Friday, September 03, 2010

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I heard voices outside
And notice the ocean
Is on my front porch

People that I don’t know
Walk around my home
And I think
Maybe they believe
The ocean belongs to everyone

I rise up from bed
And feel like telling them:

“Go away”
“Leave me alone”
“Let me sleep”

But these guys were acting strange
And they did not look friendly
They were so confused
They were clearly very dangerous

I knew they were from another time
When they asked me
About my departed relatives

It was then I noticed
They were also very dead

I talked to them
And I remembered
Somewhere somehow
It is not good to talk to
The deceased

They told me they had
Something for me
Wrapped in newspaper
I told them they were making
A big mistake

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


First it was the darkness
Of your room
The sun of midday
Was trying to find cracks
Scanning and searching
The curtains
The walls
The ceiling
Any orifice where
A sliver of light
Could enter

Then you were
On top
Because you
Were slender
And then I was
On your body
Examining and entering
Your skin

It was the most sensible thing to do
It made sense to you
And it was alright with me

When the door was opened
We know it was time to go
Everybody towards their
Respective children

When the door was opened
There was sunlight everywhere
And that room
Was like any other room
In the world

You walked towards your obligations
Nonchalantly walked away
As if you had just drank
A glass of water
So I opened my eyes
And considered my next dream
As I started my day

Monday, June 28, 2010

between earth & water

the caveman
with the white mercedes
inspects the scene

he has cellphone
pressed against
his hear

he looks ridiculous
it is an effect
of defeat

he bends down
and touches the ground
his car beside him
with the door opened
immobilized on the road

i look
at the tv screen
and then i look
back at him
and he's gone

Sunday, June 27, 2010

look above

the image of swine
and their owners
upset for an economic lost
it is a dilemma
for what is important

those animals
them people

delivarance is the only solution
the message is broken
and it is working well
for all sides involved

i understand your profit
your captivity
i understand freedom

Saturday, June 26, 2010

bird in the ocean sun

not only the images
of the world
make of human eyes
springs of salty water

words in the midst
of traffic
can touch the most
untouchable of hearts

igniting respect
for new formations
in the sky

truly memorizing
your skin
with every touch


it was better
to sleep some more
than to rise up
like some kind
of silly revolution

it was better
to dream
about making love
than to put
my shoes on
and try to look serious

it was better
to turn towards the other side
and try to find out
if i could understand you
upside down

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Thursday, June 24, 2010


you fall intelligently
that's what I like about you
she said

then i remembered
the last time
i was on the dance floor

i saw you
looking at me
on the walls

i thought
i would never
see you again

a wrong thought

i also knew
some of the dancers
would never make it

she continued:

you are okay
as you are
since i known you
you have not changed

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ocean loop

the man in black
has the red & white
water cooler
he walks with it
on the dilapidated sidewalk

the carné disappeared
and it was replaced
in 7 days

on it
there are many reptiles & birds
vegetation & water

the lady with purple pans
throws the coffee cup
in the garbage can

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


la nada
hace daño
hiere y lastima

tiene ponzoña
veneno de sobra

vuela entre engaños
tiene alas que se desintegran

aterriza en espejismos
como de mosca
de alas locas
de vida corta

ser sucio
contaminación en marcha
la nada siempre culpable

Monday, June 21, 2010


At the post office
There’s an image
On the counter

One invitation
To a dance
I inhale deeply
Then I exhale

This is what exercise is for
I don’t have the desire for it
But I know the steps

Somebody told me
That nowadays
People are 10 years younger
I hope they are right

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This morning
Seemed perfect
To make pancakes

I mixed the batter
By hand
First with a spoon
Then with a fork

I lit the burner
And used a little oil
On the pan

Added more water
To the mix
And worked it
Some more

I poured it
On the hot surface
The heat
Made it looked
Like the moon

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Gun fire in the morning
In between dreams
Between the opening of the eye

Music at daybreak
Giving instructions
With its rhythms
With the mixing of words
One above the other

The smaller the profile
The better
So I sleep some more
Dreaming with the prone position

The girl that washed
Her hands
Is crying

There’s shouting
Bilingual cursing
Open wounds

Pained for those seized
The triumphant walk euphorically
Stepping on as much ground
As they can

Women wailed
For those on the back
Of the pick up truck

Thursday, June 17, 2010


There was a meeting
At the pharmacy
And she had to leave

It is odd
She arrived
With such a
Happy face

And was gone
As fast
As she arrived

I walked
Towards the restroom
And found school boys
Hiding from school girls

The girls wanted in
The boys wanted them out
I told them to cut it out
And walk back to the seminar

I listened to the speaker
And she said:

Tell the children
Not to eat the world
All at once

Tell them to
Eat it
Little by little
Making sure
The world doesn’t
Eat them

There is a reason
Why they are
In this world
They have a mission

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Men & women
Walk with sticks
In their hands
Dogs beside them

The ocean plays its music
White foam on the shore
Long faces in the sand

From tennis shoes
To huarache sandals
A grey summer

The vivid colors
Are only in the imagination
The lifeguard comes and goes
Running with blue hooded sweatshirt
Drinking coffee to keep going

Workers replace the old lamp poles
They carry them away with solemnity
The boys and I inspect
The brand new ones

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


They were at the airport
On the ticket counter
He really looked like me
And she was wearing a dress

They were on this side
You were on the other side
Across the barrier
And soon to be
Across the ocean

I was breathing
European humidity
My pores still had
Your taste
My mind was swollen
With you image

But even ideas
Are charted with borders
The sky
The air
Everything is divided
Even the spirits have
Their claims on the clouds

In New York City
I walked through a maze
Looking for the exit
Trying to catch my next flight
Till I arrived at the X-ray machines

The agent told me to
To take off my boots and my belt
I did so
And then I heard
The voice of a woman

“Pretty soon we are going to get naked”

I look towards my left
And it was the woman with the dress
Her companion
The guy with my face
Was no were to be found

“I don’t think so”
I said
And she just smiled

I walked away
Looking for a place to rest
I sat next to large windows
I could see airplanes outside
A lady sat next to me
Opened a medical

Monday, June 14, 2010

towards dinner

this morning
i saw a police woman
she was tall
and had revolver
and a shotgun
with her

i was looking
at a man
walking towards me
but she was looking me
in the eye
when she said
buen día
and i said
good morning to her

this afternoon
as i walked on gravel
i saw the neighbor's hen
struggling to swallow a snake

both were small
both were fighting
but the hen was sipping
the snake like spaghetti

the snake was wagging its tale
till it disappeared
and i told the children
the snake was still dancing
inside the hens stomach

this evening
when it was our turn
to eat dinner
we had an earthquake
as we ate tortillas & soup

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Saint Ignatius
Was eaten by lions
I paid close attention

One cat is biting his leg
The other one
Has its mouth
On the saint’s shoulder

I am told
He will be able to help
A martyr always knows
The meaning of suffering

The blond woman with blues eyes
Hands me her camera and says
Take a picture


The woman
Orders the girl
To help her

They pick up garbage
And use blankets
As waste bags

Early in the morning
I heard music across the canyon
And when I opened my door

There it was
A rabbit dancing
On my front yard
I went back to bed
And slept some more

