Saturday, August 08, 2009


It happened again
The idea of you woke me up
The presence of you
Made me look your way
As you wrote
Even though you are
Thousands of miles away

And I heard the exertion
Of the plowman
Since he decided
To walk the path of the oxen

I sat here
I typing these words
I looked towards my bed
And realized the world is
What it has always been
And slowly and softly
I went back to bed

Friday, August 07, 2009


The California poet spoke about her poem:

This poem is true
But it never happened
She said

And she read it
And they were beautiful verses

I wish some of my poems did not happened
I wish some of my poems were not true

I wish to win & I wish to lose
Everything that makes me sink
In the saltiest of waters

I wish to hold my love
Underneath in summer
Under the blankets in winter

Under the stars
Under the sun
Under everything that can’t see us
Arriving steadily and confidently

Holding tightly & securely
Because being-still together
Increases the chances of survival

Hold still
Don’t move
Try no to move
Don’t let your body warmth
Dissipate back to where it came from


The guy with the dragon rings
Had the little girl
He was afraid
That’s why he held her tight
While her mother
Went to the restrooms
You could see the fear
In his eyes
The dread that hanged from
His mustache
And then
All of the sudden
He looked very human
Like he must of have
When something horrible
Happened to him
And the kid was restless
In his arms
She wanted to play freely
But he was afraid
To let go

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


la naranja está cerca del agua
resplandeciendo como una esfera de navidad
los pedales cerca del pavimento destruido
en un sube y baja de polvo
es una labor del atardecer
un ejercicio de crucigramas ecológicos
en búsqueda de ritmos
en los movimientos de la bicicleta
los pulmones se expanden
y la respiración cuesta trabajo
como si hubiera una crisis que hace sentir mejor
un retorno a la niñez
una ataque de emoción
que anticipa la noche

Monday, August 03, 2009


I saw you again today
Enriching the environment
With your beauty

I almost got up from my table
And ran after you
While my son ate his meal
I remembered I can’t run
So I waited and decided
To follow you gently
Inside the warehouse

But you came back before
We went after you
You were talking on your cell phone
Walking straight & tall & pretty

Sunday, August 02, 2009


la medicina mental
es de color rojo
y tiene sabor a hogar
siempre de temperaturas
que acarician al paladar
como el tiempo

tiene un resabio a infinito
deshace la incertidumbre
que bloquea los caminos
del entendimiento

restaura la visión
y el mundo invisible
se ve de lo más nítido
y desaparece el miedo