you
To think of you
To measure you

To place you in
A window of intuition

I know
It is a sad picture
But that’s what I do

I can not change what I am

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


The morning is like an empty cup
And the sun hurts my eyes
With it cancerous splendor

The sun has more radioactivity
Than a nuclear battle ship

I still believe love
Is what kills the best

Ultraviolet rays are kisses
Hidden inside the skin
The pores are reflectors
Of this energy

People camp on the side of the road
Selling human ideas
Selling human sins
And human souls

More than horrifying
This is tedious
Because no one wants
To buy insignificance

I rather go back to the hill
And stare at my empty cup
And let the sun burn
What is left of you

Radiation is my radio
Radiation is my car
Radiation with constellations
Radiation from afar

Only beauty
Is truly shocking
That’s why they fear
The Most High

Miserable servants
Up for sale
They’re about to be released
And when this happens
And their domination stops
The will no know
What to do

Monday, September 08, 2008


Una camioneta verde se detiene
Frente a la choza
Un zombie sale y habla con el chofer
El polvo los rodea

Over the years I have seen
A white man walking the dirt road
In this dusty town
I have seen him at liquor stores
Grocery stores
Mechanic shops
At the beach
Down the road from my home
Or walking past street corners
Or mixing concrete by hand
Or just standing behind me
Looking very dirty
Looking like a broken man

I suspect he might be American
But the simple fact that he’s white
Does not guarantee he's from the USA
As a matter of fact there’s more
Nonwhites in the States than Anglo-Saxons

He could be from:


Any place on earth….

Or just an Alien
With a fading disguise

I been tempted to give him a hand
Help him out because he is
In desperate need

But he looks at me
The same way
I look at him

How can I behave like an altruist
Without committing suicide?

How to approach him without
The concern of:

Killing or being killed?

I confess I don’t have a spectacular answer
My precious secrets
Will not be enough for this dilemma
But I can’t just look the other way
And pretend he does not exist

I will have to do what
I always do when
I ran out

Of options
Of answers
Of ideas
Of bullets
Of medicine
Of hope
Of sex
Of health
Of food
Of beer
Of friends
Of foes
Of work
Of leisure

I will have to pray

Pray to the God of the poor
The God of the slaves
The God of a hypnotized generation
The God of my peers whom are loosing their minds

A God of endurance
A God of supernatural strength

To the God of normalcy that hangs crucified
Inside Catholic temples
To the dismay and terror of escapists
And to the hope
Of those who feel just like Him

A God of reality
A God that knows pain first hand
A God that can relate with unspeakable feelings

A God who is invisible
A God who makes his children invisible
When they a crossing
The borders of oppression

A brown God
A dark God
A God with a popular name
A God that looks very human

Like a Mexican
A Palestinian
A Chicano or
A Blackman

A God that does not need machines
To levitate
To elevate
To go home
To come back for us

A God that likes to walk on the beach
And continues walking inside the water
But He never swims
He just keeps walking

A God that created everything
The visible
The invisible
Every flying being
Known or unknown
And every man & beast
Ruling the world or
Living underground