Saturday, January 06, 2007


You are the agent
With the best surname
I am surprised you asked
About the Ace of Spades
With a family—name like that
You should know about it

My first thought was right
You don’t seemed like
And organic type of guy

But I tell you Barajas
I just work with
Those products
I am not crazy about them

You said you want to leave
That place early
That you won’t leave
With an empty stomach
I don’t blame you

Perhaps I can help you with that
South of the border
We have some good Carne Asada

By the way
It was nice to see you working out

I would like to invite you
To partake of pork & beans
The infamous frijoles rancheros
They taste like heaven if
You add
Spicy salsa
But make sure to drink lots of water
To help your stomach deal
With the aftermath

If you want to skip the beans
And go straight for the pork
I know many spots where
We can hit delicious
Tacos de adobada

They said pork is not good
For your health
But it sure is fun
Having them for dinner

Oh and the hemp products
You were asking about
I found them on your side
Of the border

Why don’t you pay a visit
To Henrys Marketplace Chula Vista
3rd and J
Can’t miss it
It is par excellence Organic Store

Monday, January 01, 2007


Florida is not a flower
It’s best to forget about it
Better take care of
That traffic
Congestion is not good
The arteries are not
At fault for your paranoia

Subject to a 100% inspection
This is not only a number
Or a mathematical symbol

I don’t understand
Your obsession
With Florida

Fishing has more flavors
In the Pacific
Fishing in Mexico
Is fun

Maybe we should
Go fishing together
I would be glad
To teach you Spanish

Once in Mexico
You can see what
Traffic is all about

And then perhaps
We could contemplate
The meaning of those lyrics
“If you waste time
Time will waste you”

You were right
You spoke the truth
The department of cars
Was closed