Friday, February 22, 2008


How nice to see you
The morning after San Valentines
At the San Ysidro Motel
Or is it a rest stop
A Motor Inn
A Secondary Inspection

You looked as beautiful
As the last time
A little tense
Holding steadfastly
To your pen
Prettier than any
Of the princesses
In the millions
Of fairytales

The morning after
We tried to workout
The meaning of love
Does love=work?
Energy is love always
Love is the reason
The planet moves
Erratically but valiantly

Love must be friendship
Another one said:
You should have brought us
Coffee & donuts

Is he in the
Not so
Secret Police?

Friendship & rivalry
Like the Anglo-Saxon metaphor
Of tough love

Forget about sugar!
But I give him credit
For the coffee request

If I take him along
There’s always the risk
Of addiction
To spicy food
Spicy women

Then he would be asking
For cold beer
Not necessarily better
Just different
Different enough to survive

I find military prophets
Enjoy fine liquor
I like tequila but
The risk never disappears

A tough lover knows how to hit
The inner most sensitive parts
Of the heart
The cerebrum is okay
The heart is always
The best

Monday, February 18, 2008


You are a feisty girl
I wanted to invite you
To sit next to me

I am nice
I am gentle
I don’t get mad easily
And I won’t pull your hair

Would you like
To switch your
Blue shirt
For a green one?

You told me
Not to use cell-phones
And I told you
I don’t have one

I don’t want to talk to you!
Was you reply

Look north!
You said
But you stayed
South of me

You look so sexy
When you are angry

Are you the evil
Hologram of
My dear friend?

A genetic copy
Of privilege?

Thank you
For the cloning
Of remembrance

You are a
Fountain of memories

I like the way
You were looking
As you searched my
Old car

I glanced at you
And for a moment
You smiled & blushed
I also had
Pleasant thoughts