Saturday, June 12, 2010


The young man
Is gathering lumber
Placing it
On a corner
He looks tired and concerned

The grey car drives away
The driver looks pretty & confused
But pretty non the less

She drives
Then she comes back
Then she drives away again

Tires turning slowly
Hands on the wheel
Negotiating hazards

Friday, June 11, 2010


moving bodies
make contact
all the time

it happens
in the heavens

it happens
on earth

large asteroids
have hit the moon

when traveling
through space
it is better
to add another sorceress

to the one
already hanging
from the rear-view mirror
of your spaceship

Thursday, June 10, 2010


in the dark
the girl glows
with the light
of a cellphone

during the day
she walks
with words of fire
on her hands

she enters an old house

loud voices
come out of there like
flying crows

when she walks out
she looks at me
and then washes her hands
with soap & water


the good lady says
you don't waste your time
you work on your computer

and i searched
for a gentle smile

even though my thoughts
are elsewhere
on the beach
this morning
like yesterday morning

same girl running
fit & trim
jogging through the mist
running amongst a storm of rocks

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


the messages in my car
are as old as the ocean
as old as the hesitation
in the surf

this time
they are dirty
like the contamination
of the sea

In the past
they have been
sparkling clean
like when light hits the water
making it warm

Monday, June 07, 2010


The both of them
Looked stupefied
The walked like zombies
Touching each other
Losing themselves
In the labyrinths
Of the market

This had a sensation
Of a contagion
Like when one
Is catching a cold

Their eyes looked fresh
Vivid with color
Lost with pleasure
And I knew they were
So lost
So gone

I wondered
Who was worst off
Them or I
They were lost in bliss
I was sitting in the chair
Tired of sitting down

I was both happy
And sad for them
All at the same time
Today they were joyful
Tomorrow they would weeping

Saturday, June 05, 2010


My son looks at my eyes
And gave me a hug
He says
I love you

Something undeniable
The only
Undeniable type
Of love

The 3 of us
Get in the car
And drive towards town

Look at the people
People that look the same
All over the world

We drive through traffic
And look at police cruisers
Ambulances going by

We keep driving
And then we park the car
We inhale
The burning ingredients
The barbecue

We sit on
The red table
And we eat
As I watch the street

Thursday, June 03, 2010


children and parents
attend school

everything looks
so familiar

the lessons
the faces
the questions
the sparkle in her eye
the frowns
the smiles

somebody brings
a kitten inside

the lady places it
on her lap
and starts
playing with it

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


always like this
it hurts to see
the struggle
the movements of survival
the efforts
to remain alive

the eyes
you never forget
the eyes

even though you might
not think about it
and look the other way
with the vision of you heart
to see better moments
happier times

Monday, May 31, 2010


When words turn to water
It is time to move on

Don’t try to swim in them
Words are not meant for that

Swallow them
Or spit them out

Don’t let them linger
In your mouth

Because they will
Reach your soul

Your heart
Your mind

When words become wet
You must act fast
Before they lose
Their freshness

Sunday, May 30, 2010


can be the best gift

space between us
where energy abides

the surface
touched by our feet
is occupied

the rest
is distance

even children
are thought distance
in elementary school

distance from others
from animals
from cars
from miracles

is your best friend

Saturday, May 29, 2010

humo azul

el humo recorre
las vías del cielo
los caminos del espanto
los aires de vidas
pulverizadas y desvanecidas
pintadas de azul
el color de mi cielo
el color de mi mar
el color de las almas
que ya no están
los pulmones se pintan
como los talleres
de carrocería
como los talleres del alma

Thursday, May 27, 2010

luces y agua

20 luces en el mar
iluminan el agua
a un lado de las islas

¡hey son los ovnis!

dicen los niños
para después seguir jugando
a los soldados y terroristas

esta es una
de las mejores tardes
de mi vida

saco un papel
arrugado de la bolsa
de mi pantalón

y leo lo siguiente:

fuimos engendrados diariamente
el triunfo de la actitud
ha sido perseverante
la vida es el camino
por el que andamos
y demostramos
que podemos hacerlo bien

doblo el papel
lo guardo
y miro hacia el océano

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

actos naturales

la mujer besa
un árbol cicatrizado

pateamos el balón

camina por el concreto
nosotros permanecemos
en el césped

con los pies en la tierra

con su mano en la correa

la mañana
sigue su curso
con las policías sonrientes
estudiantes y caminantes

seguimos jugando
y la señora se esfuma

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


El virus
No me ha ganado
No me ha matado
Yo sí le gano

Es mi sistema
El que lo hace desparecer

Es sólo
Cuestión de dormir un poquito

Uno de ellos
No me han matado
Pero ellos
Ya no están

Y yo sigo caminando
Y ellos siguen despareciendo

Yo sigo contando números
Y ellos se fueron

Sigo marcando
Las tablas con el sol

Monday, May 24, 2010


Each one
Wants to win

The fighters engaged
Until the end

By the will
To survive

By the will
To live

With tears

With an overwhelming reality

With the rain

With the sun
And the stars

Thursday, May 20, 2010


A veces el destello
Sale de la imagen
De pensamientos desvelados

De recuerdos atorados
En los espejos

A veces
Sólo se piensa y nace
Iluminando más de lo necesario

A veces el rayo
No tienen nada que ver con la lluvia
Pero sí con las historias de espantos

A veces
Es mejor no moverse
Y esperar que se agote el combustible

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Con cara asustada
Mastica la mañana
En la ventana del mundo

Su mano acaricia
Una blanca enredadera
Optimista y genética

Es bueno tocar el paraíso
Es bonito cuando
Se queda quieto
En el interior de un auto
Pretendiendo dormir

Acechando con ojos cerrados
En silencio
Escuchando y sintiendo

Me gusta el perfil del agua
El abrir y cerrar de puertas
Los tropezones con sillas

Me gusta cuando el paraíso
Se mira en el espejo
Cuando descansa
Con el peso de la gravedad

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


los mismos fantasmas
pasan por la vitrina
caminando entre la tierra y el agua

el de rojo
camina con un palo de golf
cada uno de sus pasos confirma su edad

también está
el de los perros color canela
éste luce un nuevo corte de pelo
que hace que su cabeza
se mire como el mundo

el que fuma un cigarrillo
con cara de pastor
no de pastor alemán
sino de pastor de ovejas

el que sufre de locuacidad
me pregunto si habla solo
(porque habla mucho)
cuando conduce en la carretera
últimamente raciona sus palabras

también están los desaparecidos
porque los fantasmas también desaparecen
a veces para siempre
por estos me gusta decir plegarias

Monday, May 17, 2010


Al que le toca le toca…

Decían un par de españoles
Al lado de nuestra mesa
Pero nunca los escuché
Sí los vi pero no me llamaron la atención

Su cercanía era notable
Pero su conversación no tenía nada
Del otro mundo
No asustaba

Yo no estoy de acuerdo
Dijo ella

¿No estás de acuerdo en qué?
Pregunté yo

En lo que dicen esas personas
¿Cuáles personas?
Los tipos que estaban a un lado de nosotros
¿Y qué dijeron?

