Saturday, November 21, 2009


The melodies
Are soothing my ears

The voice element
Echoes in the chambers
Of my soul

We like standing here
In timeless pondering

The messages
Filled with centuries
March towards
The encounter of love

Eyes wide open
With the morning’s surprise

The exposure of teeth
Conveys ferocious friendship

How I miss
Tasting your blood

Friday, November 20, 2009


The large Tahoe
Was blocking my driveway

Such a gas guzzler
Impeding the exit
Of us

I walked outside
And considered that machine
That automobile

I even asked
The young couple
A pair students
If they knew who
The owner is

The guy said
I don’t know
The girl said
You should used
Some pipes
And get it out there
We both smiled

I walk back inside
And open the faucet
Waiting for hot water
To come out
Looking at liquid soap
And used sponges

When the hot water steam
Began to fill the kitchen
The SUV drove away

Thursday, November 19, 2009


es una senda abrupta
una explosión en la vereda
un camino accidentado

cuando la anciana cayó
el piso se hizo rompecabezas
estalló en mil pedazos

hasta allí
puso dios el límite
donde se parte la arena
donde brinca el agua

donde el tiempo
tiene brazos y pies
y los espejos respiran
aman y sienten

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Seafood is good for the soul
I heard the voice say

Then another voice:
La vida es una apuesta pendiente

She put her hand on her neck
As if she was strangling herself

Or maybe just
Covering a wound

Looking up & down
Towards the sky
Ands towards the ground

And I did the same
But did not noticed
Anything out of the ordinary

The British mothers
Push their babies strollers
A giant walks by

With her two daughters
She’s pleasant to the eye
But she’s giant


I grabbed the movie and walk out the door
I thought it was late
And I drove in the night

And it was dangerous because the windows
Where wet with water that refused to disappeared

And I drove slow
Like when you want to make a good impression

I drove slow
Like when you feel tender & romantic
And it’s something more than sex

I drove slow
Because it was simply better to remain alive

I drove slow
Because sometimes you can’t trust your eyes

I drove slow
Like when you want to love the world
And save up some gasoline

I drove slow
Thinking it was not that slow as I took the corner

I drove slow
Remembering the time I wrecked on ice

I drove slow
And parked inside a stripped mall

I walked away form the car noticing the moisture
That must be corroding the lungs of America
And inside I gave money to the clerk
I gave him a green bill
And he gave me 2 blue bills and some coins back

I drove slow
Because I knew it was more dangerous than ever

I drove slow
Because I wanted to buy that soft drink

I drove slow
Because on the other side of the can soda
I found an Old No 7

I drove slow
For you
Because you got out of you car
And looked at me puzzled
In a business suit
And blue nylons
Your gray automobile
Parked next to mine

Monday, November 16, 2009


I see your photograph
And think of the poems

Those poems that lay
Sleeping in your notebook
In your mind

On in the invention
Of your secrets

I think of the challenge
Those words could ignite
In our fast-forward lives

I lay down
I lay low

Enough of steeping on stones

I go down and look
At your picture
One more time
Before starting
The dream machine

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Pants & skirts
Sometimes go together
Like when it is winter
Up north

Pants & skirts
Sometimes give birth
To comments
Like the remarks
From New York

Pants & skirts
Untwined the memory
Making it travel

20 years to the past
20 years to the future
20 melodies to the heart

Pants & skirts
Protection from the wind
And the stations
From the mind