Saturday, November 07, 2009


The girl in black
Sprints on the sand
He hair like wings
Lifted by the ocean’s wind

She has an atomic smile
As she says:
Buenos días
I answered:
Buenos días
And I’m almost tempted
To tell her to raise her arms

A middle age woman
Runs in circles
Till exhaustion

She looks like a professor
Or some sort of scholar in distress

She stops running and places
Her right hand on her heart
Before finally collapsing
On the sand

The autochthonous woman
Swims in the waves
Clad in a black swimming suit

Despite the cold water
There’s no confusion
There is no cursing
It seems like she will do fine

The girl sitting
On the rock
Watching the spectacle
Reminds me of you

And the girl
Jogging in pink shorts
Has your profile

Friday, November 06, 2009


The man
In the red sweater
Is fading on the sand

The folder
On his hands
Weighs a terrible
Burden on him

He walks
Barely alive
Barely conscious

Ephemeral like an
Unsuspected visit
Disintegrating like
The dead birds on the sand

Thursday, November 05, 2009


How fragile is life
When foam comes out
With happiness

When foams comes out
Through the mouth
Of extradited secrets

Decorating the bridges
And tall buildings
Of the cities in your mind

A rope
Is only an instrument
Of distance

A knot
Is what happens
With careless breathing

A bridge can serve
As a roof
A bridge is
A pendulum


The skiff lingers
Making circles on the water
And the Portuguese lighthouse radiates

The boat retreats
As the 8x8 foreign man
Petting the 2 canines
Said to me:

Good morning!

A woman
Is confused
With the salt water
Her denim jeans
Have pockets full of sand
She’s on the shore
She’s at the mercy of the cold water

She’s wet
She screams
She curses
She cries
In English

I walk
I walk away
I walk northbound
To the line on the face
Of the earth

Tight lips
She tries to smile
But she can’t

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


The water diving dog
The beach diving mutt
Returns with a smile on its face

Water dripping from the stick
Lodged on its fangs

As the man with the green jacket
Walked sternly with the money bag
On his right hand

The grandmother
Strolling on the boardwalk
Felt face first on the flagstone

When I approached her
And asked if she was okay
She raised her arms towards me

I reached for her forearms
And picked her up
And she looked at me and said thank you

This time
There was no need
For an ambulance

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I want go to Cabo San Lucas he said
I have family there
And work is good

I told him
The Americans & Europeans
Managed that point of the peninsula

I told him
That things there are
Different from the mainline

There’s a better infrastructure
But this is because the city
Is surrounded by salt water

I wished him good luck
And asked him to show me the exit
To the amusement park

He said:
Follow that tunnel
But don’t get distracted

Sunday, November 01, 2009


La señora camina sin botas por la arena…

I read your poem
And then I also
Read your poem
On a customer’s garment

We walked
Making comments
About the moon
All the while
I was thinking of you

The bakery
Was full
Of bread for
Those who sleep

I thought of you
I remembered you