Friday, August 15, 2008


The cowboys hats moved up & down. Their drunken owners dancing to Norteño Corridos. Their wives, lovers, or girlfriends, were shaken across the dance floor like worn puppets. The Band was good. Indian looking fellows played with a lot of feeling. The accordion sounded great. Superb funeral music. Since I don’t like to dance just for fun I sat at the bar and tried to write my way out of a dilemma. Nothing in particular, I just like to think in those terms when I am writing. I like to think I am solving some kind of problem. I looked towards my right and I saw a goofy guy standing to close for comfort.

“What do you want?” I asked.
“An ashtray”
“Where are you from?”
“Sorry I don’t smoke”
“I need an ashtray”
“Why don’t you get it from the waiter”
“Passed me that ashtray” he pointed to a black ashtray next to me.
“Aren’t you Muslim?”
“I thought Mulsims did not do booze, look at you, you’re all fucked up… not that I care, we Catholics are allowed to enjoy good liquor. I just don’t have your ashtray”
“You know, when I used to smoke, I used to smoke Camels”

The smiley Iranian stopped smiling and walked away.
Ashes… I have been around ashes all my life. It’s just too much.
I also got up walked outside of bar and I could feel the ocean’s breeze and it felt good. I looked at the lights of the nearby boats that pierced the darkness and I wished them good luck.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


“What’s in the suitcases?”
“A whole lot of love”
I did not say that because Led Zeppelin was playing on the radio. I said it because it was true.
“Love uh?”
“Yes, you want me to show you?”
“No! Don’t open them! You can go now.
And we were inside America just like that.


Can be concealed
Inside a suitcase
Or inside a sub─heart

Keeps you warm
When it is cold
And it keeps you cool
When you are in hell

Always pray for love
Because love is water
And just like water
Love can hurt
Or even kill you

Is a being
That’s always
Changing colors

Love fits everywhere!

Love is hated
In an awful
Lot of places
Love tastes good

Love looks good
So good that
You feel fire
Seizing your spine

Is before the big bang!

Will be
The brightness
Of the end