Al que le toca le toca

No dije nada
Pero me concentré de nuevo
En el sudamericano
Que tocaba la guitarra
Con el mediterráneo de fondo
Observé como pasaba
Por las mesas para pedir una monedas
A cambio de la canción

Y en la mesa a nuestra izquierda
Uno de los franceses
Le entregó unas monedas
Al mismo tiempo que le decía
Tocas la guitarra bien
Pero cantas mal

A sudamericano le tocó cantar
Al francés le tocó pagar
A mi compañera le tocó opinar

Y a mí
Al terminar con la paella

Me tocó
Fumar un puro cubano
Y beberme un wisky
Al que le toca le toca

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Papá allí está el conejo
Fue lo que me dijo mientras dormía
¿Al que te dije no le dispararas ayer?
Pregunté mientras negociaba con la almohada
Sí, el mismo conejo

Me asomé por la ventana y no vi nada
Fui a la puerta y tampoco lo pude localizar
Allí está papá ¿no lo ves?

Miré al niño de reojo
Y por un momento creí
Que sólo era un fantasma
Que no podía ver
Quizá necesitaba mis gafas

No lo veo
Está abajo del carro
Pues no lo veo
Deja asustarlo para que salga corriendo
Y así lo puedas ver
Está bien

Avanzó hacia al carro
Se inclinó por un lado
Y salió el pequeño conejo
Pero no salió corriendo
Salió lentamente

Se detuvo sobre la hierba
Nos miró
Era pequeño
Y su peluche
Le servía de camuflaje

Saturday, May 15, 2010


El árbol
Enfrente de una casa
De ancianos
Ve televisión

En sus pies
Está el producto
De la muerte
Con letra de niño

Mis pasos de adulto
No me permiten detenerme
Y sigo caminando
Pisando el concreto

Saludando a perros callejeros
Contando tus apariciones
Observando las nuevas generaciones

Con un vaso de poliestireno en la mano
Una tormenta de café
Sacude sus paredes blancas

Friday, May 14, 2010


los trabajadores
del gas propano
juegan con un balón de fútbol

en el mismo parque
que los niños de secundaria
los miramos jugar
sentados en el césped
y hacemos comentarios
en el tipo de patadas
que los niños practican

se pueden lastimar la espalda
es lo que yo menciono
sí que se pueden lastimar
sus espaldas
él me dice

ya casi se termina la hora
del almuerzo
es lo que yo digo
y mi hijo me dice vámonos

nos subimos en la bicicleta
y paseamos por el parque
rumbo a casa

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Las caminatas diarias
Están bañadas de pistas
Plasmadas en pedazos de papel

La hoja
Es cuadriculada
Blanca y con rayas azules

Las letras están escritas
Con tinta negra
Y tinta roja
Para diferenciar respuestas
Y propuestas

Comienza el relato:

— ¡Hay Mauricio, tú me dijiste que tenías novia! ¡okay! ¡y dijiste qué no eres así!
— ¡Ajámm! ¡Cómo no! En serio entonces, ¿sí o no?
— Mira, no estés jugando conmigo. ¿Okay? Y si fuera verdad diría no porque tienes novia. ¿Okay!
— Okay, bueno, tampoco te voy a obligar.
— MMM… ¡allá okay! Además, ¡no te basta con tu novia!
— Sí, y mucho.
— ¿Entonces?
— Nomás.

Cuando llego a la escuela
Mi hijo me pregunta
Qué es lo que estoy leyendo
Me pide que le deje leerlo
Le digo que no
Me pregunta el por qué
Le digo porque es una historia de amor

Le doy el papel
Lo comienza a leer
Y comienza a reírse
Yo también me río

Mientras caminamos a casa
Una mujer con gafas oscuras
Y un rostro sostenido por la tristeza
Nos observa

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


el mar
tiene un azul
muy placentero
el día de hoy

9 balas
9 vidas
entonces un gato
tiene más de 9 vidas

las 9 suertes
la próxima
siempre es la más peligrosa

la espuma del mar
parece un partido político
bien separado
bien dividido
un vaivén prófugo de la felicidad


En un vaiven sin hamaca. La cotidianidad del directivo docente

camino a casa

el ronroneo del motor
los atisbos de carretera
el rebasar
el ceder
el acelerar
el frenar

números extranjeros
cartuchos y fusiles
importados también
atracción instantánea
en el espejo de mi película

el altavoz
emite mensajes
comunicación de metal
entendimiento de ataúdes

dos seres humanos
caminan hacia el sur
los ojos del campo revientan
el movimiento de brazos
traza una línea más en el mundo

Monday, May 10, 2010

desayuno y almuerzo

me despiertan las palabras
que tienen algo ver con el desayuno
creo que sólo dormí 5 minutos

toda la noche un gato gritó
era un aullido que decía


pensé en los rifles que he tenido
en la noches que caminado
en la paciente espera en una colina
o la quietud a la orilla del mar
con una caña de pescar en mi mano

en la mesa
a punto de comenzar a comer
felizmente cafeínado
le digo a mi hijo:
así desayunan los americanos
y mezclamos
la sal
la miel
y el colesterol

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Jugamos un partido mixto
Un partido unisex
Mis niños vs niños de secundaria
Y niñas también

Tu hubiera gustado
Una de ellas anotó gol
Tú también hubieras metido gol
Pero tú hubieras jugado conmigo

Yo me reservé
A mirar el juego
Haciendo mis notas al margen
Me sentí el dueño del equipo

Después la otra niña anotó gol
Los chicos llevaban celulares
En las bolsas de sus pantalones
Tocando música de corridos

Friday, May 07, 2010


Las llaves
¿Dónde están las llaves?
No las encuentro

No se puede salir
De este lugar sin llaves
Bueno —sí se puede—pero no es lo mejor

Las busqué dónde mi memoria me indicó
Y no las encontré
Las busqué dónde mi memoria no me indicó
Y tampoco las encontré

Los niños pateaban el balón
Yo también lo quería patear
Pero las llaves eran lo más importante

Los niños se pusieron a buscarlas conmigo
Tampoco las encontraron
Caminé como perdido
Como extraviado en el desierto

Dando vueltas las encontré
Dando vueltas por un páramo amueblado
Camufladas con las costuras
De alguien que ya no vive

Caminamos por la acera hacia el norte
En dirección al parque
Uno de los niños pateó el balón
Y éste cayó dentro de una escuela

Nuestro perro entró por debajo del cerco
Y pensé: ojalá fuera un labrador perdiguero
Nosotros tuvimos que ir a la puerta de la escuela

El niño explicó la situación
A una mujer de sonrisa manchada
¿Estás seguro que es tu balón?
Preguntó la mujer
Él está seguro y yo también
Fue lo que se me ocurrió decirle

La mujer abrió el candado
Los niños entraron
Fueron y regresaron
Y seguimos nuestro camino
A patadas con el balón

