Saturday, December 30, 2006


He said
My name is Torres
And he was adamant
On giving me
A ticket

His partner was the good cop
When he couldn’t convince
His coworker to forget
The whole incident
He walked away

I followed Torres
As he spoke codes
Into his radio

I immediately thought
About chess
And how a tower
Can be overcome
By a pawn

If it is
In the right place

A horse is handy too
Because they can jump
Through traffic

Bishops speak
With poetry

Then he said
It’s okay
You can go
I am not going
To give you
An infraction

The truck that hit me
Got burned
It broke my turn signal
But his engine overheated
While on the line

He made it into
The yellow poles
American turf
But his ride
Was burning

He was behind me
A cool CBP agent
Clad in blue
Gave him instructions
On what to do
To temporarily
Fix the situation

I watched them
On my rearview mirror
Sticking their heads
Under the hood
Steam all over them

Friday, December 29, 2006

Planet Earth
Is blue
And there's nothing
I can do

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Okay okay
I am an alien
And my space ship
Is blue

I can cross borders
By land
By sea
And air

Ozone layer borders
Acoustic borders

I am an alien
But I understand

Yes I am an alien
And you didn’t have
To remind me
Using the green
Salad box

I known this
For a long time

But I thank you
For making me smile
On that awkward day

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I saw him working
On the neighbor’s
Electric meter

I remember when
We used to go
To school together

He liked punk rock
And he wore a
Denim jacket
With a message:

La sociedad
No tiene cura

I liked that
And I liked him
He always seemed
A nice person

Now he’s repairing
The electric box
Owned by the
Bizarre doctor
The wrong kind
Of healer
Friend of the
Impound yards
The kind of MD
That makes car’s disappear

I asked him if the lady doctor
Goes to his church and
He said no
She works at the
Oasis Hospital
The place I hold responsible
For the contamination
After the motorcycle accident

He mentioned she has a lot
Of Jewish things inside her house
That would explained
The old guy
Who looks like
Bob Dylan
Who wears a hat
And likes to
Spin a key ring
With his thumbs

He looks to old
To be dancing in that fashion
After a certain age
Even a hat
Is not enough protection
For the sun

I asked my childhood acquaintance
If he understands solar panels
He replied that if
They came with an instruction manual
He might be able to figure them out

He looked nervous
It’s okay
We all need
To start somewhere

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


There’s a cool wind
Coming from the north
You feel it when your
Are walking

When you walk south
It’s not on your face
But the sun is
Right on your eyes

North wind
On your shoulders
Heat in your eyes

I like Christmas Eve
In Mexico
I like Christmas
In Mexico

Feliz Navidad…

You can walk on
The beach
In shorts
Without feeling cold


Monday, December 25, 2006