Saturday, August 18, 2007


I am brave vegetarian
A courageous vegan

If my doctor tells me to eat
Carne Asada
I do what the good
Doctor ordered

And if I see
Carnitas in the way
Then I savor
The aftertaste
Of fairness

I risk heart attacks
And death
By diabetes

I take everything
Not with a grain
But with a lot
Of salt

My health food friends
Tell me I’m on the
Path of death

I milk cows
Risking prostate cancer

I rather not smoke
But if I do
I prefer camels
Leaving my lungs vulnerable
To biological weapons

Once you have
A little bit
Then you
Get a taste
For it

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


El canto
Del comerciante
Es una canción desesperada

Música longeva
Se sufrimiento

La felicidad se enciende
Sobre sus rostros
Cuando tocan
Sus instrumentos

Olvidan las congojas
De sus días
Por esos dicen
Que quieren
Morir cantando

Escape repentino
De lo inevitable


The beautiful wife
Of my childhood friend
Says I am
Very famous

I understand
Because of him
And his lovely bride
That bananas
Are an antidote
Against cramps

I always believed
In the healing properties
Of potassium

Monday, August 13, 2007


I walk
Cutting the moon
In half

My hands
Aware of the line
That divides
My body

Life & death
Love & war
Water & the burning
Element of creation

I walk
Slicing the moon
In half

I am
A happy
New planet


Children play
To grownup game

The imagine
Killing foes
From another land

Invaders of leisure
Make believe homicide
Essential war games

No need for nintendo
This is better
Than x box

Imagination has
Its own
Special effects