Nos topamos con un perro
El perro que atacó al nuestro la semana pasada
Esta vez el dueño lo llevaba amarrado con una correa
Nuestro perro se lanzó sobre su enemigo y
Le mordió la cola

En el parque mientas pateábamos la pelota
Nuestro perro buscaba pleitos
Con todos los perros que encontraba

Cuando no había más perros en el parque
Nuestro perro corría hacia las casas circunvecinas
En busca de más perros

Nuestro perro es pequeño
Algunos perros se lo pudieron haber comido
Nuestro perro tiene el Complejo de Napoleón
Nuestro perro mueve la cola y sonríe
Cuando causa mucha conmoción
Nuestro perro le saca la lengua al mundo

Mi hijo menor detuvo nuestro perro
Y se le escapo de las manos
Y comenzó a jugar con dos perros más

Mi hijo se puso triste
Sólo quieren jugar le dije
Y él dijo:
Esos perros no se limpiaron la cola

Cuando nos fuimos
No vimos a nuestro perro en ningún lado
Y el niño estaba preocupado
Y le dije que no preocupara
Que el perro está acostumbrado

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


it was him
they could no see him
because they were watching me

i could see him
he was behind them
looking at me
gently smiling

they were thinking i was done
thinking they were
going to kill me

i warned them
and they did not believed me
and he got them
from the rear


Ratio: The Simple Codes Behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


one abyss
calls another abyss
on the breakfast table

one coyote speaks
to another coyote
on the dried prairie

the knife sinks into the meal
chemical bath spilling on your hands

the radio spits music
the children dance
to songs that beg forgiveness

telepathic thoughts:
ignite the charcoal
in the barbecue grill



Monday, May 03, 2010


Electric language
That’s what you have
On you tongue

You speak poetry
Without know it

Envy burns you
Electrocutes your ego

It makes you cry
And poems drool
Out your mouth

Making you a spiritual child
A choir boy
A candidate to altar boy


Troublesome Bubblegum

Friday, April 30, 2010


I rode & the wind
Was greeting my extremities

2 explorers told me:

You need to wear
Suntan lotion in the North Pole
Or the reflection
Of the sun
Will cook you alive

Perhaps it is better
To say goodbye
Hey said

But she didn’t want to go
She tried to hold on
To a vision that was melting


Thursday, April 29, 2010


The yellow jeep
Is out of order
Its hood is up
Its tongue is out

We play in the park
Big dog attacks
Little dog remains
Big dog gets hit

Boys & girls
Eating on the grass
With laughter
As salad dressing

The duplex looks empty
Unlike yesterday
When it all happened
Too soon


Black & Decker NST2018 Grass Hog 12-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Electric String Trimmer with 2 Batteries

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A the end of the line there’s water
There’s always water

At the beginning
There’s more water

We come forth from water
We spend our lives
Looking for it

Drinking it
Fighting for it

Contaminating it
Purifying it

Blessing it
Playing in it
Bathing in it


Water, Electricity and Health: Protecting Yourself from Electrostress at Home and Work (Lifeways: Health/Science)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If you drive a car this is a must read book.


My dog was barking
For about and hour
Barking nonstop

There was no use in
Looking out the window
I was busy watching
Another show on TV

I knew how it was going to end
The flick on the tube
And the one being broadcasted outside

Gunfire & silence
Then more gunfire
And then more silence
Sirens wailing in the night


Concealable Body Armor NIJ Level II, X-Large

Monday, April 26, 2010


6 times
More than 5 times
Six chambers
Are better than five
6 chances vs 5 chances
Cowboy 6
Garter belt 5
5 is number of love
6 the number of death
6 strings vibrate on the guitar
5&6 consecutive integers
A pair of fate
Six plus five equals eleven
The result is: 1 on 1


God Created the Integers: The Mathematical Breakthroughs that Changed History

Sunday, April 25, 2010


I like framing the moon in Itoiz
Because it sounds like music
Coming from your soul

We look skyward
And see the moon
During the day
During the night

An all the noisy objects
Obstructing our view
Hanging from the sky

Like nailed experiments
In the heavens

There’s smoke in my hands
And black holes above

The thunder is one more celebration
I love your lighting bolt language
One more touch of your lips


DVT101 - Roof Leak Rainwater Diverter - Dim: 5' W X 5' L

Saturday, April 24, 2010


a disobedient dog
running from
evening to night
it ran across traffic
across the nerves of the country side
it played with human sensibilities
it played with the darkness
with its white fur
and its wide smile
its canine muscles
being affected by a broken moon
its bark pierced the clouds
its wagging tale
an organic antenna


How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

Friday, April 23, 2010


Each time I survive
I don’t feel exhausted anymore

Your legs
Were the sentries
Braded on my waist
Pulling me towards you

We sat
On a square
Supported by clouds

We were rocked gently
By the wind
And you kissed me
With the force of a tornado

I took off
I was ejected
Into your universe

A cosmonaut of love
A time traveler
A visitor in your flesh

You are the world
With your sleeping roots
On my skin


The Universe: Collector's Edition Megaset

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I want to hire a
The tattoo artist
That paints pigs’ eyes
The color of green

They look less filthy
In that color
It is better than pink

Eco friendly
A fashion statement
With a healthier vision

The color of earth
The jungle on the eye
The forest on the eye
Always in the eye!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Life goes in a cleaner direction
Business gone wrong
Washes away
Towards the sea
A retreating tsunami

Many mistakes
Hurled to the bottom
Of the ocean

Torpedoes that never hit their target
And the drowned folks
Waiting their turn
To tell their story

How they jumped from airplanes
How their ship sank
How they fell from the boat
How they were swimming one nice afternoon


Weather at War - Pray for Rain

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I looked back
Over the shoulder of the world
And saw the vegetation
The living miracles
That make this place planet earth

I loved the world
I ate her fruits
And considered her animals

As I pondered such thoughts
I decided to turn around
Walk back
And enter the jungle
Threading gently
Once again

Monday, April 19, 2010


I always thought
It was a pretty name
Sort of natural and earthy

Soft and smooth
Phonetically speaking

Light and appealing
Pleasing to the ear

Easy to pronounce
Tickling to the lips

Bizarrely innocent
An attention getter

Media friendly
A soothing noun
A comforting replacement

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The pork
On the frying pan
Whispers secrets
With its aroma
With sizzling sounds

When it can say anymore
I break some eggs
And pour them
On the fire

I mix them together to make
A high protein breakfast

Salt it always important
Fire always burns everything
Even blackmail

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Children play on air
Doing kung fu kicks

Mothers are everywhere
Single mothers
Concerned mothers

Mothers totting children
And defeated husbands

Their faces marked
With the unavoidable
Stain of sadness

The music mixes with chatter
Young fellow laugh at silly jokes
A couple eats heartedly
The both look at me and smile

Friday, April 16, 2010


On the side of the road
There’s an animal
In a state of
Rigor Mortis

It’s knocked to its side
It looks like a statue
Furry fellow

Natural taxidermy
Its coat
Is not discomposed

I want to stop by it
And place it
On its 4 legs
For all to see

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Eating pasta
Is better
With red wine

