Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Just like
Taxi Driver
Foolish in a
Indispensable way
It must be something
In the sun
And the dust
Mad Max
Lives in Mexico

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Such punishment
And uncertainty
Florida revamped
With a brand new face
Vengeance’s mascara
Evils deeds
Are not forgotten
You can not fool
The children
Whose souls were propelled
Into the sky
Out of their bodies
By the war machine.


The people come
And search for health
Immortality shrink-wrapped
Looking for the tree of life
In the produce section
With invisible pesticides
In the meat department
They seek a sacrificial beast
So they can have a barbecue
And become beautiful
But it’s just a corpse
And they died with it
All those faces full of dread
Spending dollars
Trying not to be dead
And their money is not helping.