Friday, January 11, 2008


Today Agent Saenz
Walked with me
Like the writer
That I met
In the Mexican desert

He suffered from a cold
I think he’ll recover
If he drinks
Lots of water


They say it’s better
“To forgive & forget”
But since you place
So much importance
On memory
I think you need
To know this

Is better
Then memory

I will tell you
What I do know

My name
Is Juan José Martínez
And I like to write
(Some say it is poetry)
As an exercise
Of remembrance

Don’t ask me questions
About the State Department
(I think Condi is very good looking)
But I can’t help you with that

Is not my fault
They have you
Working blindfolded

Agent Airey
Walked by
I saw
Butterflies in his eyes
This got me off guard
I knew that guy was weird
I think that’s a good excuse
For not remembering

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


South African client
Had a problem
With the product

Reputation is vital
The company always takes
Care of customers

I was given the okay
So I opened a case
And detached
A head

I gave it to the man
With the funny accent
He was happy

Saw him smile
For the 1st time
He smiles like
Bugs bunny

And all of the sudden
He was not just business like
Impersonal and indifferent

It seemed to me
He wanted to become
My friend

Sunday, January 06, 2008


You look so sexy
When you play
With your
Stainless steel knife

The way you softly
Hit your right thigh
With your
Water bottle

You look like
Popeye’s girlfriend
But you have
Blond hair like
A Hollywood
Movie star

Your nervous demeanour
Makes you look
Even more beautiful

How I would like
To take you
For a walk
On the beach

Life at the line
Would be a fantasy
If everybody
Looked like you do

I thought about
Writing your name but
It would be most poetical
To watch your lips
To read your lips
Pronouncing the enchantment
Of an introduction
Perhaps you can
Interrogate me next time

The beauty in a poem
Can change
Without losing merit
Drastic transformation
Of images

When I can not
See you anymore
I am instructed
To get out
Of my car
And stand
Looking towards
The North

Agent Shuler
Has vodka eyes
His instructions
Have a voice
Of melancholy

Vodka is good
But tequila is better

Sadness is okay too
It is as powerful
As love
And death
And happiness

Not everything
That is ugly
Is bad

Not everything
That is beautiful
Is good