The red
Stimulates the appetite

The sauce
The tomatoes

A dish stained with red
Red everywhere

On the lips
On the tongue
On the white shirt

Intestines painted red
Organic work for art

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It always rains in an island
24 hours a day
Every day of the year

It is like having
You head inside water
And your legs
Pointing toward
The heavens permanently

When the water
Comes from above
Then there is
A little bit of sweetness

And not just
The taste
The smell
Of salt
All of the time

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It rains again
And I know this is love

I go back to sleep
As the vibration on the roof
Massages my soul

I am more comfortable than before
Because I can sleep better
More efficiently

This is medicine that tastes like candy
It has your face & your eyes
Your aftertaste

Drops of DNA
Are on my pillow
Remnants of my dreams

Monday, April 12, 2010


Making love
Is better in Valencia

The atmosphere is proper
Because you don't need
The hindrance of covers

The food has the right ingredients
To celebrate the task of pro—creation

The sea is calm
And there’s no hurry
Just wine & slippery olive oil

The salty taste of love lingers
As it warmly rains outside
And the airplane in the window
Looks like a framed picture

Sunday, April 11, 2010


It was on the last bite
That the piece of beacon
Stopped screaming

The burning dish
The smoked varmint
Were just collateral damage

The flavor was never lost
And the spoils from the air

Like rainfall
Like condiments
On your plate

Synthetic clouds
Counterfeited drops
At the push of button

Saturday, April 10, 2010


In the hospital
As you lay dying
You see the dark shadows
Coming to claim you
As their trophy

In your car
As you wait dying
You see the faces
Of the onlookers
Making of you
A free horror show

In your mind
You are unable to stop those thoughts
That make you think
The unthinkable
The inevitable

Friday, April 09, 2010


I like to imagine myself
As some kind of superhero
As I cook pork

This invisible mirror
Gets even clearer
When the kids say

That aroma
That is very good
What are we eating Dad?

I like to imagine myself
As a 21 century crusader
As I crack eggs
On the side of the frying pan

Thinking I am breaking the balls
Of wicked villains
To eventually be placed together
With the burning swine

Thursday, April 08, 2010


The kid wants to play
Thinking he’s an explorer

Conquering new lands
Cutting the brush
That is on his way

Opening his path towards
A world full
Of adventure

He wants to cut the stem
He wants to see
What waits for him
On the other side of the grass
On the other side
Of his comprehensive blade

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Until the ground I am stepping on
Moves under me
Forcing me to dance with it
Making 4’s all over the floor
All over the world

2’s everywhere
Adding up
Watching the demolition
Of aluminum caves

The woman pulling the hair
Of the girl
The man piercing the refrigerator
With heavy metal spear

The aftermath is on the dirt
Ready to be picked up by the wind
And thrust everywhere
Just like shrapnel

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


The ship is a witness
As it sits on the night
On the darkness of the Pacific

During the daytime
The leaves fly
Like Lear Jets

During the nighttime
The lights hover
Above the sea

Turning on & off
Competing with the stars
And the high beams of automobiles

The fawn runs
The marathon of her life
On a carpet of dried grass

Monday, April 05, 2010


Too much information
Is good
Is bad
Is stupid
Is first class

It is everything you want it to be
It is everything you don’t want it to be
It is not too much wisdom
It is a lot of nonsense

It is just information with oo's and a T

It is the manufacturing of data
It is only lies with funky English
It is what it is
It is what it never was

Sunday, April 04, 2010


History is a deceptive word
It conveys the wrong state of mind

Something to take to bed
To help you sleep

It doesn’t suppose to thrill you
But sometimes it does

It should help you rest
But sometimes keeps you awake

History is best
When you write it
As you read it

When you make it
As you wish it

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Every day your are partly dead
Specially in the evening
When you are most near death

At night
Just before falling asleep
You are agonizing

When you close your eyes
And fall asleep
You are dead for sure

If you dream
There is no question
About your demise

When you wake up
If you wake up
You are resurrected
Ready to die again
Many times over

Friday, April 02, 2010

morning medicine

frozen water
wrapped in clear plastic
punctured by invisible icepicks

the birds sing
with mysterious rhythms
all seems too natural

the crystal rock
is moved by force
and it rolls on the dirt
dirt is always better than pavement

the eastern sun
makes of this an artichoke
a birthday wish
a flying airplane running out of gas

Thursday, April 01, 2010


I like the solitude of making breakfast
While the children play
At being heroes elsewhere

I like that feeling
Of working the liturgy of the ingredients
Adjusting the intensity of the fire

I remember camping trips
We would compete for such an honor
It was always a duty to be done alone

Some would smoke as they cooked
Others would look intently at the food
Knowing this would be the last stare
Their last taste of the morning

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I also remember your embrace
When we were on lockdown
Touching each other without a key

You had me by the neck
And I was pressing on your soul

And both of us were burning
But it didn’t hurt
Like the fire that ignites
The candles of Jerusalem

You were strong
Oh so strong!
I was happy
Because I could love you
Without killing you

We were a rocking ship
And I liked it better
When we were underwater
I know you did too

When I began to lose my breath
Is when I heard the music
Your song
Your melody
Your teardrop

Friday, March 26, 2010


I saw you there
And I said: god damn!
It has been such a long time!

But you look different
Like I did
And you acted different
Like I do

You were a skater now
And had an earring hanging
From your earlobe

There was still something
That would allow me to “know”
It was you

So I watched you use the skateboard
Outside your parents house

Your folks were sinister
We have been waiting to meet you
They said
Come on in and sit down
I did as I was told

And you were trashing
Your skateboard
Outside the front door

Then we went to witness
The work of the people together
We sat there
In the front rows
Watching the fellows from Africa
Do their thing

I turned my head towards the right
And the light was reflecting
On your silver hoop

And you looked
So cool
Like Ed Bradley

And remembered
That time
When that fellow
With the goatee
Was trying to convinced us
That when we ate nature
We ate God

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I walked silently
As silently as I could
After the sound
That almost musical sound

I had my rifle pointing towards it
But it was complete darkness
And I turned on the light under the barrel

The sound stopped
The melody stopped
I stopped and waited in the shadows

Waited like the night waits for daytime
Waited like winter waits for summer
Waited to go to bed & be next to you

Following the lines of your tattoo
With my fingers
Waited like the past
Waits for the future

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Camino por el malecón olvidado
Y los seres a mi alrededor
Sujetan botellas de agua
En sus manos

Tienen huecos en sus almas
Igual que yo

Sólo que yo me conformo
Con el agua que está
En la olas de mar
Me gusta más verla que beberla

Los caminantes de la mañana
Me revesan por las aceras
Unos corren
Otros caminan
Todos me pasan

Unos llevan perros
Con cadenas o sin ataduras
Otros sólo pueden jalar las correas de sus vidas

Camino y doy vueltas
Como un avión que hace trucos en el cielo

Al mismo tiempo que veo las rostros de policías asustados
Observando autobuses nuevos que se detienen
Aun lado de sus prisioneros

