Wednesday, March 03, 2010


just 3 cars in the city
and the 3 are about to collide
so i enter the supermarket
and i see a nurse buying
fruits & vegetables

he could be a doctor
but if i had to guess
i say he's a nurse
in spite of his goatee

i walk to the bakery
and pick 4 pieces of bread
the clerk puts them in a paper bag
as he tells his coworker
a pretty mexican girl
he'll buy a car to gain her love

i walk back to my shopping cart
and find 2 identical carts side by side
with the same items in them
and i take the one that feels alright
no use thinking to much about it

i walk the supermarket aisles
and noticed the smiles being flashed at me
i respond in kind
better not fight it
it is good to be happy

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