Saturday, April 05, 2008


Dark eye rings
Decorate his face
An overcast spring day


Los leones rugen por la presa
Y reclaman a Dios su comida
Sale el sol
Se recogen y se echan
Sale el hombre a su labor
Y a su labranza
Hasta el anochecer


Just grey magic
The kind that makes
You walk on
Oily pavement
It makes me walk
On contaminated beaches

You said computers
Rule the world
Such an illusion
Made of sand

Electronic tricks
That give you
Raccoon eyes

But that is normal
Because eyes change
With the different stages
Of illumination

And since
You have
A good heart
And are a citizen
Of the city
You can pour
Into a glass

I want to
Welcome you
Little brother

They’ll give you
A free lojack
And the other type
Of jobs too!
But don’t be afraid

They all be coming
After you
You’ll become
A fishing hook
A lure of
The wealthy

They’ll try
To make you
Into steer
While you are
Working against
A contingent
Of tuna fish

At first is bothersome
But then
When you
Get acclimatized
You’ll give thanks
To the Almighty
Because you will
Be able to hunt & fish
Wherever you live

Friday, April 04, 2008


He said:
You are here everyday
You should come
Work for us

How can I tell him that
This is just a line on the sand
And it is disappearing
As the water
Runs over it

And that
When there are
No more lines
He can come work
For me

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Heart to heart resuscitation
More than beautiful
For survival
Immortality defines your lips
Your presence
Radiates music
I can hear you
I can listen to
Your pulse
Reading the most wonderful secrets
Treasure of the skies
Princess of the wind
My northern star
Divine apparition
Angelic mystery
Creator of 1000 memories

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I can
See tuning
Inside your blue eyes
I am sorry
For the earthquakes
For record temperatures
For the paws of panic
For the birds
That prey
Sometimes it
Is needful
To be
Rattled a bit
To control the pressure