Y quiero observar toda la escena
Pero también necesito observar la carretera
Porque para entonces estoy detrás del volante
Llegando al último lugar de este momento

Y antes de continuar me doy cuenta que:
Poder escribir un poema
Es poder hacer todas las cosas
Que alguien pueda saber en el mundo entero

Monday, March 22, 2010


The morning has it own kind of music
The low clouds play a peculiar hum
The coffee machine announces liquid love
Crackling in unison with the roosters

Everything seems just right in the morning time
Food & flesh taste better
Even fright is stronger in the morning
Concentrated & reciprocated

Morning beauty
Morning folly

The engine warms up and the car shudders
Darkness dissipates with first kiss
Feet rub together multiplying steps taken by 2
It is when you are awaken that you truly resting

Thursday, March 18, 2010


The mailer
Walked out the Post Office

He looked happy & content
With the bright blue sky
And the shinny sun
That reflected on his eyes

Also in the sky
And airplane with gourmet food

Flying north
Flying Europe
Flying Latin-American

So far away from earth
Orbiting the moon
Finding satellites of gold

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The table is ready
The corpse had an apple on its mouth

The spectator with a heart attack
On the floor
And the guests ate

As they chewed
She told me not have the surgery
That it will hurt even more

I looked at her hands
Then at her face
Then at her hands again

I asked what should I do
She said to leave it alone

I said okay
And walked outside
As the people ate lunch

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

burning storm

words rain down like bullets
producing breathing gaps
holes of naiveté

this is a burning storm
gathering its metallic rattle
in soda cans

21 century maracas
convoluted dance of chance
random cries at midnight
amplified by the microphones of the soul

the truck’s flat tires
are spinning moons
throbbing wounds
being recovered by sea salt

Sunday, March 14, 2010


She lit up
Looking for that spiritual place
Looking at the city lights
From her smoking terrace

Her thoughts were also on fire
And the ambers oh her brainwaves
Traveled around the world

Intercontinental missiles of desire

Igniting faraway places
Burning laughter away
Bringing out cold water from the faucets
Of western suburbia

Ice compressions in plastic bags
Cortisone cream from the first aid kit
Appointments for face transplants

Improvised songs that chanted:
Everything is gonna be alright

Howling dogs and mad bitches
Overworked engines
And crying witches

The night burned away
At the same time that
Roosters crowed
Coffee brewed
And millions of breakfasts were made


The idea of you got me all worked up
Even though I cruised on my bicycle
I did not feel weary or tired
Because I was ready
To love you as soon as I could touch you

I remember one house
But not the other one
The one I entered was the one where you were standing
And I was all over you and you would say:

“Not here”

But it was the wall—you—and—me—
And we got all excited very rapidly

It was like tasting just a little bit of a very good thing
The sort of thing you want much more of as soon as possible

Then I was back on my bike all of the sudden
Thinking of your silhouette and your taste
As I pedaled towards the sunset
Wondering why these things
Always happen to me

Friday, March 12, 2010


Preference arrives in different colors
Sitting on public benches
On loaned chairs
Or brand new cars that will end up
In a junk yard

The many moments of our live
Passed us by like city doves
Flying erratically out of the smog

The sun hits the eye
The camera
The sound
The heart inside an ambulance
The thought you had
As you thought you were dying

Thursday, March 11, 2010

the best

it is a perfectly good thing
to become your confidant

learning your curves and tricks
like school children

waiting to show-off at recess
eating your schoolmate's food & confidence

i feel bad too you know?
but i just hope for the best
and wish goodness for everybody

even as many die
and many are born
every single day

but when i do it
the best i can
is when i feel alright

i fall asleep
and dream about the good things
life has given me

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


slowly caminamos
por las sábanas of your thoughts baby
and it feels perfectamente bien

aunque a veces nuestras piernas touch each other
pero i don´t care
it is your touch que me gusta tanto

i like your pensamientos baby
porque se sienten como fine linen
y tus besos son como de velvet

me gusta atorarme en tus dreams
porque siento que estoy en una movie
en donde les gano a los malos
y me llevo a la pretty girl
y los dos nos sentimos very good

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

writing your poem

i said i would write a poem
of how much i miss you
the truth is you are with me
and i am with you

to miss you would be to miss myself
and i have myself under this sleeping bag
warm & cozy i have you

if memories hurt is because
we don't understand that we belong together
even if our lips are apart

i've tasted the flavor of your medicine
witnessed the virtue of your presence
i know hurt dissipates with restoration
and pain evaporates with anticipation

Monday, March 08, 2010


el frío entra
calefactor lo bota
como un balón


la cama me ve
me invita a descansar
verano espero

el radio

te escucho llorar
reclamos de amor escupes
corriente alterna

Sunday, March 07, 2010

la gran decisión
por diego martínez

el día de hoy
hubo un gran problema
por la lluvia
para entrar al restaurante
de comida china

cuando entramos
nos dimos cuenta
que todas las mesas
estaban ocupadas

tuvimos que decidir
a dónde ir
fue difícil
hacer la decisión

corrimos hacia el carro
para pensar mejor
porque en el restaurante
había muchas voces

mi papá y mi hermano
querían ir a la casa del mole
pero yo no quería

le dije a mi papá:
vamos a otro lugar
mi papá:
¿a cuál lugar?
yo no contesté nada

luego nos pusimos de acuerdo
y fuimos a la tapatía
y comimos una buena comida
pero me di cuenta que las luces
del carro de papá
estaban encendidas

y le dije:
papá, las luces del carro
están encendidas
¿puedes ir a apagarlas?
yo: sí

fui a apagarlas y regresé
mi hermano me preguntó:
¿cerraste la puerta con seguro?
yo: sí
entonces terminamos de comer
y nos fuimos a casa

Saturday, March 06, 2010


te amo en 2 lenguas
because you taste like the night
sabor a las estrellas que adornan la oscuridad
te amo con los movimientos de mis labios
they keep the beat from my heart baby
and my heart is tu corazón

i remember your bilingual taste
¡y me gusta!
me gusta mucho honey

te amo con dos lenguas
mejores que las de un dragón
your love is fuerte baby
mora powerful que una bomba
una lengua del sur y una del norte

que se chocan
que se amarran
que atan mi rostro
junto a tus piernas
and you have killer legs baby

te amo con 2 manos con 2 piernas
i love you with every breath
con cada lágrima cada diente
and you taste like the salt de la noche
my taste buds saben a ti
saben a sol de un sunny day
saben a la lluvia de tu amor

Friday, March 05, 2010


te amo
por el otro lado
de mi realidad

te quiero
cuando tienes sueño
cuando el enfado
cansa tus ojos

te deseo
cuando se detienen
los momentos

te poseo
en los cuentos agotados
en este incierto
semáforo de la vida

Thursday, March 04, 2010

love in california

i write a poem when i ride a bicycle
i see the world turning
on my front wheel

i pass the ice cream parlor
and think chocolate
bubble gum & rocky road

i have this memory
and i holdfast to it
it is mine

you can exercise in your sleep
and you can make of this image
whatever you want
like love in california
like sleeping in the afternoon

