Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Are you the apostle?
Or the saint
With the covert smile
Who betrays God?

I tell you this:

Human rights
For the little children

Human rights
For loveable angels

Human rights
For the growing family

Human rights
For Spanish speakers

Human rights
For the confederation
Of fish eyed agents

Human rights
For the survival of
Rosarito Beach
(Little Rosary Beach)

Human rights
For those who run in fright
Wearing cowboy boots
And tennis shoes

Human rights
For the dust that levitates
From the dirt roads
Gravitating around
Brave beat up & hurt

Human rights
For decapitated officers

Human rights
For the winners & losers

Human rights
For the musicians
Who incite dance
And song
Musical love of war

Human rights
For the writers
That prophesy
With their
Japanese pens

Hey Mr.
Human Rights
Are you my friend
Or my adversary?

Monday, August 06, 2007

roses are red
violets are blue
i want to
have fun
with you

Poetry tends to change
The meaning of words

It can also
Change colors

The school seems ready
For heavy work
They like fighting
In the water
My kind of angels

I don’t think peroxide
Will be a problem
Metaphors tend to
Change things

The skins turn red
With the rays
Of the sun

The ball of fire
Burns off
The gray
In the clouds
Overcast disappears

But the heavens
And the oceans
Remain blue

If we can’t find
A compromise
If we can’t agree
Green will take over
Reality will be healthier

Escribo en la mesa
El café está un lado
De la hoja blanca

De vez en cuando
Te miro

Me observas acongojada
Te sonrío


You have to see
Poetry as an
Art form

Not a sin
But a virtue

Like that of
A Saint
A Shaman
A poet

Is spiritual

Blessed are
The poets in spirit
Because they shall
Be comforted

Y & E

I could see
The clouds
Burning like fine
Cuban tobacco

I was enchanted
With the effects
Of marketing

I was loving
Every girl

Because I knew
To love beauty
Is the right
Thing to do

I have never
Met an
Ugly girl anyway

It was a motion
Of principle
Not of covetousness