Friday, May 25, 2007


La parabola
Ya no es historia
Hoy es antena

La bomba
Succiona el agua
Con la fuerza
De una barco ebrio

La reparación
Del neumático
Es una caricia fósil

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pedro el ratón
Tiene un rifle 22
Cazar a un gato
Con ese calibre
Es hacerlo enojar


You have
Long legs

Black tight
Dickies pants

In a emo
Kind of way

Your long limbs
Make procreation

A wonderful


Reading in a chapel
At la Jolla California
Is not that bad

This is a place
Where no one
Knows your name

The stain glass
In the background
Depicts God
With long hair
And beard

His arms Stretched
Towards the people
Under Him

Cholos & Housewives
Children and adultery

Under his
Right hand
There’s a sailor
Under his
Left hand
A marine

At his feet
There’s another type
Of fighter

One that also
Wears an uniform
He covers
His head with
A Mexican Sombrero

A Lutheran chapel
Not bad
Even the Germans
Had interesting experiments
With religion

Were they trying
To fish
For a new liturgy?

One with Mexican
Poetic symbols?