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


just 3 cars in the city
and the 3 are about to collide
so i enter the supermarket
and i see a nurse buying
fruits & vegetables

he could be a doctor
but if i had to guess
i say he's a nurse
in spite of his goatee

i walk to the bakery
and pick 4 pieces of bread
the clerk puts them in a paper bag
as he tells his coworker
a pretty mexican girl
he'll buy a car to gain her love

i walk back to my shopping cart
and find 2 identical carts side by side
with the same items in them
and i take the one that feels alright
no use thinking to much about it

i walk the supermarket aisles
and noticed the smiles being flashed at me
i respond in kind
better not fight it
it is good to be happy

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

fingers on the counter-top

the forms have the flavor
of a subtle memory of commerce

i'm trying not to walk too much on it
because the ice is breaking
and the water is growing
in age & in wisdom

water has seniority
over the land
over the world
over anything that moves

drips of water & blood
land on my tongue
i can speak
all the languages of the world now

Sunday, February 28, 2010


they fell down the stairs
like christmas ornaments

like ripe watermelons
hitting the floor at random

traveling units of muscle
flying like ufo's out of control
crashing on the mason's gray-matter

bursting open like mexican flower pots
on the children's playground
grounded forever

fertilizing desire
growing future
on the killing floor
on the 3rd world dancing floor

Friday, February 26, 2010


i can't type
my hand does not respond

another injury
another sigh

hope to be back
as soon as possible

i will stop and listen

and learn
from my left side

look at my left fingers
and see if they dance like the right-ones

look at you nose
and find a 7 upside down

Monday, February 22, 2010


My wrists
Feel like rag dolls

Moved by wind
By the ocean’s breeze

Exercised by the force of water
Frequented by telephonic messages

My wrists
Feel like my best friends

Like my family
Like my love

Rest that never comes
Membership of circumstance

An old bed supporting planets
A wrinkled piece of paper with a number

Friday, February 19, 2010


Your touch
Ignites my night
With dreams

Your dreams
Clutch my jugular
With force

You kick
Like a soccer player
Mad with a soothsayer

And I say to you
Easy baby
This is only the beginning

Go easy honey
And you’ll have all my loving

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


reconozco los caminos accidentados
los conozco como la palma de mi mano

como cada cicatriz
donde estallaron las bombas
de los anhelos
las fantasías administradas
por visiones y televisiones

camino la devastación de sueños truncados
de bicicletas descompuestas
entre un viento que empuja polvo metálico

en todo esto se esconde la esperanza
y me siento acosado

dicha clandestina que viene hacia mí
como una locomotora
cargada con hechizos

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Music in images
Images in sounds

The sun goes
Into the water
As I enter you

Half the ball of fire
Is in the Pacific
I taste a fraction of your love

We dance in your DNA
Your eyes play the soundtrack

Your body entices sleeping
The rhythm of your hair
Your lips hidden in my neck
Your touch is forever

Saturday, February 13, 2010


The recuperation
Is advancing slowly
Each mount of sand
Every meter of soil
All the groups of grass

Leaves dried up
By the will of men
The will of children
Disguised as adults
Camouflage of circumstance

It is hello and goodbye
At the same time
It is a birth and a funeral
Another setting of the sun

Friday, February 12, 2010


Coming down a big bird
From a red stained sky
Can tell you how much is the cost

Of health
Of your diminishing seconds
Of the number of drops that rundown your forehead
Of foolishness turned commodity

Offerings of a dying world
Touching the pavement
Road rash in your retina
Showers in the corners of your wealth

Imprisonment of your desire
Machinegun smile working the
Freedom of the little planet
Freddy is no longer a showman

Use dental floss on your brains
Or they will end up
At your local taco shop
Always with plenty of salt & salsa

If you want to learn
A new language
It will happen when you get home
You don’t have to go to it
It will come to you
Never late
Always early

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I woke up
With my right arm
Out of service
I looked
In the mirror
To see if
The right side of my face
Was crooked
But everything seem
In its place
But my wrist
Felt like a dead ghost

Panic was averted
When I remembered
I can write
Or type
With my left fingers
Working with my left hand
Comes natural
I noticed I can love from the left
It is the same
It is just different
It is like shooting with
The other hand
The target is the same

But it looks and feel distinct
Aged and polished
Exotic and

Saturday, February 06, 2010


regreso lo más pronto posible
no creo que me demore mucho
pienso que esto será cuestión
de sólo unos momentos

sólo unos momentos
¿sólo unos momentos?
¡sólo unos momentos!

espero que estas palabras sí lleguen
a su merecido destino
¡su merecido destino!

una pluma se puede usar para escribir poesía
y la poesía se puede usar para muchísimas cosas
para muchísimos proyectos
ondulados como la marea
como las caprichosas olas del pacífico

una pluma se puede usar para escribir poesía
la caza es sólo un esfuerzo más
¡una pluma se puede usar para escribir poesía!

déjame escribirte poemas de amor
déjame saber que estás bien
meciendo todo esto

un punto y no final
un punto y finito
un punto infinito

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


The door is almost destroyed
And the door handle is cold

Better frigidity
Than the branding of your hand

Than smelling
Burnt red meat
As the incense
Of prosperity

And the horse’s melodies
Conjure secrets words

Dreams of hay and dust
High tuning at sunrise
With the anointing
Of caffeine

Monday, February 01, 2010


Almost a wedge formation
But be careful
with your fingers

They could
Get caught

Almost a reflection
The crystals convey
20 different possibilities

A modern way
To read the future

To tweak your
Motor skills

To think of winter
As a national sport

Friday, January 29, 2010


Early in the morning
As I urinated

I looked above
at the moon

And it was
Raining on the ocean

With its pearly
White flashing light

Adorning darkness
Making of the water a signal device

I walked through the dawn
And found my bed

I sat down
And played guitar

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The candle
Is under my hand

It feels good
On my skin

It soothes
My index finger

That pointing instrument
That extremity becomes
A dog

A pointer
That writes poems
With its tongue

A professional taster
A whimsical sampler

Floating up
Floating down
With the Pacific

The winter’s sun
Is as beautiful
As the blood
That it smears
On the clouds

Of a day’s work
Proof of my love
Piercing the sky

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The domino effect of your mind
Of your spirit
Of your soul

A wish of life
That effort
At an extra cost

Fortune & love
Seemed like the same thing to you

You poor fuck…

Sugarcane of the night
You are pierced
With diabetes

Taste your afternoon
Taste your sponge
With vinegar

Taste your water
With hormones
Taste the pharmacy
In the rim of your cup

See your face change

Sing “changes”
With David Bowie

You’ll get closer
Like you wanted to be
Like a nomad in the mirror

Saturday, January 23, 2010


In the night
On the vastness of the sky
The four stars
Form a boxing ring

I know who the winner is
Who it was
Who it will be again

I breathe
Winter in
Exhale it
Like cigarette smoke

I know who is triumphant
I know who it was
Who it will be again

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Desperation makes the rhythm
Of death a constant drumming

The beat on life
A funky dance
Swimming in music
Is how the tune goes

Walking on the water of your madness
Fishing the debris in your drink
A whirlpool on the rocks

Even your language becomes beautiful
When you are dying

New names are given
With such a baptism
New hopes of reaching the free world

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

la cama mexicana

es un lugar donde se esconden

las palabras que se cruzaron

las que se tropezaron

en los accidentes de la intención

las risas ocasionadas

por una comedia secreta

las decisiones

de origen clandestino

los pensamientos fracturados

una maquina descompuesta

que produce resultados profesionales

consecuencias ejecutivas

que viven en el rechinar

de la madera de tu casa

duermes en un 3

y que bueno que no es un 4

duermes con la seducción

del árbol del mundo

nunca he dormido en el 1

me parece incómodo

y muy peligroso

duermes con el encanto

del cuchillo del cazador

duermes con el lobo desangrado

y su lengua cortada

tejido lacerado

que tiñe la nieve de rojo

duermes en la homeostasis

de tu deseo

en el sepulcro de tu astucia

duermes en esta cama

en este árbol rotundo

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Are you going to write about rain?
A question like any other -I thought

I decided to write about rain
But the idea of water
Is the same
As the beginning

And the rain
Brings down water
Like the substance
That surrounds
The roundness of the world

Water is my love
Water is my life
Water is my death
My way to God

Water is your mouth
Water is your lips
Water is your love
That's what I thought

Sunday, January 17, 2010


The current of words
Clashes with the songs
Of morning mass

I put the book down
Alongside the other papers

They look so good together
As if they were going
To get married

The song of the bird
Can be transmitted
Through the wire
Where he stands

Through the grid of the world
Transportation of sound
Musical knowledge

With a feeling
That can only be imported
Through your eyes

Friday, January 15, 2010


“He used to live
And played guitar
In a shed
10 years playing the same songs”

Maybe in the same place

I remembered his statement
As I moved
Dusty boxes

Looked at unopened
Bank statements

Studied the twisted wires
Of old cell phones

“6 months later
He was a millionaire”

I remembered his words
As I threw the bank correspondence
Into the garbage

He didn’t say
He blew his brains out
With a shotgun
But both of us knew it

I thought of that
When I saw my old canteen
On the dusty floor

I put the waste
In the green garbage can
Then I went inside
To eat some bread

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Life is the danger of music
The headache of dissonant chords
The unnoticed torture of the eye

The rapid transaction of your response
The contemplation of your demise
The pondering of your laughter
The echo of my smile

My teeth sinking on the food between my lips

Life is the pursuit of a mirage
The deciphering of need
The seduction of necessity

Life is
Your nervous presence on my counter
Your mischievous grin
Your hand reaching for a business card

You walking out the door
Me looking at your back

Life is being nice to your enemies before they die
Shaking hands
Shaking extremities at the same time

Sobbing when they cross the Rubicon
Taking a deep breath and marching onward

Life is being homeless and in darkness
Fed and in opulence
Talking and being kind to complete strangers

While reading their thoughts and intentions
While pretending not to notice
They are far-far-far away

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am a persecutor
A persecutor in stride
fast forwarding
Your disappearing ambushes

I am a persecutor
Your wrath
I can convert
In energy

I am persecutor
Of nightmares
Of your dreams
And wishes

I am persecutor
Of whatever I want to persecute
I like precutting nothing at all
That’s what I like best!

I am persecutor
Of stories
Of love poems
Of life
Of happiness

I am persecutor of this
I am a persecutor of that
I am persecutor of you
Even if you think
You don’t exist

Sunday, January 10, 2010


me caes de a madres

te tengo identificado
en el cuerpo humano
igual en los senos
que en la próstata
en los pulmones
que en la garganta
y en la lengua
y en los labios

cangrejo glotón
cómete ésta
me refiero a la muerte cáncer

húndete en la arena
que te lleve el mar
húndete junto al drenaje y el llanto

codiciosa tenaza
rómpete contra
las rocas de la playa

y cáncer
del azar deseo salado
de marte visita clandestina
de penas arma que multiplica

vete mucho a la chingada
vete muy lejos allá
donde no hagas daño

bicho raro
travieso malvado
déjanos en paz

y cáncer
también sé
pedir por las buenas
pero no lo haré

vete o te envenenaré
veneno en mis tejidos

Friday, January 08, 2010


The light of your beauty
Shines like
A million suns

Your eyes
Contain unrestrained water
Oceans of desire
Glance of medicine

Stillness of the morning
Snow melting

Your dancing fingers
On my skin

My heart a time bomb
Your love tastes
Like an olive tree

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


He said
It is time to give her a bath
Don’t you think?

And I told him:
This month is
An uphill month

What do you mean?
He asked

I mean
Do you give credit?

He laughed
And I laughed
I walked toward
The sand

The water
Reminded me
Of my last trip
And deep inside
I felt a little pride

I walked
And noticed
I was out of shape
But not out of desire

I wanted more than ever
To live
To walk
To love
To breathe

The diesel fumes
Were fanned
By the Pacific

There were craters
On the sand
And otherworldly fellows
Operated what looked
Like transformers

No glitter
Since the sun
Illuminated the dullness
Of the machines


The spirit of intelligence
Sings the mystic

And I feel like
Saying: amen
Or something of the sort

The spirit of intelligence
Moves upon the waters

It also lives
In the fire
On the stillness
Of the candles

I can drink this water
It doesn’t burn you
Like firewater does
When it travels
Through you esophagus

It gives you health
To slay dragons
It hydrates you
With the spirit of intelligence

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The metal snake moved
Slowly and then fast
On a sunny winter afternoon

We talked about dreams
As we contemplated
Airplanes painting the sky

The mental snake
Cut into pieces
On the floor
Inside the old shed

On the other side
There was more answers
Than questions

Monday, January 04, 2010


The best gift
Is not knowing the future

That way
You can hit
Everything with prudence
When suffering
Becomes a sport

You can fulfill
Your part as
A converter of realities

Taking pride
In your work
Even though it hurts
Even though it’s broken

Sunday, January 03, 2010


I woke up
And it felt like summer
Except my throat was closing
Like when I kissed
The plant that looked
Like a lady

The wind
And the sun
Played together
Like bewitched mice

I was told to close the window
Because the dust
Could puncture
Your lungs

I pushed to button
And watched the glass
Rise with the scenery

The water
Was a mirror once again
And even though
I was hungry
I was also happy

Saturday, January 02, 2010


What you told me was true
You were not joking
Even though you laughed a lot
Forgive me for not believing

I meant good
I always meant good

When we would listen
To the band play
When we ate dinner
As you taught me
Of the likings
Of the people

I meant good

When you would ask me
To choose the seat
To enter a room
The check for
Anything unusual

I meant good

When you would talk
About magic
Trying to make me believe
In what you believe
So adamantly

I meant good

When you refuse
To sell the Italian pistol
When I felt
Like I was loosing
My patience

I meant good

When you were
Able to get into
Other people’s minds
In other places too

I meant good…

When I find out you died
I thought of you
And how you meant good